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Greenland Experiencing Unusual Melting, Lost 2 Billion Tons Of Ice In One Day

Greenland is experiencing an unusual ice melting event this June. It lost 2 billion tons of ice this past Thursday alone, when most melting typically occurs in July.

Earth/Environment June 15, 2019

Greenland Is Melting 6 Times Faster Than It Did In The 1980s

Greenland ice sheets are melting six times faster than it did in the 1980s, a new study revealed. The findings of the study explain the contribution of Greenland's ice melt to global sea level rise.

Earth/Environment April 23, 2019

NASA Reports Melting Greenland Glacier Is Slowly Growing Again

Oceans Melting Greenland project has revealed that the island's biggest glacier in West Greenland is now growing again. However, the cooling of ocean temperatures is going to pass.

Earth/Environment March 26, 2019

Greenland Ice Melt Has 'Gone Into Overdrive,' Say Scientists

Scientists said in a new report that the rate in which the second largest ice sheet in the world is shrinking is abnormal. In the past 20 or 30 years, the ice sheet is rapidly melting due to global warming.

Earth/Environment December 6, 2018

Scientists Find City Sized Meteorite Crate Underneath Greenland Ice

Researchers found one of the biggest impact craters ever under thick ice sheets in Greenland. According to the study, the impact crater might have been created around the end of the last ice age thousands of years ago.

Space November 16, 2018

Giant Iceberg Looming Over Greenland Village Spotted By ESA Satellites From Space

ESA's Sentinel-2A satellites captured image of a massive iceberg that drifted close to Innaarsuit in Greenland. The iceberg weighs about 10 million tonnes and threatened to generate large waves that can wash away parts of the remote village.

Earth/Environment July 18, 2018

NASA's OMG Campaign Solves Greenland Side-By-Side Glacier Puzzle

Tracy and Heilprin are Greenland glaciers that sit on the same gulf and experience the same weather and water conditions. Why then are they melting at significantly different rates?

Earth/Environment June 24, 2018

Lead Pollution Found In Greenland Ice Core Shows Lead Emissions From Ancient Greeks And Romans

Lead pollution trapped in ice cores taken from Greenland shows mining operations from the Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman empires. This shows the economic vitality of the empires by how much lead is found in the ice.

Ancient May 14, 2018

Scientists Study 'Sunburn' In Rocks To Discover 45,000-Year-Old Changes In The Greenland Ice Stream

Researchers found that environmental events during the past 45,000 years caused the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream to be smaller than what it currently is. Climate change is now taking its toll on it.

Earth/Environment May 14, 2018

Study Reveals What Causes Strange Dark Zone In Greenland's Ice Sheet

High-resolution images of a section of Greenland's dark zone revealed what is behind the strange dark patch in the ice sheet. The so-called ablation zone threatens to speed up melting.

Earth/Environment April 14, 2018

520 Million-Year-Old Fossilized Brain And Nervous System Of Sea Monster Found In Greenland

A fossilized brain and nervous system of an ancient arthropod were found in northern Greenland recently. Its simple brain gives researchers an idea of what the ancient creature was like.

Animals March 15, 2018

Greenland Ice Melt Is Major Source Of Rising Sea Levels: Study

Melting of ice sheets and glaciers in Greenland is a major source in the increase of rising sea levels worldwide, a new study revealed. Scientists believe such findings act as a warning for coastal cities threatened by flooding.

Earth/Environment June 27, 2017

NASA Study Of Greenland’s Rink Glacier Reveals New Type Of Ice Loss

NASA has discovered a new mode of ice loss that was previously undetected despite its huge impact on Rink Glacier. The gigantic wave dented the bedrock underneath the ice sheet.

Earth/Environment May 26, 2017

Arctic Sea Ice Plummets To Record New Low For Winter

The sea ice level in the Arctic has hit a record low. At the winter peak in early March, it has come down to an ice area of 5.57 million square miles, less than the 35,000 square miles recorded in 2015.

Earth/Environment March 23, 2017

Study Says Atlantic Deep-Water Ocean Current Unstable, Could Collapse Due To Global Warming

A new study led by a Yale scholar has suggested that the key ocean current, Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), may collapse. A finding that defies the conventional position of it being very stable and climate change would only make it marginally weak.

Earth/Environment January 8, 2017

Bedrock Evidence Shows Greenland Was Almost Ice-Free Before And It Could Happen Again

A new study has revealed that stability of the Greenland ice sheet cannot be taken for granted as bedrock evidence proves that it disappeared completely for an extended time in the last 2.6 million years. If the ice sheet melts faster under the impact of warming ocean, levels will rise drastically.

Earth/Environment December 9, 2016

A Warming Arctic: Svalbard Archipelago To Experience Average Annual Temperatures Above Freezing Point For The First Time

Temperatures in the Arctic are rising alarmingly as evidenced at Svalbard archipelago’s temperature in 2016 going above the freezing point. Other vagaries of climate change include vanishing sea ice and permafrost.

Earth/Environment November 28, 2016

Melting Greenland Ice Sheet May Release Toxic Waste From Cold War-Era Military Base

U.S. and Denmark thought the abandoned Camp Century military base will be buried deep by continual snowfall. Global warming and the melting Greenland ice sheet though may reintroduce the radioactive waste to the environment by end of the century.

Earth/Environment August 6, 2016

Greenland’s Persistent Ice Melts Improve Tourism Prospects

Greenland is experiencing rising surface temperatures that send ice melt into overdrive. But as the melting rates increase, so does Greenland's tourism prospects, with numbers of cruise and land visitors shooting up.

Earth/Environment June 14, 2016

Could Arctic Amplification Lead To Greater Loss Of Arctic Ice?

Arctic amplification, resulting from the loss of sea ice, could be driving global warming. How does this effect alter the global climate?

Earth/Environment June 10, 2016

Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Limited - But For How Long?

Ice sheets in Greenland, which sit far from the coasts, are experiencing little to no loss of ice despite global warming. What is protecting this frigid landscape?

Earth/Environment April 30, 2016

Greenland Experiences Unexpected Early Ice Melt Due To Geothermal Heat

Greenland ice sheets are unexpectedly melting early. A new study found that geothermal heat that dates back to millions of years ago may play a crucial role in this event.

Earth/Environment April 15, 2016

New Study Points To Warm And Moist Air For Exceptional Melt Rates Of Greenland Ice Sheet

Predominantly, the sun's energy is responsible for the ice melts that occur in Greenland. However, a new study reveals that warm and moist air could also cause the melting of Greenland's ice sheet.

Animals April 5, 2016

Iceberg That Sank Titanic Was 100,000 Year Old

Combining accounts from 1912 and modern data on ocean currents and winds, scientists calculated the origins of the iceberg that sank the Titanic. The new observations enrich theories around what really led to the massive tragedy.

Earth/Environment March 7, 2016

Greenland's Ice Is Getting Darker And Melting Faster

Greenland’s icy surface is getting darker and absorbing more solar radiation, a new study revealed. It’s a cycle: a darker surface allows more snowpack to melt, which could bring more dirt to accumulate on the surface and even contribute to rising sea levels.

Earth/Environment March 4, 2016

Climate Change Didn't Cause Disappearance Of Vikings From Greenland, Study Says

Research throws doubt on belief warm climate allowed Viking to settle in Greenland and then colder climate drove them out. Analysis suggests climate was the same at the beginning and at the end of the settlement period.

Earth/Environment December 8, 2015

Melting Of Major Greenland Glacier Could Have Catastrophic Consequences

Researchers said the melting of the Zachariae Isstrom glacier in Greenland will have devastating effects for coastal cities worldwide. Low-lying areas and small island countries will be most affected, they said.

Earth/Environment November 16, 2015

Jakobshavn Glacier: How Fast Is The 'World's Fastest Melting' Glacier Retreating Inland?

Tha Jakobshavn glacier is melting and the ice loss has been captured in satellite images. The rate at which the glacier is melting is so dramatic it can affect sea level rise in the Northern Hemisphere.

Earth/Environment August 24, 2015

Mystery Of Disappearing Lakes In Greenland Solved

Greenland has disappearing lakes. Now, the mystery of what triggers these vanishing acts is solved.

Earth/Environment June 3, 2015

History Of Melting Ice In Greenland May Hold Clues To Future

Researchers have been able to quantify the way the Greenland Ice Sheet reacted to warmer temperatures in the past. The melting of ice may hold clues for future sea-level rise.

Earth/Environment February 25, 2015

Two Lakes Under Greenland Ice Unexpectedly Disappear

Two lakes have disappeared from beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet. What makes this region so important to the global environment?

Earth/Environment January 21, 2015

Greenland Ice Study Shows Meltwater Significant Contributor to Rising Sea Levels

To say the Greenland ice sheet is big is an understatement. With its size proportional to its potential as a contributor to meltwater, it's natural for the ice sheet to be a cause for concern.

Earth/Environment January 14, 2015

June hottest since 1880 - May was sweltering as well NOAA says

June 2014 saw rising temperatures around the world, following May - another record breaker.

Earth/Environment July 23, 2014

Huge ice structures discovered hiding beneath Greenland ice sheet

Ice towers, the size of skyscrapers, have been identified under the ice sheet of Greenland, and could play an important role in melting of glaciers.

Earth/Environment June 17, 2014

Forest fires and climate change led to record Greenland ice sheet melt in 2012: Study

Global warming and forest fires could be responsible for melting over nearly all of the Greenland ice sheet. Dartmouth researchers profiled how the process works.

Earth/Environment May 20, 2014

Three-million-year-old landscape found intact deep below Greenland ice sheet

Deep beneath the ice sheet of Greenland lies a tundra, once alive with forests. What can the ice sheet tell us about global climate change?

Animals April 19, 2014

Greenland ice cores speak volumes about climate change problems

Ice cores taken from Greenland show clear evidence of acid rain from decades ago. But what changes can be found in the frozen sample?

Earth/Environment April 14, 2014

U.N. chief witnesses climate change in Greenland

Ban Ki-moon toured Greenland, where the United Nations chief says he saw evidence of global warming first hand.

Earth/Environment March 27, 2014

Oops we got it wrong: Stable Greenland ice sheets are melting faster than scientists thought

Scientists have released a new study showing that Greenland's ice sheets are now melting faster than previous data suggested. The new findings indicate that the ice sheets are not as stable as previously thought.

Earth/Environment March 17, 2014

Titanic glacier setting new speed record, researchers claim

The Greenland glacier that caused the Titanic to sink is now thinning and retreating at a record speed, thanks to global warming.

Earth/Environment February 4, 2014

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