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Pregnant And Married Female Surgeons Tend To Drop Practice

A national survey found lingering signs that gender gap and stigma on pregnancy still exist in the medical field. These factors had even resulted in female surgeons being underrepresented despite constituting significant percentage among graduates at present.

Medicine April 17, 2018

Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last? Not According To This Study

Great news to the average Joes! When it comes to women's search for long-term partners, altruism trumps good looks. A study found that women are more attracted to men doing acts of kindness compared to selfish men who are simply good-looking.

Society January 31, 2016

Male And Female Hearts Get Old Differently: Gender Based Heart Failure Treatment May Be Needed

Experts found that male and female hearts do not undergo the same aging process. The findings of the study call out for the possibility that gender-specific treatment for heart failure may be needed for enhanced medical management.

Life October 21, 2015

Social Media Uproar Pushes Target To Remove Gender Labels In Children's Toys, Bedding, Books And More

Retail company Target is currently removing gender labels in some store sections such as toys, home and entertainment due to customers' frustrations.

Internet Culture August 12, 2015

Men And Women Perceive And Process Pain Differently: Study

Scientists discovered that the immune cells that signal pain in men are different from those that signal pain in women. This could be a reason why some tested drugs worked on male mice, but failed on females.

Life July 1, 2015

Men Are More Narcissistic Than Women, Evidence In Scientific Study Shows

Men are more narcissistic than women, according to a new study - but why?

Life March 4, 2015

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