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Lake Buried In Ice Indicates Impact Of Climate Change On East Antarctica

A lake of freshwater was found underneath the Roi Baudouin ice shelf in East Antarctica showing that climate change has impacted the region. What are the dangers posed by englacial lakes?

Earth/Environment December 13, 2016

Jacuzzi Of Despair: Underwater Lake Of Death Beneath Gulf Of Mexico Kills Creatures That Swim There

An underwater lake beneath the Gulf of Mexico is a solution of toxic chemicals. The brine pool, called 'Jacuzzi of Despair,' kills crabs and other creatures that are lured by its warmth.

Earth/Environment November 2, 2016

Lake Maracaibo In Venezuela Is World's Lightning Capital

Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela has just been hailed as the lightning capital of the world. The weather and other features of the lake make it prone to lightning almost every day of the year.

Earth/Environment May 4, 2016

New Data Hint Of Large Lake Beneath Antarctic Ice: Why Subglacial Lakes Excite Scientists

A massive lake may be hiding under Antarctic ice sheets and potentially harboring unique, ancient life forms undisturbed for millions of years. Subglacial lakes in Antarctica continue to thrill scientists, who seek to better understand the largely unexplored region.

Earth/Environment April 24, 2016

Bolivia's Second Largest Lake Dries Up Because Of Global Warming

Bolivia's Lake Poopo has dried up due to global warming. The country's second largest lake used to provide livelihood for the local residents, but now only half of the population remains near it.

Animals January 24, 2016

Bolivia Government Issued Declaration Of Natural Disaster After Second-Largest Lake Almost Dried Up

The second-largest lake in Bolivia almost dried up due to a combination of mining pollution and natural environmental crises. Residents, along with almost 200 species of wildlife, are affected by Lake Poopo's condition as it is one of the area's main sources of water.

Earth/Environment December 21, 2015

Study: Climate Change Warming World's Lakes At A Rapid Rate

Lakes are warming in rapid rates all across the world, a new study found. Erratic changes in water temperature are said to affect various parts of the ecosystem, with climate change to blame.

Earth/Environment December 16, 2015

Brain-Eating Amoeba Naegleria Fowleri Detected In St. Bernard Parish’s Water System: Tips To Avoid Infection

Officials say that a form of amoeba has been detected in the water supply system near New Orleans. Although infections due to Naegleria Fowleri are rare, preventive measures must still be practiced.

Life July 25, 2015

Lost Lake In Oregon Really Disappears Each Winter - But Why?

A lake in Oregon disappears each year as temperatures start to warm. Where does it all go?

May 5, 2015

Dozens of Methane Blowholes Spotted In Siberia: Why Experts Worry

More craters have been found in Siberia, prompting one expert to call for an investigation over concerns that this phenomenon could result in disasters.

Animals February 24, 2015

Evidence of Ancient Lake on Mars Suggests Possibility of Alien Life in Outer Space

Mars' Gale Crater is now dry but evidence suggests it was once filled with water. The ancient lake lasted for millions of years. Scientists say this was enough time to start and sustain life on the Red Planet.

Space December 9, 2014

Aral Sea shrinking to nothingness, destroying local communities: NASA satellite photos reveal all

A series of photos taken by NASA's Terra satellite shows how the water levels of the Aral Sea, once the world's fourth largest lake, declined over the years.

Earth/Environment September 30, 2014

Antarctic ice sheet hides entire ecosystem: Is there life in outer space?

Lake Whillans, lying beneath a glacier in Antarctica, is teeming with life, perhaps providing a glimpse into possible alien life.

Animals August 21, 2014

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