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Image Of Mars' Phobos In Full Moon Looks Like Rainbow-Colored Candy

Odyssey’s thermal imaging camera THEMIS observed Martian moon Phobos while in full moon. This new information would help scientists further study Phobos’ composition and determine its origin.

Space May 13, 2019

Striped Martian Moon Phobos Got Its Distinct Grooves From Rolling Rocks

Brown University researchers have found an explanation of Mars moon Phobos' unique grooves. After a computer simulation, they concluded that the rolling rocks from the Stickney crater may have created these grooves.

Space November 22, 2018

New Theory Suggests Violent History Behind The Creation Of Mars’s Two Moons

Phobos and Deimos may have formed following a collision between Mars and an object the size of asteroid Ceres. A new model suggests ejecta from the event lead to the creation of the two moons.

Space April 20, 2018

Hubble Captures Mars Moon Phobos Orbiting Red Planet

The Hubble space telescope captured Phobos photobombing Mars during an observation in 2016. NASA finally releases the time-lapse image of the Martian satellite in orbit.

Space July 21, 2017

Mars Had Saturn-Like Rings, One Big Moon: Study

In a new insight on Mar’s moons, a study by Purdue University said Mars had rings in the past, and its two moons were actually the splintered parts of a big moon and that the planet may earn the rings again.

Space March 22, 2017

NASA Saved Maven From Colliding With Mars Moon Phobos: Why Preventing Space Collisions On Earth's Orbit Is More Difficult

NASA was able to prevent the Maven Mars orbiter from potentially colliding with the red planet's moon Phobos. Here's why similar incidents are not as easily avoided around Earth.

Space March 6, 2017

Here’s How Mars Moon Phobos Got To Looking Like The ‘Death Star’

The long-held mystery behind the appearance of Phobos, the largest moon of Mars, has now been explained. This follows numerical simulations conducted by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Space October 14, 2016

Mars Once Had A Third Moon Accompanying Phobos And Deimos

Phobos and Deimos are the only major natural satellites orbiting Mars today, but computer simulations suggest they were once accompanied by a third, massive companion. What do we know about this ancient Martian moon?

Space July 5, 2016

Mars May Someday Have A Ring Around It, Courtesy Of A Destroyed Moon

The red planet's tiny moon Phobos could be torn apart by Mars' gravity and form a ring, new study suggests. That would make Mars the fifth ringed planet in the solar system, joining Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Space November 24, 2015

This Is How Mars Gradually Destroys Its Own Moon Phobos

Phobos is on its way to structural failure and its mother planet is the culprit. The tidal forces generated by Mars cause Phobos to form apparent grooves, which are said to be the early signs of destruction.

Space November 12, 2015

Martian Moon Slowly Being Ripped Apart By The Red Planet

Phobos, a tiny moon orbiting Mars, is slowly cracking up and could disappear entirely in millions of years, scientists say. Already almost shattered by an ancient cosmic impact, the fragile moon is slowly breaking up under the stress of Mars' gravity.

Space November 10, 2015

NASA Concept Involves Landing On Phobos Before Proceeding To Mars

Scientists propose a strategy that could reduce the cost of sending astronauts to Mars. The move involves having crew land on Phobos, one of the Red Planet's moons.

Space July 2, 2015

Mars rover Curiosity captures amazing photo of asteroids

Ceres and Vesta have just been photographed by the Mars rover Curiosity. Here is the story of the picture!

Space April 26, 2014

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