KFC's Chicken Crust Pizza Aka Chizza Takes Fast Food To A Whole New Level Of Whoa


Not much has changed in the way of the pizza since its invention. However, the finger-lickin' good fried chicken fast food restaurant, KFC, has decided that it knows what pizza has been missing all this time. Forget everything you ever knew about pizza because KFC has just created a pizza with a crust made out of its famous battered chicken.

KFCs in the Philippines have been serving this epic chicken and pizza mashup, similar in concept to the double-down burger, calling it the Chizza.

The chicken crust pizza is basically chicken parmesan, without the pasta, with toppings like pepperoni, bell peppers and cheese.

Currently, the KFC Chizza is only available in KFC stores in the Philippines. However, if the U.S. public demands it enough, perhaps it could make its way stateside as well?

If social media is any indication, there is certainly some interest or at least fascinated intrigue for it to reach American shores.

Another pizza innovation that was popular overseas that made its U.S. debut was the hot dog crust pizza from Pizza Hut. Perhaps this chicken crust pizza will also start a fad.

Check out the Philippine ad for this unholiest of comfort food unions – the KFC Chizza!

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