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Ford And Ekso Bionics Pilot Exoskeleton Technology For Auto Workers

Ford workers are testing out exoskeletal technology from Ekso Bionics. The EksoVest is a lightweight, non-bulky technology that lifts and supports workers' arms during overhead tasks.

Wearable Tech November 11, 2017

Little Maia Born With Only One Ear To Be Fitted With 3D Printed Prosthetic

A prosthetic ear built by a 3D printer could soon enhance toddler Maia Van Mulligan's hearing capabilities. Maia was born with just one ear.

Life April 18, 2016

Bionic Spine May Allow Paralyzed Patients To Walk Again Using Power Of Thoughts

A team of scientists in Australia has developed a new implantable device that can allow paralyzed patients to walk again. This 'bionic spine' records signals from the brain and translates it into commands that can facilitate the movement of bionic limbs.

Life February 9, 2016

SuitX Outs Lightweight Exoskeleton That Will Help People With Mobility Issues Walk Again

Phoenix, a lightweight exoskeleton developed by SuitX, allows paraplegic people to walk again. Phoenix has a price tag of $40,000 and its delivery is expected to start in March.

February 3, 2016

Youbionic Plans To Release Fully 3D-Printed Bionic Arm That Uses Arduino To Trigger Muscle Movements

Italian company Youbionic is developing a fully 3D-printed bionic arm that, like its bionic hand prototype, will use Arduino software to trigger movements.

Wearable Tech August 10, 2015

UK Prosthetic Developers Create Advanced Bionic Hand That Is Controlled By An App

Touch Bionics developed the world's most advanced prosthetic that is partially controlled via an iPhone app.

Wearable Tech June 19, 2015

Leg braces, exoskeletons, therapy - are wheelchairs about to become a thing of the past?

Paraplegics are seeing a new generation of technologies to allow them to walk again. Are wheelchairs about to become a thing of the past?

Life June 30, 2014

What drones may come: Experimental robots take inspiration from nature

Nature is truly a gift in many ways, and it is now giving inspiration to researchers-developers of drones or flying robots in terms of perfecting the flight control mechanism. Read how these researchers did it.

Robotics May 25, 2014

Nature-inspired scientists make drones of the future

Researchers of flying robotic drones are turning to nature for inspiration in the newest models.

Animals May 25, 2014

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