Microsoft Defender received a new security enhancement that could make it more efficient when it comes to prevening malicious campaigns. 

New Microsoft Defender Anti-Ransomware AI Enhances the Current Cloud Protection Features
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The giant software provider announced a new anti-ransomware artificial intelligence feature, which is designed to improve the current cloud protection of the antivirus Windows component. 

The new AI upgrade can do this by blocking hackers at the perimeter of your system, as well as evaluating the security risks they pose. Microsoft explained that the new anti-ransomware artificial intelligence could detect ransomware attacks since these malicious activities are usually human-operated. 

The giant software company added that since people are commonly the ones behind these cyberattacks, most of their malicious campaigns have patterns. 

Microsoft Defender's New Anti-Ransomware AI 

According to Bleeping Computer's latest report, the arrival of the new AI feature of Microsoft Defender could detect unusual behavior of the users. 

New Microsoft Defender Anti-Ransomware AI Enhances the Current Cloud Protection Features

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NEW YORK, NY - MAY 2: A view of the new Microsoft Surface Laptop following a Microsoft launch event, May 2, 2017 in New York City. The Windows 10 S operating system is geared toward the education market and is Microsoft's answer to Google's Chrome OS.

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What makes this new machine learning tech is that it can even identify security risks from legitimate binaries. Experts explained that this is currently a crucial capability since most hackers are using real programs, such as certain built-in Windows commands, to spread their malicious content. 

"In a customer environment, the AI-driven adaptive protection feature was especially successful in helping prevent humans from entering the network by stopping the binary that would grant them access," said Microsoft. 

You can visit this link to see more details about the new Microsoft Defender anti-ransomware AI.  

Other Activities of Microsoft

Aside from the new anti-ransomware AI, The Verge reported that it plans to force users into using Microsoft Edge. 

The company would make this happen by preventing EdgeDeflector and other similar apps which can stop Edge's installation. Right now, Microsoft Edge is considered to be comparable with Google Chrome. 

On the other hand, some experts also claimed that it is much safer to use than the search engine's online tool. However, the blocking of the EdgeDeflector app could still lead to some backlashes since many consumers still prefer using Chrome. 

In other news, Microsoft Windows 11 SE has been confirmed. On the other hand, the Microsoft Team Content Sharing feature is expected to arrive in Windows 11. 

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