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People With Eye Wrinkles Are Perceived To Be More Sincere According To Study

Often linked to old age, wrinkles around the eyes could make an individual appear more sincere and intense. The new study also revealed that this perception is innate to people.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 12, 2018

Huawei Reportedly Working On AI Digital Assistant That Can Understand Human Emotions, Not Just Commands

Huawei wants to develop an advanced AI assistant that would be able to understand human emotions and respond accordingly rather than just take and execute basic commands. The assistant should be able to prolong conversations and ease one's loneliness.

Apps/Software April 25, 2018

Feeling Excited? Scientists Find 27 Distinct Human Emotions

Researchers from UC Berkeley found 27 distinct human emotional states. An interactive map shows how the emotions combine to form the complex human emotional response.

Neuroscience September 10, 2017

IBM Watson Supercomputer And Fashion House Marchesa Create High-Tech Cognitive Dress [Video]

IBM Watson and Marchesa collaborated on creating a cognitive dress that is ‘truly extraordinary.’ The first-of-its-kind cognitive-inspired garment will be unveiled at the Manus x Machina-themed Met Gala event.

Wearable Tech May 2, 2016

Touching Robots In Sensitive Places Turn On Humans: A Peek Of Things To Come?

Researchers have found that a person can be aroused when touching a humanoid robot's private parts. Experts believe that this emotional response can change the future of robots and humans, as well.

FUTURE TECH April 6, 2016

Cannabis Impacts Users' Ability To Process Emotions

Is marijuana creating emotional dummies? A new study found that cannabis affects a person's ability to process emotions such as sadness, happiness and anger.

Life March 4, 2016

Scientists decode how human brain processes different emotions

Emotions are universal, and now researchers may understand for the first time how feelings are coded in the human brain.

July 12, 2014

Human brain uses standard code for entire spectrum of emotions; Study

A new study by Cornell University researchers indicate that human brain has a standard code that speaks the same emotional language, regardless if our emotions are considered very personal and subjective.

Life July 12, 2014

Human body can feel emotions, says new study

Contrary to popular beliefs, the human body is indeed capable of feeling emotions.

Animals January 6, 2014

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