Some Fans Think That George RR Martin Died Before Finishing 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' Series

Worry not, 'Game of Thrones' fans. George R.R. Martin is definitely not dead yet and lives to continue working on 'A Song of Ice and Fire.'

Movies/TV Shows March 10, 2016

Daisy Ridley Fires Back At Body Shamers Who Say She's 'Too Thin'

Daisy Ridely proved she’s a lot like her 'Star Wars' character, Rey, when she fired back at an online body-shamer. According to her, she is a real woman and real women come in all shapes and sizes.

Movies/TV Shows March 10, 2016

Han Solo Won't Be Going Solo In Standalone Movie - Chewbacca Tagging Along For The Buddy Flick

Han Solo won't be alone in his standalone film scheduled for release in 2018. His best friend Chewbacca will be coming along for the origin story of one of the galaxy's greatest friendships.

Movies/TV Shows March 10, 2016

Why Does The International Trailer For 'Ghostbusters' Feature Way More Chris Hemsworth?

The international trailer for "Ghostbusters" may be shorter than the U.S. release, but it has way more Chris Hemsworth in it. According to director Paul Feig, the actor will be more than just eye candy in the movie.

Movies/TV Shows March 10, 2016

Magic In North America: How JK Rowling Is Expanding Wizardry To The New World

A series of stories written by J.K. Rowling will reveal the history of magic and wizarding in North America. The four-part series will be published online on Pottermore.

Movies/TV Shows March 9, 2016

Blink And You'll Miss Them: Here's What The New 'Game Of Thrones' Trailer Can Reveal About Season 6

The full trailer for 'Game of Thrones' season 6 was revealed by HBO today. See who continues to play the game when the series returns on April 24.

Movies/TV Shows March 9, 2016

Marvel's Loss Is DC's Gain: JK Simmons Cast As Commissioner Gordon In 'Justice League' Duology

J.K. Simmons will be joining the cast of 'Justice League.' Although it will be difficult to part with the Oscar-winning actor as J. Jonah Jameson in 'Spider-Man,' his casting as Commissioner Gordon is a welcome one.

Movies/TV Shows March 8, 2016

Supreme Court Says The Batmobile Is Entitled To Copyright Protection, Throws Out Appeal

Mark Towle has lost his appeal. The Supreme Court sided with a previous ruling in favor of DC Comics who claimed he infringed on their copyright when he created and sold his own version of the Batmobile.

Movies/TV Shows March 8, 2016

How 'The Walking Dead' Snuck In A Cameo Of Johnny Depp In 'Not Tomorrow Yet'

Unbeknownst to even Johnny Depp himself, the Hollywood A-lister made a cameo appearance on last Sunday's 'The Walking Dead.' Or at least his head did.

Movies/TV Shows March 7, 2016

Jon Snow Is Still Definitely Deceased, But Kit Harington Confirms He's Back For Season 6

Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on HBO's 'Game of Thrones,' has just confirmed that his character will be back for season six. However, it may not be in a way that you'd like.

Movies/TV Shows March 7, 2016

Will Smith And Joel Edgerton To Play Cops Who Are Also Orcs In Upcoming Movie

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are reportedly set to star in a film about modern cops in a world with orcs and fairies. The movie, "Bright" will be directed by "Suicide Squad's" David Ayer.

Movies/TV Shows March 7, 2016

Tom Hiddleston Wants To Be The Next James Bond In 007 Movie

Tom Hiddleston has revealed that he would love the opportunity to play the next James Bond 007. Given the rave reviews he has been receiving from "The Night Manager" and the gruelling SAS training he has been undergoing for "Kong: Skull Island" he is certainly showing that he's got the chops for it.

Movies/TV Shows March 7, 2016

Goddess Of Thunder Thor And King Of Wakanda Black Panther Featured In Teasers For 'Civil War 2'

To tease the upcoming sequel of Marvel's Civil War comic, images featuring Black Panther and Thor have been released. Which side of the future will the King of Wakanda and the Goddess of Thunder choose?

Geek March 4, 2016

Perfect For Kylo Ren's Altar To Grandpa: How To Make An Origami Darth Vader

This origami Darth Vader is the perfect addition to Kylo Ren's, or any Star Wars fan's, shrine. Designed and created by origami artist Tadashi Mori, he even has a how-to video to make one of your own.

Movies/TV Shows March 4, 2016

Confirmed: The Flash And Cyborg To Join 'Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice'

It has been confirmed that The Flash and Cyborg will be appearing in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.' The two heroes from the Justice League will be joining Wonder Woman and Aquaman along with the two feuding supers to fend off Doomsday.

Movies/TV Shows March 3, 2016

ABC Announces Series For Early Renewal Including 'Agents Of SHIELD' And 'Quantico'

ABC has announced that 'Agents of SHIELD' and 'Quantico' are among the series that have been renewed early for a new season. Other series will have to wait until May before their fate is revealed.

Movies/TV Shows March 3, 2016

Rock Out To DC's Black Canary With This Real 3-Track Album

DC's Black Canary just released a real-world 3-track album. 'EP 1' contains three tracks performed by the band being fronted by the Justice League hero while she tours across the U.S.

Geek March 3, 2016

Animated 'Big Hero 6' TV Series Coming To Disney XD In 2017

Hiro and Baymax are back and coming to your TV screens! 'Big Hero 6' the animated series is set to premiere on Disney XD sometime in 2017.

Movies/TV Shows March 3, 2016

Blue And White 'Skylanders' Toys To Help Raise Awareness For Autism Support

Activision will be releasing limited edition Blue and White ‘Skylanders’ SuperChargers toys to pledge their support for Autism Speaks' Light It Up Blue Campaign. Each year, the organization encourages people to wear blue on April 2, World Autism Awareness day.

Video Games March 1, 2016

From 'Persons Of Interest' To 'Nancy Drew': Sarah Shahi To Star In Modern Take On Classic Teen Sleuth

With her future on 'Person of Interest' full of uncertainty, Sarah Shahi has nothing to worry about. Although CBS has yet to declare the schedule for the final season of the show, they have already cast her in an upcoming pilot for 'Nancy Drew.'

Movies/TV Shows March 1, 2016

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