Deus Ex fans should be happy to hear that a new game in the series is not the only thing they have to be excited about next year.

Titan Comics has just acquired the Deus Ex comic book license from Square Enix and its subsidiary studio Eidos. It's being written by novelist, comic and video game writer Alex Irvine, with art by Marco Turini (Squadron Supreme, Cyberforce).

The first story arc is expected to run for five issues, and Titan says that it will use this opportunity to explore the Deus Ex universe and main character Adam Jensen, as well as introduce new characters from next year's game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Titan Comics has been on a roll lately, snatching up one franchise license after another. It's held the Doctor Who license for over a year now. Titan announced signing on with Ubisoft for the Assassin's Creed license earlier this year. Just a few days ago, Titan announced an Independence Day: Resurgence prequel comic that leads up to next year's sequel film. Next month, the publisher kicks off Heroes: Vengeance, based on NBC's Heroes Reborn. And it's bringing Snowpiercer 3: Terminus to American readers in 2016, which is designated as the final volume in the series.

Video game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (below) is scheduled to arrive on February 23, 2016. Titan's Deus Ex comic will debut just a few days later, on March 2.

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