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Elk Face Tough Decision Every Year: Grow Bigger Antlers To Attract Mates Or Stay Safe Against Wolves?

Male elk need to make a tough decision every year concerning their antlers. They need to choose between bigger antlers to attract mates or better protection against predators such as wolves.

Animals September 3, 2018

Promiscuous Monkeys Create Hybrids By Mating With Other Species, Research Says

An anthropology professor discovered a new species of monkeys in Tanzania, Africa. According to her research, the monkeys were products of two different species that had been mating for thousands of years.

Animals April 25, 2018

Big-Nosed Males Are Attractive For Female Proboscis Monkeys: Other Unique Animals Traits That Attract Mates

Male proboscis monkeys tend to have larger testes and more females in their harlem. Here are other animal traits that help attract potential mates during breeding season.

Animals February 25, 2018

Male Dolphins Give Gifts, Have Wingmen To Attract Potential Mates

Humpback male dolphins off the coast of Western Australia were observed giving gifts to females of the species. What present do these cetaceans offer to attract potential mates?

Animals November 22, 2017

Rare Snail Jeremy Left Defeated In Love Triangle: How The Poor Snail’s Potential Suitors Ended Up Mating With Each Other

Accidentally friendzoned. This is the story of Jeremy, a genetically rare, one in a million snail, and his lovers’ tryst that ended not quite as expected.

Animals May 18, 2017

Here Are The Most Attractive Dance Moves, According To Science

A team of psychologists from the United Kingdom studied what could be the best dance moves for women. Their interest in the subject was piqued by the role of dance in human courtship rituals and mating.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 11, 2017

New Species Of Peacock Spiders Found In Australia

Seven new species of peacock spiders,which continue to fascinate biologists and science lovers with their bright colors and unique courtship rituals, were recently discovered in Western and South Australia. The spiders belong to the genus Maratus.

Animals May 31, 2016

Here's Why Red Birds Are More Attractive To Potential Mates

New findings on wild zebra finches explain why the color red offers greater mating success in the bird kingdom. Researchers recently identified genes responsible for red pigmentation in birds.

Animals May 22, 2016

Deep, Booming Masculine Voice Meant To Intimidate Rivals

Do you find low-pitched voices alluring? New research suggests that deep, booming masculine voices are not meant to attract women, but to scare off potential rivals.

May 8, 2016

Female Beetles Stave Off Amorous Males Using Pheromones, Study Finds

Pheromones are the tool of choice for females to keep away males wishing to mate. Why would the insects want to avoid having offspring?

March 22, 2016

The Sexiest Dinosaurs Are Also The Horniest: Study

A new study found that the sexiest dinosaurs are the horniest. Researchers discovered that the adult Protoceratops, which belonged to the same family as Triceratops, had the widest horns, and they used it as a sexy signal to attract mates.

January 26, 2016

Genes That Determine Height Influence Physical Attraction

Scientists found that physical attraction is influenced partly by genes that determine one’s height. So in the case of a tall guy hitting on a tall girl, genes could likely be held responsible as well.

Life January 24, 2016

Songbirds Tap Dance To Attract Potential Mates [Video]

Blue-capped cordon-bleus not only sing to attract their potential mates, but they also perform fancy footwork. Researchers managed to film the rapid-fire dancing of these tiny songbirds.

November 20, 2015

Females In Colder Climates More Promiscuous Than Those In Hotter Regions, Insect Study Reveals

A new insect study revealed that females are more promiscuous in colder climates compared to those living in hotter regions. Researchers examined fruit flies from different regions and observed their sexual behavior.

Earth/Environment October 28, 2015

Female Flies Found To Be More Promiscuous In Cold Climates, But Monogamous Behavior Is Based On Genes

Researchers found that while female fruit flies tend to have more sex partners in cooler climates, the insect’s genetics play a major role in whether or not they practice monogamy.

Animals October 27, 2015

Woman Unpacking Boxes In New Home Ends Up Face To Face With Giant Spider

It is mating season for spiders and millions of these eight-legged insects are being seen in homes across England, for a dry, warm and safe place to mate. A mom was surprised, however, as she was welcomed in her new home by a “giant spider with big teeth,” which turned out be a harmless creature at all.

Earth/Environment September 1, 2015

White Rhinos On The Path To Extinction With Last Male Member Nearing Old Age

Northern white rhino numbers have dwindled over the years, and now, Sudan is the only male left and he's old. Can he still prevent the species from going extinct?

Earth/Environment July 17, 2015

Baboons Don't Like Big Butts After All - Sorry, Sir Mix-A-Lot

Male baboons do not prefer to mate with females showing larger posteriors, a new study reveals. Why is this so surprising?

Animals April 21, 2015

Male Beetles That Mate More Often Tend To Be More Insecure

A new study looking at the mating habits of burying beetles found that male beetles who mate often are often insecure about their place within their beetle communities and societies.

March 10, 2015

Looking For Mr. Perfect? Settle For Mr. OK Instead

Evolution has driven us to be risk-averse when it comes to choosing a mate, researchers say. Waiting for Mr. or Ms. "Right" is seen as a high-stakes survival gamble.

February 8, 2015

Polar Bear Penises Weakening Due to Pollution Says Study

As if pollution has not caused enough harm to polar bears, a study has uncovered that an unhealthy environment is contributing to population problems by reducing a male’s ability to mate.

Earth/Environment January 27, 2015

Forget 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' Male Chimpanzees Use Aggression, Dominance Over Females. Here's Why

Aggressive behavior of male chimpanzees are linked with mating success. Violent chimpanzees who attack females consistently are more likely to father offspring when compared to lesser violent counterparts.

Animals November 15, 2014

Aggressive Male Chimps More Likely to Mate, Have Offspring

Aggressive male chimpanzees who use their strength to sexually intimidate females sire more offspring than more passive males, a new study has found.

November 13, 2014

Male hummingbirds use beaks to duel with each other over lady love

The beak of the long-billed hummingbird is not just for probing flowers for nectar. The birds also use their pointed bill for stabbing each other in the throat when they duel for space to mate with the females.

Animals November 5, 2014

Killer sperm stops nematode worms from cross-breeding

Female worms can be torn apart by killer sperm when they try to mate with members of another species.

Animals July 30, 2014

Massive swarm of mayflies terrorize Wisconsin residents

Mayflies are swarming around Wisconsin, and causing trouble on the highways. The tiny animals will soon be on their way, leaving behind millions of skeletons.

July 28, 2014

Neotrogla: The female of this insect species have spiny penises and can copulate for days...What??!?

During mating, the females of a newly-discovered group of insects grow penis-like organs they then insert into males. What is the reason for this unusual sexual reversal?

Animals April 20, 2014

Scientists use laser to mind-control flies and turn them into sex maniacs

Scientists were surprised to learn that a laser beam can be used to flip a fly’s mating switch. Getting hit by laser beams has caused a number of flies to attempt to mate with the nearest object.

Animals March 8, 2014

Male goat pheromone drives females crazy

Goats have a distinctive musky odor, and researchers have now found why this scent is so powerful for females of the species.

Animals February 28, 2014

Fatal instinct: New marsupial species in Australia engage in intense sex that kills them

Scientists have discovered a new marsupial that engages in suicidal sex - males of the species have been discovered to die right after an intense sexual intercourse during the mating season. These extreme sexual encounters are said to last as long as 14 hours at a time. To put in perspective, sexual intercourse among human beings last anything between 3 minutes to 10 minutes.

Animals February 27, 2014

Male black widow spiders can teach a thing or two to Miley Cyrus about twerking (and not getting eaten)

In the world of black widow spiders, where sexual cannibalism is common, twerking can make the difference between life and death.

Animals January 20, 2014

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