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Researchers Successfully Eliminate HIV From Mice Genome Using CRISPR

Is a cure for HIV in the horizon? Scientists take a huge step forward by successfully removing HIV from the genomes of infected mice with the help of gene-editing tool CRISPR.

Biotech July 3, 2019

HIV Numbers In Europe At Record High, Says Report

Last year, Europe's human immunodeficiency virus cases increased, albeit at a slower pace than the previous years. Health officials urged government officials to take necessary actions to address the issue.

Public Health November 28, 2018

1 In 7 People Are Unaware They Have HIV, Encouraged To Get Tested For National HIV Day

For National HIV Testing Day, health officials are urging people to get tested while also finding new ways to bring awareness and prevent the virus. According to experts, 1 in 7 people are infected with HIV but are unaware of this.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 27, 2018

Three Victims Sue Ex-Gambian President Over Fake AIDS Treatment

The ex-president of Gambia is being sued for his fake AIDS treatment program that forced people to stop taking anti-retroviral drugs. The country is slowly making significant progress in response to HIV/AIDS.

Medicine June 1, 2018

New Drug Capsule For HIV Treatment Could Someday Allow For Weekly Medication, Not Daily

A new drug capsule could one day allow once-a-week antiretroviral therapy for HIV rather than daily. The slow-release capsule could revolutionize HIV treatment delivery, combating one of the most prominent problems: adherence to treatment.

Medicine January 10, 2018

Therapeutic Vaccine Strategy May Be 'Functional Cure' For HIV Patients

A therapeutic vaccine strategy may be a 'functional cure' for patients with HIV, a new study revealed. The clinical trial found the vaccine is effective in controlling HIV levels without the need for antiretroviral drugs.

Medicine February 23, 2017

Researchers Reformulate HIV Vaccine, Ready To Begin Clinical Trial In South Africa

New HIV trial will begin in South Africa, in the attempt to diminish and even eradicate this disease. The subjects taking part in this trial will be monitored for two years after being administered the medication.

Public Health November 26, 2016

New Antibody Can Neutralize 98 Percent Of HIV Strains

The newly identified N6 antibody was found potent in neutralizing 98 percent of HIV strains making it an attractive candidate for developing a potential treatment or preventive tool for HIV infection. What makes this antibody different?

Medicine November 20, 2016

Researchers Turn To Gene Editing System CRISPR To Facilitate Research On Curing HIV

Researchers used a gene editing system, CRISPR, to test on different series of mutations. The team looked into the differences that could be responsible for some immune cells resistant to HIV.

Medicine October 27, 2016

NIH, Emory Researchers Achieve Sustained HIV Remission In Monkeys

NIH and Emory University researchers have found that it’s possible for the simian immunodeficiency virus, HIV’s form in primates, to undergo sustained remission. This opens up the possibility of sustained HIV remission in human patients.

Medicine October 14, 2016

HIV Testing Shortfalls Could Limit Attainment Of Global Targets: WHO

Shortfalls in testing capacity could seriously undermine efforts to attain global targets against HIV/AIDS, a new WHO report revealed. Researchers suggest the improvement of both national and international measures.

Public Health August 24, 2016

Cancer Immunotherapy Could Be Useful In HIV Treatment

A promising research shows possible, new treatment for HIV using gene immunotherapy. A group of potent antibodies used in cancer research could also help in the global fight against the HIV epidemic.

Biotech July 17, 2016

New Antibody Therapy May Provide Long-Term HIV Treatment

Scientists are developing a new antibody-based drug therapy that may provide long-term control over HIV. A single dose of the therapy can help patients make better antibodies against the virus.

Medicine May 9, 2016

HIV Cases Higher Among Young Adults, Minorities In Minnesota

Minnesota saw an increase of HIV cases from 2014 to 2015 in certain populations. Among the most affected groups include young adults and minorities.

Public Health April 28, 2016

People With HIV May Age Faster: Virus Causes Premature Aging Of Cells

HIV treatment may cause cells to age faster, a new study has found. This means people with HIV must also take action to curb the effects of premature aging.

Public Health April 23, 2016

HIV Can Resist CRISPR/Cas9 Gene-Editing Attacks: Study

HIV was found to resist CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing attacks. In a new study, researchers observed that the seemingly strong antiviral therapy was able to stop mutations initially, but it also casued viruses that escaped to come out stronger.

Life April 7, 2016

Is Gene Editing Our Best Weapon Against HIV?

Gene-editing tool could replace antiretroviral therapy as treatment for HIV. CRISPR/Cas9 was able to eliminate HIV in infected human T cells in culture.

Life March 26, 2016

Men And Women Need Different Levels Of Truvada To Prevent HIV Infection

Latest study has found that women need daily doses of the HIV drug Truvada while men only need two doses a week. This is due to the way that the anti-HIV infection medication accumulates in different tissues in the body.

Life March 5, 2016

Man Contracts HIV Despite Taking Truvada Pill

Despite taking an antiretroviral drug for two years, a gay man in Canada was diagnosed with HIV infection. The man's physician presented the case at a conference in Boston.

Life March 1, 2016

Single Dose Of Zoledronic Acid Can Help Prevent Bone Loss In HIV Patients

Bone loss is most commonly associated with antiretroviral therapy, which is needed by HIV patients. Now, a new study found that osteoporosis drug Zoledronic Acid may help prevent bone loss even while under treatment.

Life February 25, 2016

Use Of HIV Drug During Pregnancy May Affect Unborn Baby’s Social-Emotional And Language Development

A drug that prevents mother-to-child HIV transmission affects the development of unborn babies. Children whose mothers were into antiretroviral regimens that contain atazanavir during pregnancy had lower scores on social-emotional and language development.

Life February 23, 2016

HIV Treatment Alternatives: What Choices Does Charlie Sheen Have?

Charlie Sheen has revealed in an interview with Dr. Oz that he temporarily went off his HIV medication to seek alternative treatment in Mexico. Although he is back on his conventional cocktail of pills, are there really non-mainstream options for HIV/AIDS patients to look into?

Life January 13, 2016

Turing Breaks Promise To Lower Price Of $750 Daraprim Drug

Turing Pharmaceuticals pledged to cut the cost of its $750-per-pill HIV treatment drug Daraprim. However, it is instead only reducing charges to hospitals by up to 50 percent for the toxoplasmosis medication.

Life November 26, 2015

15.8 Million: Number Of People On HIV Treatment According To UN AIDS Program

UNAIDS officials revealed that the number of people receiving treatment for HIV infection has doubled in the last five years. The agency said that from the 7.5 million individuals who had access to antiretroviral treatment in 2010, the number has swelled to 15.8 million people in 2015.

Life November 25, 2015

Vitamin D Deficiency May Impact Efficacy Of HIV Treatment

Vitamin D deficiency may limit the effects of current HIV treatment. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) positive patients with adequate levels of vitamin D are more likely to respond to anti-retroviral therapy.

Life November 19, 2015

FDA Gives Approval To New Pediatric HIV Treatment

The FDA gave its approval to release a new HIV treatment for both adults and children 12 years and older. The treatment, however, came with a boxed warning informing patients and prescribers of possible risk for liver damage and lactic acid buildup.

Life November 11, 2015

Revolutionary HIV Treatment Could Be Underway As Clinical Trial Shows Promising Result For Combination Drug

A combination drug from Johnson & Johnson and ViiV Healthcare showed promising results in suppressing HIV in a clinical trial. Initial results showed the long-lasting injectable drugs can suppress the virus when taken regularly.

Life November 4, 2015

First Trial To Use Umbilical Cord Stem Cells For HIV Treatment Set To Start In Spain

Five people with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) are set to receive stem cell treatment through blood transplant from umbilical cords to recreate the success of the 'Berlin patient' who was cured of the disease. He is the first living person in the world to be declared HIV-free.

Life October 28, 2015

Scientists Find Immune System Biomarkers That Can Predict HIV Relapse

Researchers identified three immune system biomarkers as 'statistically significant predictors' of where the human immunodeficiency virus would rebound. High levels of these biomarkers were linked to earlier relapse once antiretroviral therapy was interrupted.

Life October 13, 2015

Here's How The Obama Administration Plans To Cut HIV Infection In Africa

An additional $300 million budget was given to HIV/AIDS treatments in Africa.

Life September 29, 2015

GSK And Desano Manufacturing Deal Could Mean Cheaper HIV Drugs For China

ViiV Healthcare and Shanghai-based Desano Pharmaceuticals have finalized a strategic manufacturing agreement that allows Desano to locally produce the active pharmaceutical ingredient for the HIV treatment Tivicay in China.

Life July 2, 2015

HIV's Voracious Appetite For Sugar Is Its Achilles' Heel

A study finding on how the HIV virus 'feeds' on nutrients in immune cells suggests a way to kill the virus, researchers say. A new compound that can shut down an immune cell's sugar and nutrient pipeline may starve HIV to death.

Life June 1, 2015

HIV Pills Before And After Sex Prevents Spread Of HIV In Gay Men: Study

Study shows it’s possible to cut risks of HIV by up to 86 percent by taking an anti-retroviral preemptively, preventing the virus from permanently taking hold after exposure.

Life February 25, 2015

India to run out of HIV/AIDS med due to bureaucratic hurdles

Treatment of AIDS and HIV may be endangered in India by lack of a medicine containing a combination of the prescription drugs tenofovir and lamivudine.

Life October 2, 2014

Anti-cancer drug can expose hidden HIV in the body

HIV hibernating in human cells can be "flushed out" into the open by an anti-cancer drug, study shows. Finding could open new avenue for eventual HIV cure.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 22, 2014

Mississippi girl supposedly cured of HIV, now tested positive for virus

Researchers express disappointment at news of relapse of girl though cured of HIV following her birth. Recent tests show a return of the virus.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 14, 2014

Evidence of HIV seen in girl thought to be cured of the virus

Mississippi girl considered cured of HIV with drugs following birth shows signs virus has returned, doctors say. Failed "cure" seen as setback in search for AIDS cure.

Life July 11, 2014

ViiV, Janssen team up on new single-pill treatment for HIV patients

Two pharmaceutical firms are to cooperate in developing single-tablet, two-drug treatment for HIV. Clinical studies could begin in 2015.

Life June 12, 2014

Soy sauce may hold answer to HIV cure. You heard it right

Latest collaborative scientific studies reveal that soy sauce has a molecule that may help fight the HIV, thanks to a Japanese soy sauce company that first discovered the possibility in 2001.

Life May 12, 2014

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