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Grandmother Of China's First Emperor May Have Kept This Extinct Gibbon As Pet

An extinct species of gibbon was likely kept as pet by Lady Xia, grandmother of China's first emperor Qin Shihuang. What caused the extinction of this ape long before the industrial age?

Animals June 22, 2018

Last Common Ancestor Of Humans And Apes As Small As Gibbons

Researchers of a new study found that a gibbon-sized primate was likely the last common ancestor of humans and apes, not a chimpanzee-sized primate. The new research sheds light into the complex human family tree.

Ancient October 15, 2017

More Than Half Of World's Primates Threatened With Extinction

About 60 percent of primate species face possible extinction and 75 percent suffer from declining numbers. What are the factors that pose threats to primate populations?

Animals January 19, 2017

Skywalker Hoolock Gibbon: New Ape Species Named After Star Wars Jedi Character

A Jedi name for a gibbon? Scientists named a newly recognized species of hoolock gibbon after Luke Skywalker of 'Star Wars.' Fewer than 200 of these primates live in China.

Animals January 12, 2017

Great Tits Would Rather Go Hungry Than Leave Their Mates: Other Animals With Remarkable ‘Love’ Bonds

Only three percent of mammal species are monogamous. A private eye known as 'science' revealed that extra-coupling activities exist between these animal pairs.

Animals November 17, 2015

King Kong Is Not Your Father: Ancestors Of Humans And Apes More Gibbonlike Than Previously Thought

Researchers found that human and ape ancestors may have resembled gibbons instead of great apes. Through a recent study of a fossil, King Kong may not be humanity's father after all.

October 30, 2015

Gibbons' Whispers May Hold Clue To Evolution Of Speech

Researchers have found that gibbons use over 450 distinct sounds to communicate with their fellow gibbons. The discovery could offer the best chance at understanding the evolution of human communication.

Earth/Environment April 8, 2015

White-Handed Gibbons Communicate the Same Way as Early Human Ancestors

Two researchers have found that white-handed gibbons used distinct sounds that convey specific meanings and scientists think this is likely the way human ancestors communicate by song 1.8 million years ago.

Animals January 13, 2015

Gibbon genome sequencing lets boffins understand rapid chromosomal rearrangement

Genetic sequencing of gibbons was completed for the first time, potentially leading to advances in cancer research.

Animals September 13, 2014

Sequenced gibbon genome gives insights into our chromosomal biology

Gibbons have "scrambled" DNA in the genomes that may yield clues to their evolutionary history. The research could also yield insights into human diseases such as cancer, researchers say.

Animals September 11, 2014

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