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Early Earth's Climate Was More Tame Than Previously Thought, Suggesting Other Planets May Be Suitable For Life

Theories regarding early Earth's climate suggest that it had extreme weather, from fiery temperatures to ice age cold. This new research could show that other planets may be able to host life.

Earth/Environment April 2, 2018

Planet Earth May Have Once Been Donut-Shaped: Study

Earth could have started out as a donut-shaped planetary object made of vaporized and molten rock, which scientists call a synestia. This is how our planet may have looked like in its early history, after it collided with Theia.

Space May 24, 2017

Young Solar System 300 Light-Years Away Shows Scientists How Planets Evolve

Astronomers studying a recently discovered planet gain new insight into how solar systems are formed. Unlike other planets, this one exists outside its debris disk.

Space March 18, 2017

Iron Isotopes In Planets Key To Formation Of Solar System

For a deeper understanding of the formation of the solar system, the ratio variations of the iron isotopes in different planets including Earth need to be probed, according to a study. The study looked into why iron isotopic ratios vary and the role that nickel plays in planet core formation.

Space February 22, 2017

White Dwarf Star Containing Life’s Building Blocks Discovered 200 Light-Years Away From Earth

For the first time, scientists have discovered a white dwarf star featuring life’s building blocks: water, nitrogen and carbon. The results of their work spur hope of finding life in other objects in the universe.

Space February 10, 2017

Spiral Arms Around Young Star Shed Light On How Planets Form

The ALMA observatory captured an image of spiral arms in the protoplanetary disk of the young star Elias 2-27. The structure offers hints on how large planets form.

Space October 2, 2016

Astronomers Spy Water Snowline Around Young Sun-Like Star For The First Time

An outburst of brightness and heat in the young star V883 Orionis allowed scientists to see a stellar water snowline for the first time. What does the observation reveal about planet formation?

Space July 13, 2016

Peeking At Ancient Dusty Stars Is Latest Tool In Search Of Alien Planets

The understanding of how planets form has taken another step forward. How does examining a dusty dying star unravels secrets of young solar systems?

Space March 10, 2016

From Tiny Pebbles Do Giant Gas Planets Grow: Study

The largest planets in our solar system may have grown from the tiniest beginnings, new research suggests. 'Pebbles' came together to form the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn, scientists suggest.

Space August 19, 2015

'Baby Photos' Of Solar Systems Shed Light On How Our Planets Grew Up

Astronomers observe two young solar systems, babies in terms of their development, that shed light on what our own solar system was like when it was just a baby.

Geek November 13, 2014

How ALMA's new photo will change the way we view planet formation

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile recently captured the birth of planets in stunning detail, confirming theories about how planets form and how our solar system formed.

Geek November 6, 2014

Where did Neptune and Uranus come from? New research has answers

Both Neptune and Uranus are mysteries, at least when it comes to how they formed. However, after studying these two planets' positions in the Solar System, researchers suggest a new explanation.

Geek September 23, 2014

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