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Mysterious Source Of Ozone-Destroying Chemicals Traced To East China

Scientists have traced East China as the mysterious source of rogue carbon emissions that destroy the ozone layer. The findings of the study will help act as a map that could check out which provinces in China are causing rogue emissions.

Earth/Environment May 23, 2019

Sunscreen Chemicals Absorbed By Skin Can Enter Human Bloodstream

Certain sunscreen chemicals absorbed by the skin can enter the bloodstream. The Food and Drug Administration urges sunscreen manufacturers to conduct more research on their ingredients to see if there are health risks.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 8, 2019

Chemicals Found In Home And Food Products Harm Sperm Of Men And Dogs

Man and his best friend share the same problem: lower sperm quality and male fertility issues due to exposure to toxic environmental pollutants.

Public Health March 18, 2019

Transgender Fish: Contraceptive Pills Flushed Down Water Drains Cause Male Fish To Mutate Into Females

Male roach fish now exhibit more feminine traits, with some of them even starting to produce eggs. Chemicals present in birth control pills and other household products flushed down household drains are blamed for these changes.

Feature | Health July 4, 2017

New Mice Study Links Common Household Chemicals To Birth Defects

A chemical found in common household items such as disinfectants and preservatives could be linked to birth defects in newborn mice, a new study revealed. The findings raise a possible red flag that this chemical may be toxic to humans.

Public Health June 18, 2017

Saturn Moon Enceladus Has Life-Supporting ‘Chemical Energy’: What Does This Mean In The Pursuit Of Earth-Like Life?

NASA has revealed that Saturn’s moon Enceladus, with its frozen ocean and liquid water, might be harboring life. According to Cassini spacecraft data, the presence of hydrogen in the plumes from the icy surface of the moon bolsters this conclusion.

Space April 15, 2017

Syria Chemical Attack Likely Used Nerve Agent Sarin: Facts About This Biochemical Weapon

The chemical attack that hurt at least 70 people in Syria likely involves the nerve agent sarin. What is sarin, how does it work, and why is it often used in chemical warfare?

Feature | Science April 5, 2017

What Caused A Canadian Town’s Tap Water To Turn Bright Pink?

The public water of Onoway in Alberta, Canada, has suddenly turned fluorescent pink. The culprit: potassium permanganate, which is commonly incorporated in treatment processes to remove iron and manganese.

Public Health March 8, 2017

Chemical Fluorine Found In Fast Food: What Is It And Why Is It Bad For You?

A comprehensive study from Silent Spring Institute found fluorinated compounds in one-third of the fast food packaging they tested. These compounds, which have been previously linked to cancer, are chemicals also used in non-stick cookware.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 2, 2017

Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals In Plastic, Everyday Objects Make Americans Sick And Cost US $340 Billion Per Year

Chemicals present in plastic bottles, metal food cans and cosmetics make Americans sick and cost billions in treatment and lost earnings per year. Exposure to these chemicals, however, can be avoided.

Public Health October 18, 2016

Indoor Dust Harbors Toxic Chemicals Linked To Infertility And Cancer

More and more people are adopting a healthy lifestyle by avoiding food and activities detrimental to their health. According to researchers, however, they should be protecting themselves from something more ubiquitous: indoor dust.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 14, 2016

US Drinking Water Sources Contaminated By Firefighting Chemicals That Cause Cancer, Hormonal Disruptions

Many public drinking water sources in the U.S. were found to have high levels of toxic chemicals known as PFASs. These are the places with particularly high concentration of these dangerous substances known to cause cancer, hormonal disruptions and obesity.

Public Health August 9, 2016

Toxic Chemicals In Plastic, Air, Food Affect Children's Brain Development

A group of scientists, experts and children's health advocates signed an agreement highlighting the dangers brought on by toxic chemicals in plastic, food and air. They said that these common and widely used chemicals could affect brain development of children.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 3, 2016

Flame Retardants May Up Thyroid Disease Risk In Women

Flame retardants may increase the risk of women to develop thyroid disease, a new study found. Experts discovered that postmenopausal women are particularly more at risk.

Public Health May 31, 2016

EPA Sets New Health Advisory For Toxic Chemical In Drinking Water

A new EPA advisory set recommended limits for chemicals like perfluorooctanoic acid in drinking water. The move came about after growing pressure from health experts and studies showing the effects of toxic chemicals in drinking water.

Public Health May 20, 2016

Trendy Silicone Wearables Can Track Chemical Exposure

Trendy silicone wristbands can track a person's chemical exposure. The bands help determine if a person has been exposed to harmful chemicals.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 26, 2016

Love Seafood? Pollutants In Fish May Disrupt Your Body's Defense Against Toxin

The chemicals we dump into the sea are coming back to us in the fish we eat, potentially disrupting our body's defense against toxin, a new study revealed. Experts say policymakers must think about the possible risks.

Life April 18, 2016

National Zoo Set To Reopen Following Chemical Explosion Scare

A section of the National Zoo closed on March 17 following a chemical explosion. The fire department cleared the area and said it can reopen on March 18.

Society March 18, 2016

Scientists Discover Toxic Chemicals In Hair And Nails

A team of researchers has found traces of chemicals used as flame retardants in the nails and hair of humans. These chemicals have been tagged in various health problems, including cancer.

Life March 5, 2016

Phthalates Found In Popular Foods: Regulators Said Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals Leached From Plastic Packaging

Food Standards Australia New Zealand found small amounts of phthalates in some samples of popular foods. Two types of the hormone-disrupting chemical were found to have migrated from the packaging into the food.

Life January 21, 2016

Ordering Pizza? Chemicals In The Pizza Box Are Not Safe, Says FDA

Do not fret! Pizza is still safe unless it's in a grease and water proof box. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ban three chemical types of perfluoroalkyl ethyl containing food-contact substances (FCSs) for its harmful effects on health.

Life January 8, 2016

Wristband Lets You Know What Chemicals Are In Your Daily Environment

MyExposome is a comfortable wristband you can wear that absorbs chemicals and lets you know what chemicals exist in your environment that you get exposed to on a daily basis.

Wearable Tech July 14, 2015

Chemicals And Drugs Found In Minnesota Waterways, Study Says

Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and streams are in trouble as a study confirms the presence of chemicals and drugs in the state’s waterways.

Life June 5, 2015

Experts Claim Green And Organic Household Products May Contain Dangerous Chemicals

Consumers who buy products marked as natural and green may actually be purchasing goods that contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment and human health.

Life March 4, 2015

Study Identifies Common Household Chemicals that can Cause Early Menopause

Chemical use truly brings no good. Menopause naturally happens but exposure to common chemicals increases the likelihood of early reproductive decline in women, according to a study.

Life January 29, 2015

Rockefeller Scientists Launch 'Drugs from Dirt' Program: Soil Samples Requested in Quest for New Medicine

Rockefeller University scientists start the 'Drugs from Dirt' program in a bid to collect soil samples from different regions. Scientists suggest that examining soil samples from different areas can help in the development of new medicines.

Life January 28, 2015

Polar Bear Penises Weakening Due to Pollution Says Study

As if pollution has not caused enough harm to polar bears, a study has uncovered that an unhealthy environment is contributing to population problems by reducing a male’s ability to mate.

Earth/Environment January 27, 2015

Americans have toxic flame retardants in their bodies

A new study shows that Americans can have TCEP, a toxic flame retardant commonly found in couches and other furniture, in their bodies. Participants in California tested positive for six different flame retardants.

Earth/Environment November 12, 2014

Pesticides in our water: Risk to humans down, but risk to aquatic-life holds steady

A new study shows that although the US has made advances in reducing chemicals harmful to humans in rivers and streams, there are still too many harmful chemicals for marine life.

Earth/Environment September 12, 2014

Study: Pesticide exposure during pregnancy may factor into baby's autism risk

Researchers at UC Davis MIND Institute report that exposure to common pesticides during pregnancy may be a factor in a child's developmental delay and autism. They claim results 'strengthen' the evidence the two factors are related.

Life June 23, 2014

Hazardous flame retardant chemicals common in many preschools and daycare centers pose health risk to toddlers: Study

New study shows flame retardant chemicals common in preschools and daycare centers. It says this pose health risks.

Life May 27, 2014

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