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Fear Of Humans Suppresses Predators But Benefits Small Animals

How do humans really affect the wildlife around them? A new study found that even recordings of human voices can alter the behaviors of predators and small animals.

Animals July 18, 2019

Scientists Alarmed Over Predators Showing Up In Unconventional Places: Here’s What’s Really Happening

If you’ve seen an alligator showing up on your local beach lately, it might be because they’re returning to their original ecosystems. The same is true for killer whales, sea otters, and other predatory animals.

Animals May 9, 2018

It's Normal For Alligators And Mountain Lions To Show Up In Unexpected Places, Study Says

A new study claims that it is normal to spot alligators on beaches and mountain lions away from mountains. The appearance of animals in unexpected places is caused by wildlife conservation efforts and is good for both animals and humans.

Animals May 8, 2018

Parents Be Warned: Kid-Friendly Kik App May Expose Kids To Online Predators

Giving kids a chance to reach out to others anonymously is one thing but exposing them to sexual predators is definitely another. Unfortunately, the kid-friendly Kik app does both without providing actual security.

Apps/Software April 29, 2016

Researchers Scare Raccoons To Test If Fear Could Help Balance Ecosystems

Top predators could serve a valuable service in ecosystems by altering the behavior of their prey, a new study finds. How could this finding help protect ecosystems?

Earth/Environment February 23, 2016

These Falcons Imprison Live Birds In Rock Crevasses To Have Fresh Meat For Their Young

Researchers in Morocco have discovered how Eleonora's falcons prefer to trap prey in rocky crevasses instead of immediately killing just like other raptors. They believe the falcons engage in this practice as a way to keep fresh food nearby while they are on their nest.

January 16, 2016

Scientists 'Kidnap' Endangered Hawaiian Petrel Chicks To Protect Them From Predators

Ten Hawaiian petrel chicks were flown from their Kauaʻi's north shore nesting ground to their new home in the Kīlauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. The endangered Hawaiian treasures were transported to predator-free zone as part of a project 30 years in the making.

Animals November 5, 2015

Hummingbirds Use Hawks As Security Guards For Nests

It may be small but it’s smart. Researchers discover that a hummingbird will build its nest close to a hawk’s to safeguard its eggs and take advantage of the predator’s presence.

Earth/Environment September 10, 2015

Behold The Unsustainable Super Predator: Humans

The ecological impact of humans is greater than that of any other natural predator species, researchers find. Our 'predatory dominance' puts a burden on the planet, they suggest.

Animals August 21, 2015

Small Animal Populations In Everglades Increasingly Under Threat From Burmese Python Invasion

A study could prove that the increasing Burmese python population in the Everglades National Park is becoming a real threat to the populations of small animals.

Earth/Environment March 20, 2015

Diversity Of Small Predators Has Huge Impact On Ecosystems

An area's smallest predators may hold the key to ecosystem health, study finds. Findings suggest link between declining biodiversity and increase in infectious diseases, scientist say.

Animals February 24, 2015

Luna Moths Use Long Tails To Throw Off Attacking Bats

Moth species using long wingtip tails to create sonic distraction to fend off attacking bats. Sound of fluttering tails interferes with the bats' echolocation hunting technique, study finds.

February 17, 2015

Feds expanding access to app aimed at nabbing child predators

An app called Operation Predator, which has been on the Apple App Store since last year, will be released in Spanish versions and on Android. The app posts information about child predators, enabling users of the app to help in the arresting of those predators.

Apps/Software October 7, 2014

Terminator-style killing by Lionfish makes them more than mere predators

Red lionfish will hunt other species to extinction, and they have expanded to cover a vast portion of the Atlantic Ocean

Earth/Environment August 15, 2014

520 million-year-old brain of one of oldest predators found, structures still intact

Well-preserved fossil of ancient marine predator shows link to living descendants, researchers say. Ancient "abnormal shrimp" could be 6 feet long, they say.

Animals July 17, 2014

How bees communicate: Whisper to friends, shout to enemies

Bee pheromones are used to signal the locations of food sources between members of individual hives. Some species of the insect have been shown to 'shout' this signal to competitors as a warning to stay away.

Animals July 10, 2014

9-foot long great white shark devoured. Hunt for 'Super Predator' begins?

A white shark, roughly 9-feet long may have been eaten in whole or part by another predator. Is there a monster shark out there waiting to be discovered?

Animals June 12, 2014

Torvosaurus gurneyi: How Europe's biggest and fiercest dinosaur got its name

Europe's largest hunter of its day had a head larger than a human, with four-inch teeth. But what is the unusual origin of the name Torvosaurus gurneyi?

Animals March 11, 2014

'Shark's Eye' camera: Getting up, close and personal with the world's deadliest marine predator

A "shark's eye" view of the world was seen by researchers creating the world's first 3D map of shark activity.

Animals February 28, 2014

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