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26-Year-Old Face Transplant Recipient's New Face Revealed 2 Years After Injury

Cameron Underwood was 24 years old when he was injured from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Just two years after the injury, he is now the recipient of a landmark face transplant.

Medicine November 30, 2018

Man Severely Injured In Hunting Accident Is World's Oldest Face Transplant Recipient

A 64-year-old man is the world's oldest face transplant recipient after his successful surgery in Canada. Now four months after his surgery, the man is said to be doing well.

Medicine September 15, 2018

21-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest Recipient Of Face Transplant In The US

Katie Stubblefield became the youngest person to receive a full face transplant in the United States. Hers was the first total face transplant at Cleveland Clinic and the 40th all over the world.

Biotech August 15, 2018

Man Forced To Undergo Second Face Transplant After Drugs Interfered With First Face Transplant

French man Jerome Hamon underwent a second face transplant due to drugs that interfered with his first face transplant. He took drugs that caused his facial tissue to die.

Medicine April 18, 2018

Life-Transforming Face Transplant At Mayo Clinic Gives Wyoming Man A Second Chance At Life

Using 3D virtual surgery and imaging, doctors at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota performed a successful face transplant to give a man from Wyoming his second chance at life.

Medicine February 18, 2017

Just How Safe Are Facial Transplants? Death Of Isabelle Dinoire Accentuates Concerns

Isabelle Dinoire, the first person to ever receive a face transplant, has died. Now, experts are left wondering whether the benefits of the procedure are worth the physical and psychological risks.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 7, 2016

Face Off, Face On: Woman Meets Face Transplant Recipient Of Her Brother's Face

Richard Norris, who got a new lease of life thanks to a face transplant, has come face to face with the woman who made it all possible three years after his surgery.

Life May 30, 2015

U.S. government prepares to regulate face and hand transplants but not everyone's happy

Face and hand transplants are about to gain momentum. This could change the world, or get families extremely angry, take your pick.

Life December 30, 2013

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