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Google Pays Women Less Than Men, Puts Them In Positions Where They’re Less Likely To Be Promoted, Lawsuit Claims

Former Google employees have filed a lawsuit accusing Google of paying women less for the same work as men and assigning them positions where they’re less likely to get promoted. This is the latest rupture in Silicon Valley’s sexism problem.

Google September 15, 2017

Facebook Refutes Gender Bias Claim Made By Former Engineer, Says Analysis Was Based On An 'Incomplete Data Set'

Facebook is facing questions over its workplace diversity efforts. Two studies have now given light to Facebook’s purported gender bias, which claim female engineers are less likely to have their code accepted than the male engineers.

Internet May 4, 2017

Girls Do 160 Million More Hours Of Household Chores Than Boys: Gender Disparities Start Young, Says UNICEF Report

Female children do 160 million more hours of housework everyday than males in their age group, reported UNICEF. ahead of the International Day of the Girl. Household chores include fetching water and collecting firewood.

Life & Style October 11, 2016

It Pays To Be A Man If You Sell On EBay

Gender bias exists even in the online market. A new study found that men selling on eBay are more likely to sell products at higher prices than women.

Society February 20, 2016

Harassment, Discrimination And Other Issues Women In Tech Face Exposed By 'Elephant In The Valley'

A survey of women working in Silicon Valley companies for at least 10 years reveals that discrimination and sexual harassment is more prevalent in the workplace. Check out the results of the survey and see if you have experienced or witnessed similar issues.

Society January 12, 2016

Men With Moustaches Outnumber Women In Medical Leadership Professions

A study on the number of top leadership positions in the medical profession showed that females still hold significantly fewer positions than males. Find out what moustaches have to do with the research and why it matters.

Society December 18, 2015

The Gender Debate: Are Men More Likely To Be Creative Thinkers Than Women?

Latest study conducted by Duke University researchers suggests that the ability to think creatively is mostly viewed as a stereotypical masculine trait than a female one.

Life October 1, 2015

Book Awards Overwhelmingly Favor Stories With Male Lead Characters

Author Nicola Griffith recently did the math and studied statistics on winners of book awards and found that in categories other than young adult fiction, awards were mostly given to books featuring male lead characters.

Movies/TV Shows June 2, 2015

Experts Say Sleep Can Help You Unlearn Gender And Racial Biases: Some People Might Need To Sleep All Day

Racial and gender biases are implicit information in the brains of humans. Experts say that these prejudices may be reduced by sleeping.

Life June 2, 2015

Ellen Pao Discrimination Case: Jury Starts Deliberation

The jury is set to answer the question of whether or not Ellen Pao was fired due to discrimination or poor performance.

Feature March 26, 2015

Male Nurses Get Paid At Least $5K More Than Female RNs: Gender-Based Salary Gap Exists

Male nurses make more money than women in the same field, a new study has found. How big is the problem?

Life March 24, 2015

Men On The Internet Aren’t Convinced That There Is A Gender Bias In STEM

Although several research teams have released studies showing proof of gender bias in STEM-related fields, a new study shows that many men still don't believe that such bias exists and outright deny it.

Internet Culture January 9, 2015

There Is A Gender Bias Even In Online Academia

Does gender matter to online students? Apparently it does, at least according to a new study where students rated online instructors perceived to be male higher than instructors perceived to be female, even when that wasn't the case.

Internet Culture December 9, 2014

NIH implements new policies to address gender bias in biomedical research

The National Institutes of Health has just announced new policies that aim to end gender bias in biomedical research. Scientists have historically preferred male lab subjects, resulting in a lack of knowledge of female biology.

Life September 23, 2014

New report suggests bias against women astronomers

A new report about the Hubble Space Telescope review process suggests that there could be some discrimination against women astronomers, at least when those women are requesting observation time on the telescope.

Internet Culture September 23, 2014

Google wants girls to learn coding: $50 million 'Made with Code' campaign takes off

Google launched a Made with Code campaign to motivate girls to find mentorship and enter computer-related fields. Offers $50 million in grants to close gender-gap in tech industry.

Society June 20, 2014

Cosmos by Neil deGrasse Tyson episode 8 'Sisters of the Sun' pays tribute to women astronomers

Women astronomers get long-overdue attention in "Cosmos: 'Sisters of the Sun.'" Episode has highlighted works of pioneers in the study of stars.

Space April 29, 2014

Are clinical researchers neglecting women? Probably

Even when diseases primarily affect women, they are ignored in studies. Here's why that might happen.

Life March 6, 2014

FDA says not biased in rejecting female sex drive drug

FDA has denied the gender-bias charges from women's groups, saying that it employed a scientific process to evaluate whether a female sex drive drug's benefits could outweigh its risks.

Life February 13, 2014

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