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This Slimming Pill Expands In Your Stomach To Increase Your Chances Of Weight Loss Success

The hydrogel capsule called Plenity is technically a medical device that helps aid weight loss without serious side effects. How does it work to help obese people lose weight?

Healthy Living/Wellness April 29, 2019

Malnutrition Still High, Affects Every Country: Global Nutrition Report

The global report on malnutrition shows that most countries are off-track in terms of meeting the nine targets against malnutrition. In fact, no country is on track to achieve the adult obesity targets for both men and women.

Public Health November 30, 2018

Study Finds A Link Between Obesity And Risk Of Asthma

Obese children have a higher risk of developing asthma than the ones of normal weight, according to a new research. The study aimed to look at how weight affects the development of asthma in children.

Public Health November 27, 2018

Being Above Or Below Recommended Weight Could Shave 4 Years Off Life Expectancy

Having a higher body mass index has been linked to early mortality. A new study claimed that above or below the normal BMI increases a person's risk of dying from serious illnesses.

Public Health October 31, 2018

'Normalization' Of Plus Size Poses Hidden Obesity Risks: Study

According to a 2017 study, over 60 percent of UK adults are considered obese. Does the 'normalization' of plus size have anything to do with the ongoing obesity problem?

Public Health June 23, 2018

Severe Obesity Rates Have Increased In Rural America, CDC Reports

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that people who live in rural areas have higher severe obesity rates. The CDC reported that the obesity rates for adults who live in the areas increased within the past decade.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 20, 2018

Overweight Dogs Teach Humans News Tricks About Obesity, New Study Claims

Hungarian scientists suggested that overweight dogs are similar to people who are overweight or obese. The scientists suggest that dogs could be used as a model to help find the cause of obesity in people.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 15, 2018

New Study Suggests That 'Healthy Obesity' Can Still Lead To Cardiovascular Disease

A study shows that being healthy and obese doesn't mean a person can't have health issues later in life. The researchers of the team collected data on over 90,000 women in America, some claimed to not have health problems despite being overweight.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 1, 2018

1 in 25 Children In England Have Been Classified As 'Severely Obese'

In England, the amount of children who have become obese has doubled according to new data. Children between the ages of 10-11 years old are at risk of having their adult lives cut short due to their excessive weight gain.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 29, 2018

Colors And Patterns A Person Chooses For Clothing May Indicate Weight Problems, New Study Suggests

A new study suggests that people who are overweight may choose certain colors and patterns for their clothing. Women who are considered to be overweight tend to wear stripes and polka dots, while men wear black or white trousers.

Public Health May 29, 2018

Study Shows People With Higher Levels Of Belly Fat Could Suffer From Vitamin D Deficiency

Obesity and vitamin D deficiency could be linked according to a new study. The study showed that men and women who had higher levels of fat around their abdomen suffered from vitamin D deficiency.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 21, 2018

A Big Belly Could Be Bad For Your Health And Your Heart - Even If You're Not Overweight

A new study has found that people who have a wider waist or central obesity are at a higher risk of having heart problems than those who are overweight. The study was conducted on 1,700 participants who were a "normal size" but had a large belly.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 21, 2018

Study: Weight Loss Surgery Can Make Or Break Love Life, Relationships

Drastic weight loss resulting from bariatric surgery can be life-changing. Studies in Sweden show that induced weight loss can either start or end romantic relationships.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 29, 2018

Growing Number Of Cancer Cases Caused By Excess Weight

Excess weight is now the cause of 6.3 percent of all cancer cases in the United Kingdom in which the number increased by 5.5 percent from 2011. Here are other preventable causes of cancer.

Public Health March 26, 2018

Is Obesity Contagious? Study Says Yes, But Don't Blame Your Neighbors For Your Weight Gain

A new study confirmed that obesity may be considered contagious, just like the flu and sexually transmitted diseases. However, this does not mean that people should just blame their neighbors if they are overweight.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 25, 2018

10-Month-Old Baby Weighs As Much As A 9-Year-Old Because Of Mysterious Condition

A 10-month-old Mexican baby weighs the same as an average 9-year-old child. Doctors say the baby may be suffering from a genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 13, 2017

Here's Another Good Reason To Lose Weight: You'll Save Up To $36,000

A new study showed that obese and overweight adults can stand to save up to $36,000 over their lifetime if they drop to a healthy weight. The money will be saved from direct medical costs and productivity losses.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 27, 2017

1 In 3 Dogs And Cats In US Are Overweight: Study

A new study has found that about one-third of pet dogs and cats in the United States can be classified as overweight. This raises questions about the eating habits of pets and the various health risks associated with gaining too much weight.

June 28, 2017

One-Third Of The World's Population Is Obese, And The United States Is At The Front

A new study reveals that one-third of the world's population is now suffering from obesity. Unsurprisingly, the United States is the leader in this health issue.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 13, 2017

Can Being Slightly Overweight Decrease Your Life Span?

According to a new study, being slightly overweight could potentially decrease the life span of a person. An overweight individual is at a higher risk of death when compared to slimmer peers.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 5, 2017

Fattest Cities In America 2017: Is Your City One Of The Most Obese?

A new study by WalletHub ranks America’s most populated cities according to obesity rates. Find out your city’s score and see how much your fellow residents are affected by weight-related health problems.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 23, 2017

Why Americans Stopped Dieting: Study Shows Drop In Weight Loss Interest

Fewer Americans are striving to shed extra pounds as being overweight is becoming more socially acceptable, a new study has found. The research reveals a surge in obesity rates in the last three decades.

Public Health March 8, 2017

Fat Shaming Brings Greater Health Risks Than Obesity Itself, Says Study

A new study published in Obesity has found that fat shaming increases the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease in people with obesity, above and beyond the effects of body mass index and depression.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 28, 2017

Obesity And Inactivity: Study Uses Mouse Model To Show Why Obese Individuals Have Low Motivation To Move

Is it inactivity that causes obesity or obesity that makes people turn into couch potatoes? It’s a “chicken and egg” scenario that a recent study clarified using a mouse model.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 1, 2017

Lack Of Sleep Can Lead To Weight Gain: Here's How, According To A New Study

Lack of sleep could increase the amount of food taken in, reports a recent study. Long hours of vigil increase the time available for food consumption and lead to weight gain.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 8, 2016

Women's Risk For Cancer Increases With Years Spent Being Overweight

The longer women spend being obese or overweight, the greater their risk of developing certain types of cancers, such as breast and endometrial, a new study says. For every 10 years they spend overweight, their cancer risk increases by 7 percent.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 17, 2016

Half Of US Women Are Overweight Before Getting Pregnant

CDC researchers reported that more than half of women are overweight or obese prior to becoming pregnant. Unhealthy weight poses threats of health complications to pregnant women.

Public Health August 5, 2016

Being Obese Or Overweight Can Lead To Premature Death: Study

Being obese or overweight can lead to a much earlier death, particularly for men, a new study suggests. The report attempts to find a definitive consensus on the effects of both medical conditions.

Public Health July 14, 2016

New Weight Loss Option For Women: What Are Silicon Balloon Implants?

A new weight reduction procedure involves the implants of silicon balloons. It is a non-invasive procedure and can apparently help you lose about 20 to 30 pounds of body weight within a couple of months.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 29, 2016

Toddlers Who Prefer Sweet Over Salty Food More Likely To Be Obese

Toddlers who prefer sweet treats over salty snacks are more likely to have problems with weight gain. A new study found that eating in the absence of hunger and choosing sweets to satisfy that drive may increase the risk of obesity later in life.

Life April 19, 2016

Obese Woman Sheds 100 Pounds To Become Bikini Model

Bikini season is here. Is your beach body ready? Check out how an obese woman lost 100 pounds to become a bikini model. The road wasn't easy, but this Nova Scotia resident is slaying it.

Life April 8, 2016

High-Protein Diet Helps Overweight, Obese Adults Trying To Lose Weight Sleep Better

According to a new study, middle-aged obese and overweight adults - under high-protein weight loss diet - report improved sleep.

Life March 26, 2016

2 Breakfasts Help Kids Avoid Being Overweight Or Obese: Study

Having two breakfasts may help prevent children from becoming overweight or obese. A new study found that children who ate double breakfasts for two years did not show significant differences in weight gain and had lesser risk of developing childhood obesity.

Life March 18, 2016

BMI Incorrectly Tags Millions Of Americans As Obese And Unhealthy

A new study has found that BMI incorrectly tags millions of Americans as unhealthy. Experts said people should not only look at their BMI values, but other health markers as well.

Life February 8, 2016

People Considered Overweight Or Obese Based On BMI Not Necessarily Unhealthy

Individuals with high body mass index are often considered as unhealthy. By looking at the link between BMI and health markers, however, researchers find that many obese and overweight individuals are metabolically healthy.

Life February 5, 2016

Obesity Epidemic Could Trigger Surge In Cancer Cases: How To Lose Weight Naturally

The rising cases of obesity in the United Kingdom may cause an overwhelming surge in obesity-related diseases in the country, a new report revealed. Health groups are calling on the government to take urgent action to tackle obesity.

Life January 9, 2016

Firefighters Rescued More Than 2,000 Obese People Stuck In Their Homes

Firefighters in the UK have rescued more than 2,000 obese people in the past three years. Such operations puts additional burden on both the rescue teams and the government.

Life December 31, 2015

Sweet Tooth Linked To Lack Of Liver Hormone

University of Iowa scientists have explained why we can blame our livers for not stopping us from eating all those holiday cookies.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 29, 2015

Doctor Says Obesity In UK Poses Same Threat As Terrorism

United Kingdom's most senior doctor said obesity should be treated as a "national risk." Obesity can be passed onto children. Women were urged to lose weight to avoid endangering the health of unborn generations.

Life December 12, 2015

Plus-Size Models In Ads May Affect Obesity Rates: Study

Study found using plus-size models in advertisements influences poor food choices and leads to less motivation to exercise. Researchers found plus-size models coupled with specific ad messaging can make obesity socially acceptable.

Life December 11, 2015

Obesity May Be Passed Down To Children Through Father's Sperm: Study

A study found that overweight fathers can pass on obesity to their future children through their sperm. Health experts suggest would-be parents should work on staying healthy during the time of conception.

Life December 6, 2015

Belly Fat More Dangerous Than Obesity For Survival

Researchers found that being at a normal weight does not equate to health. People who have normal BMIs but have bigger bellies are at higher risk for life threatening conditions than those with more even fat distribution.

Life November 11, 2015

US Task Force Urges All Overweight Adults To Get Screened For Type 2 Diabetes

Overweight adults are recommended to undergo diabetes screening and behavioral counseling regardless if they have signs and symptoms of the disease. Experts said lifestyle changes should be made early on to prevent or delay the progression of diabetes.

Life October 27, 2015

Antibiotics Are Causing Weight Gain In Children, Research Shows

Repeated treatment with antibiotics in childhood can lead to weight gain, a study finds. Effect can be cumulative, progressive and continue into adulthood.

Life October 23, 2015

Dieting Frustration? Losing Weight Harder Now Than It Was 25 Years Ago, Experts Say

Even with dieting and exercise, it's harder to lose weight than it used to be, a study finds. Americans are heavier today than they were decades ago, and it's down to weight management becoming more complex, researchers say.

Life October 9, 2015

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