If you're considering buying Google Glass today one watchdog group wants you to change your mind quick. It claims Google Glass users turn into "Glassholes."

In a report released Tuesday the group Consumer Watchdog details what it calls "privacy invasive features and potential harms" of Glass, which is on sale today for one day only, and list out 10 reasons not to be a "Glasshole." It states the technology is "inappropriate" for the broad consumer market.

The news comes as Google puts its computing glasses up for grabs (at a price point of $1500) in a one-day sale, and as yet another assault on a Google Glass wearer is in the headlines. While the technology is being used across a wide range of industries, including emergency rooms, users have been experiencing nasty response from those who aren't happy with the technology and what it represents in the Silicon Valley environment.

Here are the top 10 reasons consumers shouldn't embrace Google Glass, according to the group:

10. You cannot drive with a television on your head.
9. Why pay $1500 to let a corporation hack your eyes?
8.  Say goodbye to using public bathrooms.
7. No one's ATM PIN will ever be safe again.
6. Google says it hurts your eyes and gives you headaches.
5. Guess what happens to people who videotape children?
4. How long do you think your friends will hang around?
3. You look stupid.
2. Stalking isn't cool.
1. Your life is too precious for Google to own.

Consumer Watchdog, which says it's been using and testing Glass, believes the technology raises serious concerns about personal safety, health and privacy. 

"Google Glass allows surreptitious video and photos to be taken that can violate the privacy of subjects as well as users," states the report, adding it determined that Google's terms of service allow it to use all photos, videos and other content uploaded to Google Glass for virtually whatever purpose it wants. 

"In other words, images can be used to identify you, your friends, your family and others for advertising, promoting the service or any other purpose Google sees fit," states the report.

The technology presents dangerous and potential criminal concerns as well, states the report.

"Google Glass threatens the privacy of both people whose images are captured unbeknownst to them and the user of the device.  It can distract the user at critical moments, perhaps when driving, posing a safety hazard," said John M. Simpson, Consumer Watchdog Privacy Project Director. "A consumer's ATM pin number can easily be seen by a Glass user without the consumer's knowledge. Google Glass can easily be used for improper and even criminal purposes."

The group said Google, in its Glass FAQs, has acknowledged Glass can cause headaches and eyestrain and even cautions users who have had Lasik surgery and warns children under 13 should not use the device because it may harm their developing vision.

"Google Glass is fundamentally privacy invasive and poses threats to safety," said Simpson. "Don't buy Google Glass; don't be a Glasshole."

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