Peccary Or Pig: Animal Bones Challenge Piece Of Barbados History

Researchers found evidence that the supposed 'pigs' discovered by colonizers in Barbados were actually peccary. What does this mean for Barbados' currently accepted colonial history?

Animals May 17, 2019

Newly Discovered Subterranean Fish Species Named After Gollum Of 'Lord Of The Rings'

The Aenigmachanna gollum is a newly discovered fish found living underground in Kerala, India. The creature could very well be the only species of snakehead fish seemingly thriving in a subterranean environment.

Animals May 18, 2019

Cunning Spider Uses Web 'Slingshot' To Take Down Prey

A triangle-weaver spider traps prey by creating a web that when released, it acts as a catapult or a slingshot. Researchers from the University of Akron in Ohio used high-speed cameras to observe the arachnids.

Animals May 16, 2019

Pacemaker For Pets? A Cardiac Nurse Starts A Donation Program To Save Animal Lives

Old pacemakers are often thrown away, so why not use them to save pets with their own heart problems? A cardiac nurse in Georgia takes inspiration from an old pet to start a donation program for animals that need pacemakers.

Animals May 13, 2019

Climate Change Responsible For Spread Of Deadly Frog Disease In UK

What is wiping out the frog population in UK ponds? Rising temperatures due to climate change are worsening the ranavirus epidemics threatening UK's frog population.

Animals May 12, 2019

Tourist Dies From Rabies After Getting Bitten By Dog She Rescued

A woman from Norway visited the Philippines and took a stray puppy to her resort to wash and play with it. Upon getting back home, she fell ill and died of rabies.

Animals May 11, 2019

Chimps Raised In Captivity Spontaneously Learn How To Use Tools

Chimpanzees at the Kristiansand Zoo in Norway learned to use tree sticks and barks to dig for underground fruits. In a study, researchers observed the behaviors that the group of chimpanzees developed as they start using tools to harvest food.

Animals May 14, 2019

Famous Peruvian Chef Virgilio Martinez Stopped At LAX For Bringing Frozen Piranhas

Star chef Virgilio Martinez was recently interrogated at the Los Angeles International Airport. Martinez sneaked in a few dozen frozen piranhas that he cooked for dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Animals May 10, 2019

Flightless Bird Comes Back From The Dead 10,000 Years After Its Extinction

How does one beat extinction? These flightless species of rails know how. Here's how these birds evolved twice 10,000 years apart to 'come back from the dead' in the same coral atoll.

Animals May 10, 2019

Giant Basking Sharks Spotted In Numbers Not Seen Decades

Are the giant basking sharks making a population comeback? After years of occasional sightings, recent sightings catch the sharks in numbers not seen in decades.

Animals May 10, 2019

Deep-Sea Fish Have Developed Superpowered Vision To See Colors In The Dark

Some fish species found in the deep, dark depths of the ocean have evolved to be capable of colored night vision. In fact, they can even see more colors than humans in the dark.

Animals May 10, 2019

Paper Wasps Exhibit Form Of Logical Reasoning

A new study from the University of Michigan suggested that paper wasps may practice a certain form of transitive inference. The cognitive skill may help the insects to identify novel social relationships between members of their hive.

Animals May 8, 2019

T. Rex Cousin Suskityrannus Hazelae Was A Miniature But Deadly Beast

Scientists discover a pint-sized version of T. rex that's small enough to pet on the head. Dated to 92 million years ago, this small but ferocious hunter fills a significant gap in dinosaur evolution.

Animals May 6, 2019

Monkey Brains Experience Pleasure After Looking At AI Generated Images

Scientists tried to figure out what stimulates every neuron in the brain’s visual cortex by hooking up monkeys with a computer capable of deep learning. The result: bizarre and abstract AI-generated images.

Animals May 4, 2019

LOOK: Bizarre Three-Eyed Snake That Surprised Rangers In Australia

Meet Monty Python, the three-eyed snake that was picked up by rangers in Humpty Doo, Australia. Scientists said the extra eye is a natural mutation that is rare in the wild.

Animals May 3, 2019

River-dwelling Shrimp Laced With Cocaine And Other Illicit Drugs Discovered In UK

A biomonitoring study showed that shrimps in rural UK rivers are contaminated with cocaine, ketamine, fenuron, and other chemicals. The presence of these contaminants highlights the impact of invisible pollution in bodies of water.

Animals May 3, 2019

Tiny Millipede Species Found In 99-Million-Year-Old Amber

A tiny millipede was discovered trapped inside a 99-million-year-old amber from Myanmar. It is now considered the first fossil member of the millipede order Callipodida.

Animals May 2, 2019

Australia Allows CRISPR Editing Of Plants And Animals Without Government Approval

Australia has approved the use of CRISPR gene editing tool on plants and animals without the oversight of a governmental body. The controversial move has been called a 'middle ground' compared to regulations on other countries.

Animals May 1, 2019

CRISPR Gene Editing Tool Finds Antidote To Deadly Box Jellyfish Venom

Using the CRISPR gene editing tool, a team of researchers from Sydney has discovered the antidote to the deadly box jellyfish venom. The antidote works by blocking the symptoms of the sting.

Animals April 30, 2019

Wasps Turn Spiders Into Zombies By Hacking Into Their Brains

How are zombies made? Scientists find out by observing wasps as they 'zombify' spiders to do the hard work for them and build their pupa's protective webs.

Animals May 1, 2019

Baby Dolphin Found Dead On Florida Beach Has Plastic Bags, Balloon In Stomach

Biologists conducted a necropsy of the rough-toothed dolphin that washed up on Fort Myers Beach. They found two plastic bags and a piece of balloon in its stomach.

Animals April 29, 2019

African Swine Fever Plaguing China's Pigs Can Impact The Whole World: Expert

The highly contagious and deadly African swine fever is wreaking havoc in China, leading to a shortage of pork that could affect the global market. China is responsible for a huge chunk of the world's pig population.

Animals April 28, 2019

Parrot 'Arrested' After Warning Drug Traffickers Of Police Raid

A parrot was taken into custody after it warned its owners of the presence of police officers outside the house. The bird's owners are suspected drug dealers.

Animals April 28, 2019

Endangered Green Sea Turtle Population Making A Comeback In U.S. Territories

Green sea turtles are considered endangered species. In a new study, experts report increases in green sea turtle populations in locations around the U.S. Pacific.

Animals April 28, 2019

The Reason Australia Wants To Kill Millions Of Cats

Feral cats are domestic cats abandoned and lost in the wild. In Australia, the government wants 2 million feral cats dead by 2020 in an effort to save native species.

Animals April 27, 2019

Thousands Of Emperor Penguin Chicks In Antarctica Wiped Out Overnight

A colony of emperor penguin in Antarctica is practically wiped as a result of a collapsed ice shelf. The penguin species has failed to breed in the last three years due to the rapid change of ice in the region.

Animals April 27, 2019

Giraffes On The Verge Of Being Considered 'Endangered' Due To Steady Population Decline

Giraffes are now being recommended to be moved from being classified as 'vulnerable' to 'endangered.' This is a major step toward protecting the species from total extinction.

Animals April 26, 2019

Study Sheds Light On Why Finches Have Such Uniquely Colored Feathers On Their Heads

Researchers found that despite the pressure of natural selection, Gouldian Finches maintained their red and black feathers due to another evolutionary process. The team also isolated the gene responsible for the birds' different colored heads.

Animals April 25, 2019

Strange, Beautiful Chimera-Like Fossil Dubbed As The ‘Platypus Of Crabs’

The chimera is a mythological creature known for having a number of features from different creatures. Now, scientists discover an ancient crab reminiscent of this mythological animal.

Animals April 25, 2019

Myth Of Loch Ness Monster Influenced By Dinosaurs: Study

Reports of long-necked monsters, including Scotland's Loch Ness monster, peaked in the 1930s. Researchers now think they identified what influenced the popularity of the myth at the time.

Animals April 25, 2019

11-Foot Alligator Mistaken As Unconscious Person In Florida

Miami firefighters had to prevent a massive alligator from wandering into residential properties last week. A trapper was brought in to capture the creature but ended up euthanizing it instead to keep it from endangering residents.

Animals April 22, 2019

Frogs, Salamanders Face Threat From Killer Fungal Disease: Here's How Humans Are Saving Species From Extinction

Deadly pathogens are killing amphibians all over the world in what has been dubbed as an amphibian apocalypse. In a desperate bid to save frogs, toads, and salamanders, scientists come together for solutions.

Animals April 22, 2019

Middle School Girl Avery Fauth Finds Megalodon Tooth In North Carolina Beach

A girl from North Carolina found a shark tooth that belonged to a megalodon, the largest shark ever to have lived. It is believed that megalodons became extinct even before humans evolved.

Animals April 21, 2019

Zookeeper In Kansas Hospitalized After Tiger Attack

A zookeeper was hospitalized after an attack by the facility's 7-year-old Sumatran tiger. Authorities say there is no cause for concern for the safety of their guests.

Animals April 20, 2019

Keeping Cats Indoors Beneficial To Feline And Human Health

First-of-its-kind research determined whether outdoor access is a significant risk factor for parasitic infection in domestic pet cats. It turned out that cats are more risk of contracting diseases when they are outdoors.

Animals April 20, 2019

Video Footage Of Elusive River Dolphin Species Shows Botos Are Surprisingly Talkative Creatures

Araguaian river dolphins of Brazil can make hundreds of sounds in order to communicate, contradicting the assumption that the creatures have little social structure that allows interaction. Researchers said the study could help understand how communication evolved among marine mammals.

Animals April 19, 2019

1,688-Pound Female Great White Shark Miss Costa Spotted Off Florida Coast

A great white shark that goes by the name of Miss Costa pinged its latest location. New tracks from Miss Costa will provide valuable data on white shark migration patterns and behavior in the Gulf of Mexico.

Animals April 20, 2019

Iconic 'Death Roll' Universal In Crocodile Species, Study Finds

Crocodiles and alligators are infamous for their 'death roll' maneuver. It has only been documented in a few crocodilian species, but a new study finds that it is actually universal among them.

Animals April 18, 2019

Experiment Restores Some Function In Dead Pig Brains 4 Hours After The Animals Died

Pig brains showed signs of cellular function hours after its owners died. The scientists were surprised, as the experiment challenged the notion that brain death is irreversible.

Animals April 17, 2019

Great White Sharks Often Fear Killer Whales, Says Study

A new study found that great white sharks, no matter how tough they seem, cower in the presence of killer whales. Researchers revealed that whenever a killer whale shows up, great white sharks leave hunting grounds.

Animals April 18, 2019

Liquid Blood Extracted From 42,000-Year-Old Prehistoric Lena Horse

The blood of the male foal, which scientists believe belonged to the now-extinct Lena horse species was preserved in liquid state for 42,000 years. The creature also has intact hair on the legs, head, and parts of the body.

Animals April 17, 2019

Study Says Some Forms Of Filial Cannibalism In Animals Could Be Sign Of Parental Care

A new study found that offspring abandonment and filial cannibalism are both major factors in adaptation for survival among animals. A mathematical model was used to prove the theory.

Animals April 23, 2019

Only Known Female Of World's Rarest Turtle Species Died In China Zoo

The 90-year-old Yangtze giant softshell turtle died in Suzhou zoo in southern China after an attempt to artificially inseminate her. She was the last known female member of the species.

Animals April 15, 2019

Giant Flightless Bird Attacks And Kills Its Owner In Florida

Authorities said 75-year-old Marvin Hajos appears to be in the vicinity of the cassowary when he fell and was attacked by the animal. The bird is currently secured on a private property.

Animals April 14, 2019

Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales Experiencing Mini 'Baby Boom'

Are the rare and endangered North Atlantic Right Whales experiencing a mini baby boom? This season, researchers have been spotting several mother-calf pairs in Cape Cod.

Animals April 14, 2019

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