Zebrafish Study Reveals Sexual Rivalry Improves Sperm Quality

A new study highlights the value of competition among males, revealing that the rivalry improves sperm quality in zebrafish. Unfortunately, it has its downsides, and the offspring may suffer.

Animals April 13, 2019

Chinese Experiment Creates Super Monkeys With Human Brain Genes

Gene-hacked monkeys that had human brain genes in their genomes appeared to be smarter than their unaltered peers. However, the scientific community raised ethical questions on the use of transgenic monkeys for experiments.

Animals April 12, 2019

Albino Lizard Is World's First Gene-Edited Reptile

A group of scientists has created the first gene-edited reptiles in four albino lizards. Before now, reptiles have been rather ignored when it comes to developmental genetics.

Animals April 11, 2019

Cats Know Their Names, But They Just Love To Ignore You

Researchers from Japan performed experiments to once and for all find out whether cats can discern their names from other human words. The study confirmed that some cats respond when they hear their owners call their names.

Animals April 12, 2019

Love The Dragons In 'Game Of Thrones'? The Sound They're Making Is Based On Mating Calls Of Giant Tortoises

Want to hear the mating moans of giant tortoises? Tune in to 'Game of Thrones' because Drogon's soft purrs to Danaerys are actually inspired by the sounds tortoises make while having sex.

Animals April 10, 2019

Poetic Justice? Rhino Poacher In South Africa Killed By Elephants, Eaten By Lions

Elephants and lions teamed up to bring justice to their rhino friend. A poacher was found dead in a national park in South Africa, with very little bodily remains, suggesting he was killed and eaten afterward.

Animals April 9, 2019

LOOK: Researchers Capture 17-Foot-Long Python Carrying 73 Eggs In The Florida Everglades

Snake hunters have captured the largest-ever Burmese python in the Florida Everglades as part of the efforts to eradicate the non-native species in the area. Burmese pythons threaten the native creatures that live in the marshy grasslands.

Animals April 9, 2019

Great White Sharks Have Toxic Levels Of Mercury, Arsenic And Lead In Their Blood

Heavy metals may negatively affect the health of marine animals. Scientists found high levels of toxic heavy metals in the blood of great white sharks of South Africa.

Animals April 7, 2019

Worm That Eats Others Of Same Species Spares Offspring Using Nifty Trick

A specific gene strain called SELF-1 was discovered in nematodes. This strain is responsible for self-recognition, making the nematodes not engage in cannibalism when it comes to its family.

Animals April 6, 2019

Gorillas In Rwanda Find Convenient Source Of Sodium Worryingly Close To Humans

Scientists found that mountain gorillas are putting their lives in danger to steal eucalyptus from agricultural plots. The vulnerable population gets most of their sodium intake from outside of protected areas, which could complicate conservation efforts.

Animals April 6, 2019

Fossil Of Ancient Four-Legged Whale Found In Peru

Paleontologists unearthed fossils of a four-legged amphibious whale that lived during the Eocene period in what is now Peru. Peregocetus pacificus can travel well on both land and sea and are similar to modern otters and beavers.

Animals April 7, 2019

Scientists Have Discovered A Phallic-Looking Clam That Feeds On Discarded Timber

Researchers found a new species and three new genera of wood-boring clams. The creatures play a major role in keeping the ocean floor free from wood and contribute to the cycling of carbon for a thriving marine ecosystem.

Animals April 3, 2019

Warming Ocean Temperatures Putting Dolphins In Danger

The population of bottlenose dolphins in Shark Bay, Western Australia, is under threat, according to a new study. Their survival and reproduction rates declined since the marine heatwave in 2011.

Animals April 3, 2019

Australian Fisherman Snags Decapitated Monster Mako Shark: What Mysterious Creature Bit It Off?

A fisherman caught the 220-pound head of a gigantic mako shark in Australia, leaving people wondering about the nature of its mysterious attacker. What kind of monster can decapitate such a powerful animal?

Animals April 1, 2019

Move Over, James Bond: Experts Might Tap Nemo And Friends As Spies

The U.S. government taps marine life as agents of defense in a new project led by DARPA. By monitoring the behavior of certain marine species, scientists believe they can detect the presence of foreign vehicles around.

Animals April 1, 2019

'White Nose Syndrome' Causing Population Decline In Minnesota Bats

White nose syndrome continues to decimate bat populations in Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is reporting a significant decline due to the disease.

Animals March 31, 2019

LOOK: Pumpkin Toadlets' Bones Glow Through Their Skin

The poisonous pumpkin frogs of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil have fluorescent bones that light up under UV light. With normal light they appear, orange, red, or yellow, but under UV light they glow bright blue.

Animals March 30, 2019

Kangaroo Rat Caught On Tape Confounding Rattlesnake With Ninja-Like Moves

Researchers found that kangaroo rats evade rattlesnake attacks by leaping into the air and sometimes dropping a kick on the predator's head. The move was captured on camera by a team of researchers.

Animals March 29, 2019

Deadly Fungi Causing Mass Amphibian Extinction, 90 Species Already Affected

A deadly fungal disease has been causing trouble for amphibians in the past 50 years. To date, 90 amphibian species have gone extinct because of the disease.

Animals March 28, 2019

Researchers Figure Out The Secrets Behind Honey Bee Language

Researchers decoded the honey bee language that helped them communicate their foraging locations. The information helps build a universal calibration tool that can be useful in bee propagation and preservation.

Animals March 30, 2019

New Species Of Mastodon Roamed In Pleistocene California

The Pacific Mastodon (Mammut pacificus) is a new species discovered in the Diamond Valley Lake in California. The animal had narrower teeth to its cousin, the American Mastodon (Mammut americanum).

Animals March 28, 2019

Britain Suffering From Loss Of Pollinating Insects

Researchers warned that species of wild bees and hoverfly are disappearing. If the decline of pollinating insect populations continues, the researchers warned that it could lead to loss of natural resources in the future.

Animals March 28, 2019

Children's Museum Going Big On Dino Exhibit With $27.5 Million Budget

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to learning about the lives of the dinosaurs. Together with dozens of experts, it will embark in a multimillion Mission Jurassic project.

Animals March 27, 2019

Bramble Cay Melomys Become First Mammal Wiped Out By Human-Caused Climate Change

The bramble cay melomys have become the first mammals to be lost due to human-caused climate change. They were last seen alive in 2009, and are said to be wiped out by sea-level rise.

Animals March 23, 2019

Car-Sized Great White Shark Pregnant With 14 Pups Sold At Fish Market In Taiwan

A great white shark pregnant with record number of pups were caught and sold in Taiwan. It measured 15 feet long, which is bigger than a small car.

Animals March 24, 2019

Canada's Scotty Dinosaur Identified As World's Largest And Oldest T-Rex

Scotty the T-rex is the world's oldest and biggest dinosaur. Its leg bones suggest it was more than 19,400 pounds when it walked Saskatchewan in prehistoric times.

Animals March 23, 2019

Safari Tourists Scare Elephants And Make Them More Violent: Study

Researchers found that elephants get scared and show violent behaviors when more tourists are present in the safari. The study demonstrated that tourism can have a big impact on animals' welfare in the wild.

Animals March 21, 2019

Water Bears May Offer Clues To Human Health And Survival

Tardigrades are much tinier than a speck, yet they are among the most resilient creatures that ever lived on Earth. Humans could learn a thing or two about preservation and survival from these water bears.

Animals March 21, 2019

Invasive Species In Yellowstone Lake Impacted Bald Eagles And Other Creatures In The Region

Lake trout introduced decades ago have been wreaking havoc on Yellowstone National Park's other animal inhabitants. Some of the affected species include bears, otters, and bald eagles, among others.

Animals March 21, 2019

Mammals Had Developed Unique Arms Before The Dinosaurs Existed

Scientists in the United States may have found an explanation as to how mammals ended up with diverse sets of arms. They believe the animals already had this trait some 30 million years before the earliest dinosaurs even existed.

Animals March 20, 2019

US Watchdog Says USDA Experiments Fed Euthanized Dog And Cat Remains To Healthy Lab Kittens

In a new report, the White Coat Waste Project said hundreds of dogs and cats were euthanized to become lab food. Organs of the animals from other countries were reportedly fed to cats in the USDA lab.

Animals March 20, 2019

Scientists Revive Ancients Cells From 28,000-year-old Woolly Mammoth Yuka

Scientists from Japan and Russia successfully reactivate the ancient cells of a 28,000-year-old woolly mammoth. With more advanced equipment and well-preserved samples, this could pave the way for a mammoth-elephant hybrid, researchers said.

Animals March 20, 2019

Massive Painted Lady Butterfly Migration Leaves California Residents In Awe

Residents of Southern California were surprised to witness millions of painted lady butterflies migrating to the north. Experts explained that the increased rainfall in the desert fueled the large swarms this year.

Animals March 18, 2019

Ram Semen Stored Frozen In 1968 Successfully Impregnates 34 Sheep

Australian researchers successfully impregnated 34 sheep using a ram’s semen that was frozen and preserved for 50 years. The researchers compared this success rate to recently preserved semen and found no difference between the two.

Animals March 18, 2019

Critically Endangered Porpoise Found Dead, Conservationists Say Possibly Less Than 10 Of Species Left Alive

The carcass found by conservationists is believed to be that of the critically endangered vaquita porpoise. It is possible that only 10 of the species remain alive.

Animals March 15, 2019

New Spider Species Named After 'Star Wars' Stormtroopers

A team of scientists in Colombia discovered a new species of spiders and named it after the fictional soldiers from the 'Star Wars' movie. Now called 'Stormtropis,' the new species had never been seen in the country before.

Animals March 15, 2019

Horses Wearing Striped Pajamas Shed Light On How Zebras Avoid Biting Flies

Zebras and their stripes have long left scientists puzzled. A new study observed zebras, horses, and horses dressed as zebras in an attempt to discover the reason behind the unique striped coat.

Animals March 12, 2019

New Study Proves Family Ties Between Horseshoe Crabs And Spiders

Evolutionary biologists identified the creature that has been crawling the earth for nearly 500 million years belong to the Ricinulei group, the arachnids known as hooded tick spiders. Today, the number of horseshoe crabs are diminishing due to the acidification of the oceans.

Animals March 12, 2019

FDA Lifts US Import Alert On Genetically Modified Salmon 'Frankenfish'

AquaAdvantage Salmon eggs can now be imported to a facility in Indiana, where these will be raised into salmon for food. The FDA has deemed the genetically engineered fish safe to eat.

Animals March 9, 2019

Museum Exhibit Shows How T. Rex Would've Looked Like With Feathers

The American Museum of Natural History will open a new exhibit to showcase the T. rex as it has never been seen before. The exhibit will feature life-size recreation of the predator complete with patches of feathers on its head.

Animals March 9, 2019

Lack Of Large Carnivores Reshaped Ecology Of African Wildlife Park

A Princeton University ecological study highlighted the significant impact of missing large carnivores in an African wildlife park. Justine Atkins and her colleagues proved it could change animal behavior, introducing a landscape of fearlessness.

Animals March 9, 2019

Study Shows Wikipedia Could Serve As Early Warning Device For Species Extinction

Internet traffic could reflect the presence of certain species in the wild. Researchers found that trends in Wikipedia views could be used to determine which species could be on the verge of extinction.

Animals March 6, 2019

Rare Giant Sunfish Washes Ashore In California

A rare hoodwinker sunfish that washed ashore in California was initially thought of as a common ocean sunfish. It is the first record of the species in the Northern Hemisphere.

Animals March 3, 2019

Singing Mice Study May Lead To New Speech Disorder Treatments

Unlike other lab animals, Alston's singing mice from Costa Rica take turns in a duet. Studying this mouse species helped researchers better understand how human brains engage in a conversation.

Animals March 1, 2019

LOOK: Amazon Spiders And Centipedes Prey On Opossum, Snakes

Researchers of a new study released footage of spiders in the Amazon preying on forest vertebrates. They were preying on snakes, opossum, frogs, lizards, and tadpoles.

Animals February 28, 2019

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