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People Showing No Symptoms Of Dengue Fever Likely The Primary Source Of Infection

Researchers used a mathematical equation to compute the degree by which asymptomatic people contributed to the transmission of the dengue virus. It was previously assumed that people with no symptoms had little impact on the spread of the disease.

Public Health May 5, 2018

Philippines Joins Mexico In Approving Vaccine For Dengue Fever, While Cases Spike In Hawaii

Following Mexico's approval, Philippines' Department of Health has confirmed the use of Dengvaxia, a vaccine that can prevent all forms of the disease particularly dengue hemorrhagic fever which strikes hundreds of millions each year. India is also expected to approve the Dengvaxia vaccine soon.

Life December 28, 2015

Two YouTube Users Document Their Battle With Dengue Fever

YouTubers Allie Wesenberg and Charles Trippy have uploaded videos on the channel CTFxC that document their struggles recovering from dengue fever. Wesenberg, who came down with the illness, likely contracted the virus during their recent trip to Hawaii.

Life November 4, 2015

Data On Experimental Dengue Vaccine Indicate Varying Results For Different Age Groups

Latest study has found that an experimental vaccine against dengue may be more effective in older children compared to the younger ones. The researchers based their study on hospitalization rates after the third dose of the vaccine was administered.

Life July 28, 2015

Researchers Discover Antibody To Neutralize Dengue

Dengue fever could soon be treated by a newly-identified antibody. How serious is this disease, and why have treatments been so hard to develop?

Life February 20, 2015

Dengue Fever Made More Likely by Climate Change

Dengue fever could spread to areas of the world in which it can not currently thrive, thanks to global warming.

Life December 23, 2014

World Cup 2014 Brazil: It's not just soccer fever, watch out for dengue!

Dengue fever may greet fans to the World Cup games this year. Tourists could return to their homelands, increasing incidence of the disease worldwide.

Life May 18, 2014

Brazil World Cup: Experts issue dengue fever high alert for three cities

The outbreak of dengue fever during the 2014 FIFA World Cup is serious enough that it warranted a high alert in three of the 12 host cities in Brazil. The country has the most recorded dengue infections in the world and the World Cup falls just in time when the outbreak usually happens in the year.

Life May 17, 2014

Forget snakes. Mosquitoes (and humans) are the biggest killers of humans

The biggest killers of human beings are people and mosquitoes, according to Bill Gates. Here are some more surprising killers.

Life May 1, 2014

Yellow fever mosquito spotted in California

Mosquitoes that may cause yellow fever and dengue fever have been spotted in California. Health authorities are coordinating with medical professionals and residents in an effort to spread knowledge about them.

Life October 22, 2013

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