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Cuttlefish Unmasked: Secrets Behind The Cephalopod's 3D Camouflage Skills Revealed

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have unmasked some of the cuttlefish's camouflage secrets. Even with the researchers' new findings, there are still more to learn about the cephalopod.

Animals February 17, 2018

Thank The Octopus For This Future Camouflage That Can Morph To Various 3D Shapes

Researchers have developed a stretchable material that mimics the ability of octopuses to inflate their papillae for camouflage. The technology could one day be used to develop sophisticated 'soft robots'.

Robotics October 15, 2017

Parrot Lizard Dinosaur Used Camouflage In Forests To Evade Predators During The Early Cretaceous

A dinosaur the size of a golden retriever used camouflage to hide from predators during the Cretaceous period. Coloring of the ancient reptile known as Psittacosaurus, or 'parrot lizard,' revealed it likely lived in forests in what is now China.

Animals September 15, 2016

How Did Insects Use Camouflage 100 Million Years Ago?

Insects were using pieces of the natural world for camouflage, even 100 million years ago. What secrets are fossils trapped in amber revealing to biologists?

Ancient June 25, 2016

British Troops Test Harry Potter-Style Invisibility Cloak

British snipers reported that the invisibility cloak-like material known as Vatec allowed them to camouflage their hideout from enemy troops. This technology could be available within five years.

March 21, 2016

This Robotic Chameleon Can Change Colors Faster Than A Real One

Scientists from China have developed a technology that is able to detect and recreate colors, making it ideal for camouflage for things like military vehicles, and even for body armor.

FUTURE TECH February 7, 2016

Lizards Choose To Rest On Similarly Colored Rocks To Camouflage Themselves

Researchers found that Aegean wall lizards rest on rocks with the same color as its back to protect themselves from avian predators. Such camouflage mechanism is said to be a part of the species' behavioral defense.

Earth/Environment January 26, 2016

Why Zebras Have Black And White Stripes: New Study Says Not For Camouflage

A zebra's black and white stripes are apparently not for camouflage, experts in California said. If that is so, what are zebra stripes for, then?

Animals January 25, 2016

Zebra Stripes Do Not Camouflage Them From Predators: Study

Scientists from University of California, Davis found zebra stripes are not for camouflage. By taking the perspective of top zebra predators, such as lions and spotted hyenas, researchers from the U.S. and Canada have estimated the distances where the stripe pattern is visible through feline eyes.

Animals January 23, 2016

Cuttlefish Holds Breath To Prevent Sharks From Detecting Electrical Field

For marine species at the bottom of the food chain, life under the sea isn't greener. Researchers found cuttlefish holds its breath to cover electrical fields and evade sharks.

December 6, 2015

Dynamic Camouflage Of Squid-Inspired Artificial Skin Could Lead To Creation Of Cloaking Suits

Researchers have created a thin, skin-like material that can change color and patterns. The technique is modeled on squid, which can control the color and texture of their skin for protection and communication.

June 15, 2015

Crafty Fish Disguises Itself in Coral Smell to Divert Predators

Filefish blend into their environments through the use of bright colors and the use of a distinctive chemical odor.

December 10, 2014

I can be brown, I can be blue…cephalopod-inspired material changes color with a remote

Researchers at MIT are continuing to improve a camouflage skin that can change fluorescence and texture via remote control. The skin is based on the very versatile skin of an octopus.

Science September 17, 2014

Cephalopod skin inspires boffins to develop adaptive camouflage material

Camouflage materials may become more advanced after the invention of a new material inspired by marine life.

August 20, 2014

Octopus-inspired scientists develop camouflage material for military

A team of researchers have developed a new automatic camouflage technology, based on the incredible way octopi's skin reacts to light and the changes in its environment.

Science August 19, 2014

New camouflage material is inspired by octopus, squid and cuttlefish

Taking a cue from nature, scientists create a new form of camouflage that reacts to its surroundings without needing any external input, much like the skins of octopus and squid.

Internet Culture August 19, 2014

Scientists create camouflage system inspired by octopus, other cephalopods

Scientists create a camouflage device inspired by octopus and other cephalopods that can change colors. Currently, the device can only switch from black to white or vice-versa.

FUTURE TECH August 19, 2014

Zebras have stripes for a reason - and it's not what you may think!

Zebra stripes have puzzled biologists since the days of Darwin and Wallace. Now, we may know why they developed.

Animals April 2, 2014

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