Disney Interactive's Jeff Bunker Talks 'Disney Infinity's Star Wars Characters (With Exclusive Concept Art)

We spoke with Disney Interactive's Jeff Bunker about working on a galaxy far, far away in 'Disney Infinity 3.0.' Learn about how the game's figures are made, what's to come, and the difficulties of turning Harrison Ford into a toy.

Feature September 25, 2015

Oculus Rift Compatible Games List: All The Major Titles Announced So Far

The Oculus Rift is currently the frontrunner in the virtual reality arms race, thanks in part to an already-growing library - and we've got the definitive list of every major game headed to the Oculus.

Feature September 30, 2015

Dr. Sabine Seymour Has Designs On Your Dumb Clothes

SoftSpot is a new system of fabric-printed sensors that fashion-tech expert Sabine Seymour believes can revolutionize the way we wear our clothes.

Feature October 2, 2015

'Once Upon A Time' Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

ABC's fairytale drama 'Once Upon A Time' returns to television this weekend with the promise of many new stories and adventures. Here's everything we know about Season 5 so far.

Feature September 26, 2015

Controversial Is Now Free Basics By Facebook After Major Backlash

Facebook's app has been rebranded as Free Basics. Together with this comes the HTTPS implementation and some core changes made to service enlistment.

Feature September 28, 2015

The Best Science Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

If you like exploring the mysteries of the (scientific) universe, this guide to Netflix documentaries can help you become the ultimate explorer from the comfort of your couch.

Feature September 25, 2015

Hulu October 2015: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Shows Available To Stream

Get in the Halloween spirit by streaming these holiday-appropriate TV series and movies, along with other favorites available on Hulu in October.

Feature September 25, 2015

Everything You Need To Remember About 'Sleepy Hollow' To Get You Ready For The Season 3 Premiere

Here's a recap of seasons 1 and 2 to get you ready for the season 3 premiere of Fox's 'Sleepy Hollow.'

Feature September 28, 2015

'Rainbow Six Siege' Closed Beta Hands-On: Tactical Excellence

While the game is still clearly in an unfinished state, Ubisoft's tactical first-person shooter, 'Rainbow Six Siege,' is looking like one of the standout titles of 2015.

Feature September 24, 2015

Amazon Video October 2015: Stream These New Movies And TV Shows Being Added

Usher in October with these new additions to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Video. They include some spooky new titles just in time for your Halloween movie and TV marathon.

Feature September 24, 2015

The Films That Inspired The 'Star Wars' Saga

'Star Wars' is one of the most successful and important movie franchises of all time, but countless films helped influence George Lucas' galactic vision.

Feature October 1, 2015

The Story Behind The 'Batman' TV Show Theme Song Is More Complex Than You'd Think

The theme song to the classic 1960s 'Batman' TV series seems simple, but it's really not. Here's why that song was surprisingly difficult to write.

Feature September 25, 2015

Review: ‘Lightless’ Is An Impressive Sci-Fi Debut From Author C.A. Higgins

Author C.A. Higgins weaves a chilling, claustrophobic sci-fi thriller in ‘Lightless,’ despite retreading some familiar ideas.

Feature September 25, 2015

'Doctor Who': The Top 10 Guest Stars From The New Series

Since its revival in 2005, 'Doctor Who' has hosted a variety of celebrities as guest stars on the show. Here are the 10 best celebrity guest star appearances on the new series.

Feature September 25, 2015

Everything You Need To Know About 'LEGO Dimensions'

LEGO is ready to take on Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Amiibo with 'LEGO Dimensions,' a major new entry in the 'Toys-to-Life' genre. With 14 franchises like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future on board, it's going to be a wild ride.

Feature September 24, 2015

HBO Now October 2015: Movies And TV Shows Being Added And Leaving Next Month

October brings some movies that are scary and some movies that are just scary good to HBO Now. Here are the highlights of the movies and TV shows you'll be able to stream next month.

Feature September 24, 2015

Gaming On-The-Go: The Apps Released In September That You Have To Play Right Now

From zombies to soccer and puzzle games, here are some of the gaming apps released this month that are most worthy of being downloaded.

Feature September 24, 2015

Review: Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Sports Headphones

A review of Jaybird's terrific new Bluetooth headphones.

Feature September 24, 2015

Netflix Study Reveals The Streaming Service Knows When Viewers Get Hooked On A Series

A new study by Netflix found that fans are not made after watching a pilot episode of a new series. Rather, they commit to watching the entire season or more anywhere from around episode 2 to episode 8.

Feature September 23, 2015

Margaret At The Movies #1: 'Star Wars: A New Hope'

Comedian Timmy Williams sat down with his four-year-old daughter to watch, and get her thoughts on, the original 'Star Wars.'

Feature September 24, 2015

Interview: 'Buffy' Actor And Musician James Marsters Discusses Chasing The Ghost Of A Song and His Band’s New Album

In an interview, actor and musician James Marsters, probably known by most as Spike from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' discusses music, his band's new album and his latest acting projects.

Feature September 23, 2015

Amazon's Fall Pilot Season Includes New Shows From Louis CK, Sacha Baron Cohen And More

Amazon has announced six new shows for its fall pilot season. These include new series from Louis C.K., Sacha Baron Cohen, Diablo Cody and more.

Feature September 23, 2015

Should You Pay Extra Money Just To Stream Anime?

The are a lot of choice anime-only streaming services out there, but are they really worth the extra money when Netflix exists?

Feature September 24, 2015

Who Is Returning To 'Heroes Reborn?' A Guide To The 'Heroes' Characters We'll See On The New Show

Many characters from the original 'Heroes' series will be popping up in 'Heroes Reborn.' Find out who's in and who's out of this upcoming miniseries.

Feature September 24, 2015

Flashgap Is The Photo-Sharing App That Lets Users Relive Party Moments As If You Were In 'The Hangover'

The Flashgap app allows friends to capture every moment of their weekend, while still being able to enjoy each other in the present moment by dissolving the photos to be shown the next day.

Feature September 22, 2015

Interview: Genndy Tartakovsky Talks 'Hotel Transylvania 2,' Evolving Animation Tech And The Possibility Of Returning To TV

'Hotel Transylvania 2' hits theaters Friday, Sept. 25. Director Genndy Tartakovsky spoke to T-Lounge about what you can expect from his new animated film.

Feature September 23, 2015

7 Little Known Facts About The 'Batman: Arkham' Games

Do you know why the Penguin of the 'Batman: Arkham' games has a British accent? Why Oracle is so good at what she does? How the Batcave beneath Arkham Asylum came about? We have those answers and more.

Feature September 22, 2015

'Kingdom Hearts' Is Nonsense And I Can't Wait For More

The 'Kingdom Hearts' franchise makes absolutely no sense, but that doesn't mean we're not excited about everything the series has in store for us.

Feature September 22, 2015

Hurry-Up Offense: Fantasy Football Week 3 Tips And A Look Back At Week 2

Previewing fantasy performers in Week 3 of the NFL and looking back on Week 2 action.

Feature September 23, 2015

The Top 10 Guest Stars On 'The Muppet Show'

With 'The Muppets' returning to television, older fans fondly remember many of the guest stars from the original series, 'The Muppet Show.' Here are 10 of the best celebrity appearances on the Muppet stage.

Feature September 22, 2015

'Afro Samurai 2' Review: This Blade Is Broken

The original 'Afro Samurai' was a great anime movie, and the original game was perfectly decent...but 'Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma' is nothing like either of them.

Feature September 22, 2015

Tokyo Game Show 2015: 5 Highlights From This Year's Expo

Tokyo Game Show 2015 was a big deal, with some huge announcements and reveals coming out of Japan - we've got the five best stories out of TGS 2015 right here.

Feature September 21, 2015

HBO And HBO GO October 2015: New Movies, TV Shows And Returning Favorites

October brings new movies and episodes of original HBO series to the cable network and HBO GO on-demand platform.

Feature September 25, 2015

Podmasters: 5 Great TV Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Now

The fall TV season has officially begun. Here are the podcasts you need to listen to in order to keep with all of its buzzworthy moments.

Feature September 22, 2015

The 10 Weirdest Mario Villains

Everyone loves the classic Mario foes like Bowser and the goombas. But what about Vincent Van Gore or Snailicorn? Here are some of the weirdest villains from the Mario franchise.

Feature September 22, 2015

WWE Night Of Champions (2015) Results

In back-to-back title matches, Seth Rollins lost his United States championship to John Cena, but wound up retaining his WWE World Heavyweight strap against Sting. Still, Rollins was rudely greeted by Sheamus and Kane after the latter win.

Feature September 21, 2015

Panasonic's HomeTeam App Allows Family Members To Stay Connected Using Books And Games

A new video-calling platform from Pansonic's Health & Wellness Solutions allows long-distance family members to read books and play games with children.

Feature September 22, 2015

Review: 'Pro Evolution Soccer 2016' Is A Pitch Perfect Simulation For The Hardcore Fan

Konami may be throttling back on the AAA titles, but its one remaining franchise, 'Pro Evolution Soccer,' is a masterstroke for the company.

Feature September 21, 2015

Celebrating 45 Years Of Monday Night Football: Ranking Its Announcing Teams

Monday Night Football turns 45 years old with its September 21 broadcast. Along the way, it has had plenty of announcers, including original members Frank Gifford, Howard Cosell and Don Meredith.

Feature September 21, 2015

Jim Henson's Weird Yet Amazing 'Muppets Show' Pitch And Other Skits That Prove The Family-Friendly Series Was Better Suited For Adults

'The Muppets' airs tonight on ABC, and while it will feature more adult themes, it's not a first from the franchise. Take a look at the original show pitch, adult skits, and Jim Henson's strange films.

Feature September 22, 2015

Previewing All Of The WWE Night Of Champions (2015) Matches

The pay per view live from the Toyota Center in Houston, TX. on Sunday night (September 20) will be headlined by Seth Rollins, who must defend his United States and World Heavyweight Championships in separate singles matches against John Cena and Sting, respectively.

Feature September 18, 2015

How To Learn About The Mob By Only Watching Netflix

With Johnny Depp's recent portrayal of the notorious former crime boss and fugitive James 'Whitey' Bulger in the biopic 'Black Mass', here's a primer for everything you need to know about the mob by only watching Netflix.

Feature September 18, 2015

Upgraded To iOS 9 But Want To Downgrade? Here's How To Revert To iOS 8.4.1

Apple has officially released its latest iOS 9 and many have already rushed to upgrade, but some may regret their decision. Here's what to do if you want to downgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 8.4.1, but you'll need to move fast.

Feature September 18, 2015

Uber-Commissioned Study Says Uber Surge Pricing Makes Customers Happy

Uber published a self-commisioned study to justify surge pricing. Researchers concluded that without surge pricing, Uber is not really Uber.

Feature September 19, 2015

Holy Sylvia Earle!: 'Lumberjanes' #18 Review

Kat Leyh steps up to the plate after the departure of 'Lumberjanes' co-creator Noelle Stevenson, and while BOOM Studios' Eisner-winning comic series incurs a shift in direction, it looks like the girls of Roanoke Cabin are still going strong.

Feature September 18, 2015

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