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Rare Dodo Bird Skeleton Up For Auction Estimated To Fetch Over $700,000

A rare dodo skeleton up for auction this week may fetch over $700,000. According to experts, the rare specimen shows what humans are doing to the planet.

Animals May 24, 2019

Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Thought Extinct Rediscovered By Drone

A Hawaiian hibiscus flower long believed to be extinct was rediscovered during a drone survey. It was in a small colony of three individuals, growing on an inaccessible cliff face.

Earth/Environment April 21, 2019

World's Biggest Bee Believed To Be Extinct Found Alive In Indonesia

The world's biggest bee was thought to be extinct for the last 38 years. Scientists found them alive in the wild at an island in Indonesia.

Animals February 22, 2019

Unusual Japanese Flower, Rare Great Ape, And One-Celled Protist Among Top 10 New Species of 2018

The IISE has released its list of Top 10 New Species of 2018. Among these are the world’s most endangered great ape, a heterotrophic flower, and a eukaryotic protist.

May 29, 2018

Tasmanian Tiger May Still Exist: Here Are Some Supposedly Extinct Animals Found Alive

If scientists find evidence that the supposedly extinct Tasmanian tiger still thrives in Australia, it is not the first time that species thought to be extinct are found alive. Here are some of them.

Animals April 3, 2017

Amateur Paleontologist Discovers New Species Of Dinosaur In Montana

A retired scientist exploring newly purchased land made a discovery of an unexpected sort. He found a previously unknown species of dinosaur.

Animals May 18, 2016

Killer Fungus Pushes Seven Unique Frog Species In Australia Closer To Extinction

Seven unique frog species are at risk of extinction due to killer fungus. Biologists say that the frog species can be saved through funding a research and disease management.

Earth/Environment April 12, 2016

Poisonous Flower Trapped In Amber May Have Been Prehistoric Relative Of Potatoes, Coffee Beans

An ancient poisonous plant found fossilized in amber may have been an ancestor of some of our staple foods. What do we know about this unique asterid?

Animals February 17, 2016

Earth's Early Ecosystem More Complex Than Thought

An international team of scientists has discovered that ancient marine organisms known as Tribrachidium were able to feed on particles in the water through a process called suspension feeding. This suggests that early large and complex creatures likely had more complicated ecosystems that what was initially thought.

Earth/Environment December 1, 2015

10,000-Year-Old Cave Lion Cubs Found Well Preserved In Russian Permafrost

Paleontologists in Siberia have unearthed the discovery of two 10,000-year-old cave lion cubs. The remains of these cave lion cubs are the most well-preserved specimens of cave lion cubs ever found in the whole world, scientists say.

Earth/Environment October 30, 2015

Extinct Fly Species Spotted Alive In Nature Reserve

A fly enthusiast was able to spot a fly specie called Rhaphium pectinatum at a nature reserve in UK. The said fly has long been presumed extinct due to the lack of sightings for 147 years.

Earth/Environment July 31, 2015

Ancient Kiwi DNA Shows Maori Engaged In Feather Trade

Experts used DNA samples of kiwi feathers in Maori cloaks and concluded that the feather was an object of trade among tribes in the early 19th century.

July 25, 2015

No hallucination! Weird fossil worm Hallucigenia descendant found and it's ALIVE

Hallucigenia, a bizarre animal that lived 500 million years ago, has a descendent still alive today.

Animals August 18, 2014

Scientists try to explain evolution, extinction of rangeomorphs from 600 million years ago

Using a computer program, researchers were able to determine how the ancient organisms known as rangeomorphs managed to live and evolved. It also provided clues on what caused the organisms to be extinct during the Cambrian Explosion.

Animals August 13, 2014

Amber collection opens window to ancient world (Video)

A wealth of information about life in the Dominican Republic 20 million years ago has been revealed in amber. The collection was unseen for decades in a museum closet.

Animals August 1, 2014

California dam construction site turns out to be fossil trove

Workers at the construction site of a new dam stumbled upon a treasure trove of fossils in the Calaveras Reservoir.

Animals July 9, 2014

Extinct passenger pigeons can be resurrected? Yes, say scientists

De-extinction could bring several species, including the passenger pigeon, back to life.

Earth/Environment June 22, 2014

Mercuriceratops Gemini with bony frill like Mercury's helmet discovered in Montana

A newly-recognized dinosaur species looks unlike anything else in the fossil record.

Animals June 20, 2014

Warm-blooded or cold-blooded? Dinosaurs were neither

Dinosaurs may have been mesotherms, species with features of both warm- and cold-blooded animals, like Australia's egg-laying mammal, the echidna.

Animals June 12, 2014

Ancient Tibet may be origin of Ice Age mammals, fossils reveal

Mammals may have learned how to live in harsh, cold conditions in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, before spreading to other areas of the world during the last ice age, a new study reveals.

Animals June 12, 2014

900-pound monster croc that ate turtles for breakfast was archnemesis of gigantic snake

A giant crocodile-like being may have done battle 60 million years ago with an equally big Titanoboa snake. This new fossil find had a short snout but a powerful bite.

Animals June 5, 2014

Extinct bat in Papua New Guinea is...well, not really extinct

A bat, thought extinct for 120 years, has been found living in New Guinea. This is the story of its re-discovery.

Animals June 4, 2014

Genetics unveil history of lions, resurrection of extinct Barbary lion subspecies possible: Study

Scientists may soon pull a “Jurassic Park” on the Barbary Lion. New DNA evidence supports the idea that the extinct lion could be “resurrected.”

Animals April 4, 2014

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