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Gut Bacteria Linked To Autism Symptoms, Mice Study Shows

Is it possible for gut microbiome to contribute to ASD symptoms? New research supports the theory, saying that future autism treatments could target the gut with probiotics instead of the brain.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 31, 2019

Study: Regulating Gut Bacteria May Help Ease Symptoms Of Anxiety

A meta-analysis of several studies showed that eating well and taking probiotics may help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. The study highlighted the importance of regulating gut bacteria to positively impact anxiety levels.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 27, 2019

Microbiome In Newborn Baby's Stool May Predict Risk Of Weight Problems By Age 3

Bacteria present in a newborn baby’s first poop could determine the risk of obesity later in life. Researchers also found that antibiotic use during pregnancy could alter the composition of microbiome responsible for a range of health outcomes.

Public Health April 14, 2019

Study Shows Bacteria In Intestine Also Regulate Immune System

Brown University researchers found that the gut microbiome has a hand at regulating the immune system, preventing it from attacking the good bacteria that aid the body. It plays the role of moderating the production of active vitamin A.

Public Health December 19, 2018

Artificial Sweeteners Can Kill Good Bacteria In Your Gut, Says Study

A new study claimed that artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose, and saccharine can disrupt the good bacteria in the gut. After exposing to concentrated artificial sweetener, bioluminescent bacteria used in the study turned toxic.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 3, 2018

Probiotic Cocktail: Research Finds Baby Poop A Good Source Of Beneficial Probiotics

Researchers found that a cocktail derived from baby poop can aid the production of short-chain fatty acids and therefore promote good gut health. Is baby poop the new probiotic trend?

Medicine August 25, 2018

Eating Crickets Good For Gut Health: Study

Edible insects are slowly becoming more maianstream in the United States and Europe. A new study shows just how beneficial edible insects can be, apart from their healthy nutritional content.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 10, 2018

Having Trouble With Weight Loss? Blame Your Gut Bacteria

The thing about weight loss is that no magic plan will work on all types of people. A new research from Mayo Clinic supports this concept, suggesting that gut bacteria may affect the success of weight loss.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 2, 2018

Smart Pill Could Soon Be Used To Detect Health Problems From Inside The Gut

The ingestible bacterial-electronic sensor developed by MIT engineers can relay signals to a smartphone from inside your stomach. The technology is the first of its kind because it uses a combination of synthetic biology and electronics to detect health issues.

Biotech May 25, 2018

Gut Bacteria Linked To Osteoarthritis Risk But Prebiotics Could Be Key To Healthier Joints

Prebiotics appear to help reduce inflammation linked to the development of osteoarthritis. The findings provide evidence that gut bacteria could influence risk for the so-called wear-and-tear arthritis.

Public Health April 24, 2018

Stress Is Contagious, Findings Of Mice Study Reveal

Stress has been recently found to be transmittable and its effects are destructive to people on the receiving end. In the long term, it results in severe mental illnesses in both the source and the other person.

Neuroscience March 10, 2018

Silicon Valley’s Raw Water Trend Is Dangerous And Stupid: Expert

Silicon Valley was hooked by another health craze called raw water. Live Water, the company that markets the product, claimed it is the key to balancing good gut bacteria.

Public Health January 4, 2018

World's Smallest Tape Recorder Built From Gut Bacteria

Using CRISPR-Cas, researchers modified the gut bacteria Escherichia coli so these can record interactions within their environment. How can this impact works that seek to find treatment for conditions such as Parkinson's disease?

Biotech November 24, 2017

Your Poop May Reveal Why Your Diet Does Not Make You Lose Weight

The high-fiber New Nordic Diet may not work for everyone who want to lose weight. A person's stool and gut bacteria may tell if this diet will work for weight loss or not.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 17, 2017

Choline And Bacteria May Be Culprit Behind Stroke And Heart Disease

Eggs and red meat contain an essential nutrient called choline, which was found to increase the risk of stroke and heart disease. Digested by gut bacteria, choline creates a by-product that makes blood prone to clotting, leading to heart attacks.

Public Health April 25, 2017

Going On A New Diet? Don’t Expect Your Gut Bacteria To Be On Your Side, Says Study

The new year is a great time to get started on a new diet. Researchers, however, warn that your gut bacteria may have other things in mind, not letting you enjoy right away the benefits of eating healthier.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 2, 2017

Obese, Lean Children Have Different Gut Bacteria: Study

Efforts are in place to address obesity in children and teens but the problem persists. In a new study, researchers have found that obese children and teens and their leaner counterparts have different gut microbiota.

Public Health September 21, 2016

Foodborne Bacteria Thrive On Immune System Responses Designed To Repair Damage They Caused

According to the CDC, 48 million people get sick from foodborne diseases each year. This may be partly because of how foodborne bacteria create an ideal gut environment for their survival.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 17, 2016

Bacteria In Our Gut Have Existed Even Before We Became Humans

Some of the bacteria in our intestines are already with us at least 15 million years ago, when humans were still pre-human apes. The research suggests gut bacteria is partly determined by evolution.

Feature | Science July 22, 2016

A Single Species Of Gut Bacteria May Reverse Autism: Study

A new mice study has found that a single species of gut bacteria can reverse some autism-related behavioral deficits. Here's new evidence of the importance of gut microbiome.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 18, 2016

Antibiotics Can Reduce Breastfeeding Benefits In Babies: Study

Breastfeeding is good for babies but not when taken in conjunction with antibiotics. Prescribing antibiotics to infants reduces the health benefits they can get from their mother's milk, which carries lifelong consequences.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 16, 2016

Your Gut Microbiome Is Influenced By Medications You Take, Food You Eat

While gut diversity is one of the best ways to increase a person’s immunity, it may be significantly affected by food and medications. What can make you less protected?

Healthy Living/Wellness April 30, 2016

More Than A Gut Feeling: Can Gut Microbiome Be Used To Treat Mental Disorders?

Researchers have found the link between gut microbiome and mental health. Study findings reveal that having healthy amounts of probiotics can help combat mental disorders.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 26, 2016

Key Prebiotics In Mom's Milk For Baby's Healthy Microbiome Also Found In Cow's Milk

Cow’s milk might contain some vital prebiotic similar to what mother's milk constitutes of, according to a new research. This prebiotic compound encourages the growth of a baby’s gut bacteria and ensures supply of essential nutrients to the baby.

April 20, 2016

The Truth About Hand Dryers: Do They Pass On More Germs Than Average Paper Towels?

Bathrooms and restrooms contain millions of bacteria. To prevent acquiring this sickness-causing entity, public restrooms install hygienic items such as hand dryers, but research revealed that hand dryers could spread more germs compared to paper towels.

Life April 19, 2016

Gut Bacteria May Help Prevent Stroke: Study

Attesting to the fundamental influence of gut bacteria on overall health, a new study showed that certain kinds of beneficial microbes can reduce the severity of stroke. These results then make dietary changes a promising area of stroke prevention in the future.

Life March 31, 2016

Healthy Gut May Prevent Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes: Study

A new U.S. research suggests that obesity and type 2 diabetes can be prevented by maintaining healthy gut bacteria. But there are problems.

Life March 24, 2016

Gut Microbes May Reverse Effects Of Malnutrition In Children

Gut bacteria have long been known to affect health but they are mostly associated with immunity. Researchers, however, have found that gut microbes have a big role to play in child nutrition.

Life February 20, 2016

Sugar In Leafy Greens Good For Gut Health

Leafy greens contain sugar that helps improve gut health. The sugar molecule found by researchers particularly boost good bacteria thus limiting bad bacteria from harming the gut.

Life February 17, 2016

Alcohol Allows Gut Bacteria To Inflitrate Liver: Study

Alcohol is known to damage liver cells. A new study suggests another mechanism that contributes to alcohol causing liver disease.

Life February 12, 2016

Weekends Binges Just As Bad For Gut Health As Eating Junk Food Regularly: Study

Australian researchers showed that yo-yo dieting could likely be just as damaging for gut health as a consistently bad diet. Disrupting gut microbiota has been linked with gastrointestinal issues as well as obesity.

Life January 22, 2016

Being Sociable Helps Spread Beneficial Gut Bacteria, Chimp Poop Reveals

Researchers found chimps who socialized shared similar microbiomes. The animals' increased social activities led to a greater diversity of gut bacteria based on fecal analysis. Social activity could be a way wherein animals transmit gut bacteria around and down to younger generations.

Life January 17, 2016

Gut Bacteria In Prehistoric Mummy Sheds Light On Evolution, Migration

Ötzi the iceman, a well-preserved prehistoric mummy found in 1991 by mountaineers in Italy, was found to have Helicobacter pylori bacteria in his stomach. The discovery lends clues into the evolution of the bacterial strain and its movement via human migration.

Animals January 8, 2016

Targeting Gut Microbes May Lower Heart Disease Risks

A new study in the United States revealed that when gut microbes called TMAO are targeted with a compound known as DMB, the risks for cardiovascular diseases can be reduced. Researchers hope their findings can contribute in the development of new treatments.

Life December 19, 2015

Gut Bacteria Influences How Much You Eat: Here Are Mind Tricks To Help You Lose Weight

A new study conducted by Rouen University researchers in France suggests that E. coli bacteria commonly found in the stomach of humans help trigger a hunger-satiating effect in the brain. This event often occurs around 20 minutes after the start of a meal.

Life November 27, 2015

Blame Gut Bacteria If You Can't Stop Eating: New Study Suggests Microbes Influence Your Hunger Center

Microbes found in the stomach appear to control appetite and send signal to the brain when they have had enough nutrients. Gut bacteria were shown to a role in the physiology of appetite and may help people with eating disorder.

Life November 25, 2015

Gut Bacteria in Early Infancy Protect Against Asthma

Canadian researchers found babies treated with antibiotics before one year of age have a higher risk of developing asthma later in life. Four bacteria in the gut may play a role in asthma development.

Life October 2, 2015

Researchers In UK Create 'Poo Bank' To Treat C. Diff Superbug

A 'poo bank' may be the solution that patients with C. diff infection may be waiting for. Researchers were able to formulate a fecal donation scheme that involves donating healthy fecal matter to patients with infected bowel in order to restore bacterial balance in the gut.

Life September 30, 2015

Want To Lose Weight? Research Says Gut Bacteria Can Help You Get The Job Done

Researchers found that losing weight may be more achievable depending on a person's gut bacteria. The new study is said to provide valuable information to projects that aim to control blood lipids and subsequently prevent heart diseases

Life September 12, 2015

How Fish Oil Benefits You? That Depends On Your Gut Bacteria

A new study found that the intake of fish oil and lard in mice may produce different gut bacteria. Although the study was performed in animals, the researchers hope that they can provide more information regarding the results' applicability in humans.

Life August 31, 2015

Meet Microbiota, Set Of Gut Bacteria That Can Prevent Type 1 Diabetes

Scientists discovered how gut bacteria can help in preventing the formation of type 1 diabetes. In an experiment on mice, the scientists saw that the presence of gut bacteria leads to the production of cathelicidins that fight immune-related diseases.

Life August 11, 2015

Researchers Find Link Between Gut Bacteria And Mental Health

Scientists have discovered a link between intestinal microbiota and mental states like anxiety and depression. They conducted the first experiment to involve mice exposed to early life stress, further affected by intestinal microbiota and showing signs of anxiety and depression.

Life August 1, 2015

Probiotic Bacteria May Help Fight Against Very Common Hospital Infection

A non-toxin producing strain of the C-diff bacteria can help reduce the recurrence rate of C-diff infections, helping ensure those who contracted the disease will not suffer again.

Life May 6, 2015

High-Fat Diet Bad For Mental Health, May Lead To Depression

Depression and other mental health problems can be caused by a high-fat diet, a new study reveals. As if you didn't worry already about how a diet high in fat also can cause an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Life March 27, 2015

Antibiotics For Gut Bacteria Show Surprising Results In Treating Autism

John Rodakis saw the improvement in his son’s autism while taking antibiotics so he began researching, collaborating with experts to determine how the microbiome affects the condition.

Life March 25, 2015

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