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People Showing No Symptoms Of Dengue Fever Likely The Primary Source Of Infection

Researchers used a mathematical equation to compute the degree by which asymptomatic people contributed to the transmission of the dengue virus. It was previously assumed that people with no symptoms had little impact on the spread of the disease.

Public Health May 5, 2018

Dengue Vaccine Should Only Be Used On People Who’ve Had Dengue Before, Says World Health Organization

The World Health Organization warns not to get a Dengvaxia shot if you haven’t previously contracted dengue, as it could be dangerous. Doing so puts you at risk of developing a more serious disease.

Public Health April 20, 2018

The Philippines Allegedly Ignored Expert Advice Before Rolling Out Controversial Dengue Vaccine Program

The Department of Health of the Philippines allegedly ignored experts' recommendations on the rollout of the controversial Dengvaxia immunization program. Instead of the vaccine protecting children against the dengue virus, the recipients now carry greater risk.

Public Health December 11, 2017

Dengvaxia: Philippines Probes Immunization Program Involving Sanofi's Dengue Vaccine That May Pose Health Risks

Earlier recommendations greenlighted administration of Sanofi's Dengvaxia in healthy individuals to prevent dengue fever. Findings of a new long-term study, however, found the dengue vaccine could pose risk to certain individuals.

Medicine December 4, 2017

Experts Warn Dengue Vaccine Can Make People Sick: Here's What You Should Know

The dengue vaccine currently used in about six countries could make people sick rather than protect them if not used appropriately. Researchers advise that the vaccine should be used depending on the infection rate of the locality.

Public Health September 3, 2016

Study Finds Experimental Dengue Virus Vaccine Is 100 Percent Effective

Researchers injected participants with an experimental vaccine for the dengue virus, finding that it was 100 percent effective.

Life March 16, 2016

NIAID Dengue Vaccine To Be Tested In 17,000 Volunteers In Brazil

Researchers launched a large-scale clinical trial participated by 17,000 individuals to test a dengue vaccine. The Phase 3 trial will be conducted in Brazil, which saw more than 1.5 million dengue cases in 2015 alone.

Life January 16, 2016

Philippines Joins Mexico In Approving Vaccine For Dengue Fever, While Cases Spike In Hawaii

Following Mexico's approval, Philippines' Department of Health has confirmed the use of Dengvaxia, a vaccine that can prevent all forms of the disease particularly dengue hemorrhagic fever which strikes hundreds of millions each year. India is also expected to approve the Dengvaxia vaccine soon.

Life December 28, 2015

Climate Change, Globalization Spur Worldwide Spread Of Dengue Fever: Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment Of This Mosquito-Borne Disease

According to the World Health Organization, dengue fever has now become a global threat. Climate change and globalization have spurred this disease to spread worldwide.

Life December 23, 2015

Mexican Health Authorities Clear Use Of Sanofi Dengue Vaccine

Mexican health officials approved the world's first dengue vaccine manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur. Dengvaxia reduces hospitalization risks by 80 percent based on global clinical tests and also lowers the chances of developing dengue's most severe form by 93 percent.

Life December 10, 2015

Data On Experimental Dengue Vaccine Indicate Varying Results For Different Age Groups

Latest study has found that an experimental vaccine against dengue may be more effective in older children compared to the younger ones. The researchers based their study on hospitalization rates after the third dose of the vaccine was administered.

Life July 28, 2015

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