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Large Rat Snake Discovered Hiding In Texas Walmart Shopping Cart

A Walmart employee got a huge fright after catching a huge rat snake by the parking lot. Luckily, a snake charmer was in the area and helped get rid of the snake.

Animals May 28, 2019

First Human Case Of Rat Hepatitis E Detected In Hong Kong Man

A 56-year-old man from Hong Kong has the world's first case of rat Hepatitis E in humans. How did the man contract the rat disease?

Public Health September 29, 2018

Rat Infestation In Oceanic Islands Deprives Coral Reefs Of Nutrients From Bird Poop

Birds in rat-free islands in the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean average 1,243 per hectare. The ratio is just two in rat-infested islands. Here's how the decimation of seabirds by rodents affects the health of nearby coral reefs.

Earth/Environment July 12, 2018

Oregon Woman Dies From Rare Disease Spread By Rodents: What Is Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome?

The Deschutes County Health Department confirmed that a woman in Oregon died from hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. What are the signs and symptoms of this rare disease, and how can people be protected from infection?

Public Health June 15, 2018

Swarms Of Rats Forces 2 Queensland Island Groups To Close

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services was forced to close two island groups in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Areas. It is due to the vast rat population that is threatening the islands' ecosystem.

Earth/Environment May 29, 2018

Human Stem Cell Treatment Helps 'Alcoholic Rats' Consume 90 Percent Less Booze

A recent study found that human stem cell treatment reduces alcohol abuse in rats. Testing of humans will be required in order for this potential cure to be widely available.

Medicine March 22, 2018

Male Rats Exposed To Cell Phone Radiation Develop Cancer, Says Study

In a new study, male and female rats were exposed to high cellphone radiation, the finding of which showed male rats can develop cancer. However, the study found female rats didn't get cancer.

Animals February 7, 2018

Not All Rats Are Created Equal: Why Uptown Manhattan Rats Are Different From Downtown

Uptown and downtown Manhattan rats are different from each other, according to a new study on how rats navigate the city. This is partly because these pesky rodents don’t move away far from their original location.

Animals December 2, 2017

145 Million-Year-Old Rat Teeth Offer Clues On Origins Of Modern Mammals

A student recently uncovered two ancient teeth in England that belong to rat-like creatures that lived 145 million years ago. Scientists say the creatures are the oldest known ancestors of modern mammals, including human beings.

Ancient November 7, 2017

Mickey Mouse Will Go Nuts: This Giant Rat In Solomon Islands Cracks Coconuts

A new rat species has just been discovered in the Solomon Islands. The rodent, called Uromys vika, lives on trees, weighs four times as heavy as normal rats, and apparently likes nuts.

Animals September 27, 2017

Rats Attack Paraplegic Girl In Her Bed As She Slept

Rats attacked a girl in France who was sleeping in her bed. The rodents left her with hundreds of lesions. Several of the teen's fingertips were also gnawed off.

Public Health September 10, 2017

Pet Rats Caused Illinois, Wisconsin Seoul Virus Outbreak: CDC

An outbreak of the Seoul virus, which affected eight people in Illinois and Wisconsin, was linked to pet rats. What are the symptoms of this hantavirus?

Public Health January 22, 2017

New Rat Study Ignites Debate Over Link Between Cell Phone Use And Cancer

Do cell phones cause cancer? A new report by a federal agency finds a link between cell phone radiation and cancer in rats. However, some experts remain skeptical.

Public Health May 28, 2016

Claim Of Rats The Size Of Cats In South London Is A Hoax

Recent news of 'monster rats' in the United Kingdom could be a hoax, according to a keen Internet user. Pest controller Lord Dean Burr claimed he snared six giant rats in Tooting in south London - but his photo seemed to have already been published two years ago.

Life April 20, 2016

Scientists Use Rat Sex Pheromones To Trap Rodents

Scientists from the Simon Fraser University in Canada replicated the sex pheromones of rats to lure female brown rats into traps. This rodent trap technique is deemed helpful in increasing capture rates by employing sex chemicals, sound signals, and food bait.

Animals April 14, 2016

Is That You Master Splinter? Monster Rat The Size Of A Human Baby Caught In England

Another large rat, measuring 2 feet, was caught in a Grimsby, Lincolnshire home. Rodents, according to experts, have developed a taste for pest control poisons that they are already feeding off the pesticides.

Animals April 12, 2016

It's Not Splinter: Big Rat Crawls Onto Sleeping Subway Passenger In New York

A big rat crawled on a sleeping passenger in a New York subway. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is again making headlines for sanitation and rat infestation.

Society April 1, 2016

Giant Rats Being Trained To Detect Tuberculosis In Crowded Prisons

Compared with lab technicians who may require up to four days to detect TB, trained African giant pouched rats can screen 100 sputum samples in as little as 20 minutes. The accuracy of the nocturnal creatures is also impressive at nearly 100 percent.

Life April 1, 2016

Rats Linked To Depressive Symptoms In Low-Income Neighborhoods

Rat infestation is considered a huge problem by some residents in low-income neighborhoods, a new study revealed. Researchers also found a link between the presence of rats and the chances of having anxiety or other depressive symptoms.

Life March 18, 2016

Is Giant Rodent Found In London Real? Skeptics Say They Smell A Rat

Debate is raging on social media over a photo of a giant rat supposedly found in London. But is the massive rodent real, or the result of an optical illusion?

March 12, 2016

Britain Fears Super Rat Plague: Warmer Weather May Trigger Invasion Of Giant Rats Immune To Poison

With warmer winters this year, pest control experts warn that millions of rats are set to invade Britain by summer. The rats, which are expected to grow up to 2 feet long, have become immune to over-the-counter pest control poisons.

Life January 28, 2016

Rats Carry Antibiotic Resistant Strains Of Salmonella, E.Coli Bacteria

Rats have been known as vectors of diseases because they carry pathogens. This new study sheds light in the ability of rats to act like a sponge by absorbing pathogens in their environment.

Life January 18, 2016

Animals Possess Independent Working Memory Systems, Study Confirms

Rats are found to have two independent 'working memory' resources, a discovery that can greatly improve Alzheimer's disease research. The study proponents argue that targeting the right types of memory in research is highly crucial to treating the disease.

Life January 16, 2016

Neuroscientist Says Humans Only Have One Sense, Not Five

We experience the world through our five senses, but neuroscientist Don Katz believes that we may actually have only one, all-encompassing sense: the chemosensory system. Katz has gathered evidence connecting the codependency between the sense of smell and taste.

Society December 22, 2015

Scientists Tinker With Rat Consciousness, May Help Find Better Treatments For Brain Injury

Scientists in California were able to tinker with the consciousness of rats, making them wake up or fall back into sleep by directing laser pulses on their thalamus. Their findings may possibly help treat patients with traumatic brain injury.

Life December 19, 2015

How Big Can Giant Rats Grow? Scientist Says They Can Grow Bigger Than Cows

The biggest known rodent species is an extinct rat that was about the size of a bull, and the largest living rodent is roughly as big as a sheep. Experts warn that modern day rats, if left unchecked, can reach these sizes in the near future.

Animals November 8, 2015

Researchers Discover Special 'Speedometer' Neurons In Animal Brains

A new study conducted by researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology suggests that a specific type of cell known as a speed cell allow individuals to moderate how fast or how slow they move.

Earth/Environment July 16, 2015

Giant Rats From Africa May Soon Be Clearing Landmines In Cambodia

Experts are training giant rats from Africa to detect landmines. The rats, more efficient than humans in the job, may further be able to clear Cambodia of its many landmines.

July 4, 2015

Rats Dream Of Places Where They Can Find Yummy Treats

Scientists discovered that a rat’s desire to obtain food can be manifested while it is resting – in its dreams.

Earth/Environment June 28, 2015

Rats Plan For Future In Their Dreams: UCL Study

Rats plan for the future while they sleep, a new study reveals. What can this tell us about our own species?

June 27, 2015

Rodents Living In Islands More Likely To Turn Into Giants: Study

A new study conducted by Duke University biologists suggests that rodents, such as mice, rats and gerbils, living on islands are 17 times more likely to evolve to massive sizes.

Earth/Environment June 24, 2015

Rat Limbs Grown In Lab For First Time, Technique Could Work In Primates Too

Rat limbs have been grown in a laboratory for the first time. What could this mean for the future of medical research?

Life June 4, 2015

Forget K-9: These Rats Sniff Out Bombs And Save Lives In Africa

You might be used to bomb-sniffing dogs but in Africa, they have Bomb-sniffing rats that save people's lives.

Internet Culture May 28, 2015

Geomagnetic Compass Implant Helps Blind Rats 'See'

Research with rats reveals how a wearable sensor can tap into brain potential to make up for lost sight. The findings could possibly be applied to assisting humans with seeing problems.

Life April 4, 2015

Disease-Carrying Fleas Hitch Rides On New York City Rats

New York City rats are hosting fleas that could carry diseases, including the bubonic plague. Is there reason to be worried?

Life March 3, 2015

How Does the Nose 'Know' What Odors Are and What They Mean?

Identifying odors involves both the nose and the brain in a process that researchers say proved to be surprisingly simple. Despite the complexity of our brains, a simple linear calculation by our neurons can immediately identify a smell, they say.

Life January 13, 2015

Wonder What Keeps NYC Streets Clean? Bugs, Spiders and Little Critters

Spiders and ants prevent food waste from piling up in urban dwellings and also curb the spread of disease by eating littered food that rats and pathogen-carrying pests would otherwise eat.

Life December 3, 2014

Study Shows a Mother's Love Can Relieve Infant's Pain

Pain relief in infant rats comes about from the presence of the young rodent's mother. What could this mean for treatment of pain in human infants?

Life November 20, 2014

8 million rats in New York City? No, says new study

There is comfort in knowing that there aren't as many rats in New York as the city’s residents. A new study clarifies more realistic number for rodent population.

Life November 6, 2014

NYC rats are little carriers of novel diseases and bacteria

Survey of rats in New York City reveals wide range of bacteria and pathogens which could be risks to humans. Some pathogens discovered were unknown to science, researchers say.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 15, 2014

New York City rats are more dangerous than we thought

Most people think rats are pretty gross, and they try to stay away from them. Now a new study shows that they're even more disease-ridden than we may have thought before.

Internet Culture October 15, 2014

Rats! New survey ranks rattiest cities

Pest control company Orkin ranked the cities with the most rats, based on its data and on the amount of treatments performed. The number one spot may come at a surprise.

Internet Culture October 13, 2014

Botox might deter stomach cancer

Botox has more uses than just a beauty treatment. Researchers have found a possible application for Botox in cancer treatment.

Life August 22, 2014

Rats in Space? Rodents will head to International Space Station, says NASA

The International Space Station could see a mini-crew of rats arriving soon, but what does that mean for a trip to Mars?

Space August 22, 2014

Rats are the new astronauts: NASA to send rats to space to test microgravity effect

NASA plans long-term stay on space station for some four-legged astronauts. Rats will spend up to 3 months aboard the orbiting science facility.

Space August 21, 2014

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