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Oldest Meteorite Collection On Earth Found In Chile's Atacama Desert

A collection of well-preserved meteorites was found in the driest place on Earth: the Atacama Desert in Chile. Some of the space rocks are older than 2 million years.

Space May 25, 2019

Experts Say DNA Study Of Atacama 'Alien' Mummy Is Flawed And Unethical

Experts raised concern that the DNA study of the Atacama mummy known as Ata is flawed and unethical. They said that the genetic study of the bizarre specimen should not have been conducted in the first place.

Feature | Science July 23, 2018

Bacteria Survives In The Most Mars-Like Place On Earth, Giving Hope For Life On The Red Planet

David Bowie onced asked if there’s life on Mars. Well, according to a new study published in PNAS, it’s possible Mars harbors life despite its conditions.

Earth/Environment February 27, 2018

NASA's Life-Hunting Tools For Mars Mission Tested In Atacama Desert

NASA scientists and engineers braved the heat in the Atacama desert to test tools designed to drill for samples and hunt for signs of life on planet Mars. How do these life-hunting instruments work?

Space March 14, 2017

Atacama Desert Serves As Laboratory To Test Instruments For Hunting Life On Planet Mars

NASA scientists braved the extreme conditions at the Atacama Desert, the driest place on Earth, to test life-detection and test drilling technologies. These tools may be brought in future Mars missions to hunt for signs of alien life.

Space February 29, 2016

Chile's Atacama Desert Is Covered In Gorgeous Pink Flowers Following Rainy Year

The driest place on Earth, which holds the world record of 173 months without rainfall, is now teeming with pink flowers. A year's worth of massive rainfall transformed Chile's Atacama Desert into a flowery oasis.

Earth/Environment October 31, 2015

Extremely Large Telescope, aka World's Largest Telescope Construction Gets Under Way

The Extremely Large Telescope is now under construction, which will provide astronomers with the largest eye on the sky ever developed.

Space December 5, 2014

Mystery behind ancient whale graveyard discovery in Chilean highway finally solved

Scientists have found a mass graveyard for whales and other marine animals in the middle of a Chilean desert. They were amazed by the discovery and now have solved the mystery behind the mass die-offs.

Earth/Environment February 26, 2014

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