Wood Stork may soon fly off the endangered species list

America's only native stork is doing well enough to be upgraded from endangered to threatened, officials say. Wood stork populations are increasing as birds move into new habitats.

Earth/Environment June 27, 2014

Good news! Our air is cleaner than ever report satellite images

Images from NASA satellites show improved air quality, especially in major U.S. cities. Improvement seen across 10 years of satellite data.

Earth/Environment June 27, 2014

Baby eagle's death on webcam hits viewers hard

Despite outcry from webcam viewers, officials decline to interfere to save dying eaglet in nest. Nature must be allowed to take its course, they say.

Earth/Environment June 27, 2014

Want to win $10K? Just prove global warming is a farce

Physicist challenges deniers of climate change to prove their claims. He says he'll pay $10,000 to anyone who can.

Earth/Environment June 27, 2014

Car fumes, foul odors distract pollinators from finding their targets

Fumes coming from cars and trucks aren’t just bad for humans. They’re awful on moths and possibly other pollinators too by preventing the insects from finding their nectar source and pollinating flowers.

Earth/Environment June 28, 2014

Alaska humpback whales making a healthy comeback

Alaska petition asks federal government to take humpback whales off endangered species list. Petition cites recovery of Pacific populations of the whales.

Earth/Environment June 26, 2014

Fracking may not be freaking good for soil, wildlife or humans

Wastewater from fracking operations to recover natural gas may present risks to people and the environment, study finds. Pollution risk could be increased with accidental wastewater spills.

Earth/Environment June 26, 2014

Fracking fluid spills increase risk of contaminated groundwater

A research group at Cornell University studied the effects of hydraulic fracturing flowback fluid on soil and water retention of pollutants and found that a high percentage of pollutants and heavy metals in the soil leach into groundwater when exposed to flowback fluid.

Earth/Environment June 25, 2014

Your beautiful backyard garden could be bee killer

Neonicotinoids could be killing off bees, and many other lifeforms, according to a new meta-analysis of the effect of the powerful insecticide.

Earth/Environment June 26, 2014

Global Ocean Commission wants an end to overfishing and pollution to protect world's fragile oceans

The world's oceans are in danger from pollution and overfishing, an international group reports in a new study.

Earth/Environment June 27, 2014

Physicist offers $10,000 to anyone who disproves man-made global warming

Physicist Christopher Keating challenged deniers of global warming to produce scientific proof to convince him it's not happening or, if it is happening, that it's not man-made. The prize for evidence is $1,000. The prize for proof is $10,000.

Earth/Environment June 27, 2014

Monarch butterflies beat radar systems, navigate with own magnetic compass during migration

Monarch butterflies do not just rely on the sun to find their way says a new study. The recent findings show that monarch butterflies use their own magnetic compasses to navigate when migrating.

Earth/Environment June 25, 2014

Plastic waste translates to $13 billion financial damages annually: UN

The UN estimates that at least $13 billion is lost every year to the destruction of marine environments due to the use of plastic, and the overall environmental cost of plastic waste could be far higher than that.

Earth/Environment June 25, 2014

High altitude wind patterns influence extreme weather conditions: Study

Extreme weather events may be driven by fluctuations in winds high above the ground, a new study reveals.

Earth/Environment June 24, 2014

Fabien Cousteau on mission to beat grandfather's record - spend 31 days in undersea lab

In a bold attempt to beat his grandfather's record, Fabien Cousteau is already well on his way to spend 31 days in undersea lab that is the size of a school bus.

Earth/Environment June 24, 2014

BP oil spill slows juvenile Mahi-Mahi swimming speed by half

Recent findings show that the BP oil spill of 2010 is still causing issues in aquatic life today. The spill has slashed mahi-mahi fish swimming speed by half.

Earth/Environment June 24, 2014

Obama sets up task force to curb decline in honeybee population

The Obama administration released a memorandum outlining the strategies and planned actions of the new Pollinator Health Task Force. It's an effort to support and fund research about pollinator deaths and encourage protective measures.

Earth/Environment June 22, 2014

Climate change prompts Emperor penguins to find new breeding grounds

Emperor penguins may be adapting to climate change better than expected, a new satellite study claims.

Earth/Environment June 22, 2014

Honeybees in danger and there's a presidential memorandum to save them

The White House has released a memorandum to save the population of bees and other pollinators. The memorandum calls for the establishment of a Pollinator Health Task Force.

Earth/Environment June 22, 2014

Yellow River flooding blamed on anti-flooding efforts by ancient Chinese

Flooding over 20 centuries may have been the result of modifications to the Yellow River, created to prevent the disasters. One flood may have even toppled a dynasty.

Earth/Environment June 23, 2014

Extinct passenger pigeons can be resurrected? Yes, say scientists

De-extinction could bring several species, including the passenger pigeon, back to life.

Earth/Environment June 22, 2014

Invasive emerald ash borer beetle poses significant threat to trees

New Hampshire fears threat to state's ash trees after destructive invasive pest found in neighboring Massachusetts. The emerald ash borer can kill a tree within a year.

Earth/Environment June 19, 2014

Florida panther population booming once again, species recovery possible

Population of endangered panthers in Florida said to be on the rise. The finding is an encouraging sign of a possible recovery throughout the animal's U.S. range.

Earth/Environment June 19, 2014

Can genetic engineering bring extinct passenger pigeons back?

Scientists may soon attempt to revive an extinct bird species. If successful, the world may once again catch a glimpse of the passenger pigeon, a previously common species of bird that went extinct in the early 1900s.

Earth/Environment June 21, 2014

Sensor plays role in Puget Sound water quality monitoring

A new sensor is being installed in Seattle's Puget Sound. The move should help researchers identify issues pertaining to the marine environment and water quality.

Earth/Environment June 18, 2014

Antarctic biodiversity diminishes as roaming icebergs scour shoreline

Iceberg collisions due to the rising sea temperatures in Antarctica are leading to biodiversity loss, as one species, Fenestrulina rugula, thrives.

Earth/Environment June 18, 2014

Obama wants to create world's biggest marine reserve in Pacific Ocean, target illegal fishing

Obama revealed proposed efforts to expand a U.S. controlled marine sanctuary in the central Pacific, combat illegal fishing and seafood fraud, and protect reefs and other marine species from climate change and ocean acidification.

Earth/Environment June 18, 2014

Kiribati, a tiny Pacific island, focus of commercial fishing ban

Island nation of Kiribati announces plan to end all commercial fishing within vast marine sanctuary. Plan announced at ocean conference that saw U.S. President Obama propose similar marine protections.

Earth/Environment June 17, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio pledges $7 million for ocean conservation projects

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio calls for increased efforts to protect the world's oceans. Ocean conference also hears from President Obama on plan to increase U.S. protected areas.

Earth/Environment June 17, 2014

Climate change means fewer extreme winters in the U.S. and Europe

James Screen of the University of Exeter presents findings suggesting decreases in extreme cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere as a result of Arctic warming, and overall warmer springs, autumns and winters.

Earth/Environment June 17, 2014

Huge ice structures discovered hiding beneath Greenland ice sheet

Ice towers, the size of skyscrapers, have been identified under the ice sheet of Greenland, and could play an important role in melting of glaciers.

Earth/Environment June 17, 2014

Climate change means Arctic warming entail less extreme cold spells

Warming in the Arctic could lead to fewer periods of extreme cold, based on a new study.

Earth/Environment June 18, 2014

Warming Arctic spells less extreme cold for U.S., Europe

Contrary to previous assumptions, a new study hints that arctic warming may lead to fewer extreme cold weather events. The study covers parts of Europe, Asia and the US.

Earth/Environment June 16, 2014

Japanese eel, a summertime delicacy, now on endangered species 'red list'

Nihon-unagi, the Japanese eel, is a delicacy, and is now listed as endangered in a new report form a international group.

Earth/Environment June 15, 2014

EPA tells Ford to fix fuel-economy data now, gives auto maker 15 days to make it happen

Second time in the past year Ford has had to lower mileage figures on some models. The issue is seen as a setback to company’s reputation as a leader in fuel economy.

Earth/Environment June 13, 2014

Even crayfish can experience anxiety, stress: Study

A team of researchers have discovered that crayfish are able to experience stress. This is the first time that scientists have seen evidence that invertebrates can feel emotions to similar to humans.

Earth/Environment June 15, 2014

Eucalyptus tree is not just koala chow: A potential source of fuel and fiber

Never heard of the eucalyptus tree? It's the same tree koalas feed on in Australia, and it is the same tree that could soon become a great source of fuel and fiber.

Earth/Environment June 17, 2014

Discovery of intact mastodon skull in New Mexico state park excites paleontologists

A bachelor party at the Elephant Butte Lake State Park in New Mexico led to the discovery of a fossil that may an ancient elephant skull.

Earth/Environment June 15, 2014

Eucalyptus trees aren't just for hungry koalas, they're biofuel producers as well

The eucalyptus tree, home to the popular koala bear, is more than just sustenance for animals. It has many properties that can help humans produce renewable energy, food and environmental benefits.

Earth/Environment June 12, 2014

Feds put New Mexico jumping mouse on endangered species list

Tiny mouse living on just a few acres in New Mexico put on endangered species list. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will also designate protected habitats.

Earth/Environment June 11, 2014

New Mexico's meadow jumping mouse now on endangered species list

The U.S. government is taking over to protect the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse. The rare breed of riparian rodent has just been listed as the latest addition to the U.S. list of endangered species, but ranchers are complaining about it.

Earth/Environment June 11, 2014

Underwater volcanoes, not climate change, reason behind melting of West Antarctic Ice Sheet

A tearing apart of the ground under the Antarctic ice sheet is adding to significant dangers for one of the world's most sensitive regions. Warm water circulating under the ice sheet is contributing to its slide toward the sea.

Earth/Environment June 10, 2014

Chinese smartphone apps sniffs outs polluting sources

Smartphone app will allow 'naming and shaming' of polluters in China. App gives real-time emission data, shows map location of polluting factories.

Earth/Environment June 10, 2014

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