Apple hired a former exec at Samsung's battery division, which fuels speculations that the Cupertino, California-based tech company may soon be making its own batteries for its devices.

As per his LinkedIn account, Soonho Ahn worked for almost four years under Samsung SDI, from 2015 to 2018 — two of which were spent being a senior vice president for Next Generation Batteries and Materials Innovation. Eagle-eyed Bloomberg noted that he made a major move by December last year, when the official updated his account, informing people that he started working at Apple.

Samsung Exec Developed Batteries

Ahn played a huge part during his time with Samsung: he had a hand in the development of new battery technology for the smartphones of the South Korean brand. That's not all, he was also in charge of batteries for electric bikes and vehicles.

Apple previously sourced batteries from Samsung SDI for its products such as the MacBook and iPad. It has since changed suppliers and also made some developments in order to reduce dependence on other companies for parts and components.

Apple's Reduction Of Reliance On Other Companies

Last year, it was reported that Apple was working toward making its own processor to replace Intel chips in its laptops, even allegedly hiring some of the chipmaker's employees, the same scenario that can be observed with the Samsung exec. Other proof is a report that said the company was looking into making MicroLED displays for other gadgets.

With the Samsung exec's transfer to rival Apple, a lot of people started speculating that this could mean that new batteries for the latter company could soon see light. Perhaps this is also fueled by the news that said it is looking to source cobalt directly from miners.

Cobalt is necessary in production of lithium-ion batteries. Samsung SDI is also reportedly in search of the element.

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