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Asteroid Barely Missed Earth When It Flew By Closer Than The Moon On Monday

An asteroid about the same size as the Chelyabinsk meteor flew by Earth at a proximity equivalent to about half the distance between our planet and the moon. The space rock was discovered only two days before it whizzed by.

Space January 10, 2017

Bus-sized asteroid third to miss hitting Earth in 48 hours: Doomsday approaching?

Three asteroids passed close to Earth this week. The third, a bus-sized asteroid, passed by the planet in a path 6 times closer than the moon. How long will it be before a catastrophe strikes?

Space March 8, 2014

Asteroid 2014 DX110 barely misses Earth: Flyby serves as warning of possible doomsday

2014 DX110 may have barely missed us, Wednesday, but the Earth is in danger from millions of similar objects, dubbed Near Earth Objects (NEOs), speeding through space.

Space March 6, 2014

98-ft asteroid 2014 DX110 will miss hitting Earth by a hair's breadth on Wednesday

2014 DX110, an asteroid unknown until 28 February, will pass closer to the Earth than the distance to the Moon on Wednesday. Here's how to see it live.

Space March 5, 2014

Chelyabinsk-type meteors more common than you thought, warns scientists

Scientists have warned that Chelyabinsk-type meteors are more common than thought.

Space November 13, 2013

Astronauts warn UN dangers posed by NEOs and ways to protect Earth

Astronauts have warned the UN about the dangers of near-earth objects (NEOs) and ways to protect Earth from their impact.

Space October 28, 2013

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