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WOCC Report Shows Most Women Uninformed About Ovarian Cancer

A new study found that an alarming number of women have not heard of or do not know anything about ovarian cancer. The study also suggested that a number of doctors do not know enough about the disease.

Public Health October 22, 2018

Doctors Warn About Putting Wasp Nest In Vagina: Here's Why Some Women Do It

Oak galls can cause burning and drying of women's private parts. An ob-gyn warned it can cause infection, but why do some women use these wasp nests as a vaginal product?

Public Health June 2, 2017

Organ-On-A-Chip: Scientists Recreate Menstrual Cycle In 3D To Aid In Drug Testing

Researchers developed a 3D model of the female reproductive system using organ-on-a-chip technology. The device called EVATAR replicates the complete menstrual cycle and has managed to even produce hormones and release an egg.

Biotech March 29, 2017

Infections During Pregnancy Linked To Prenatal Brain Development

Maternal infections during pregnancy can lead to abnormal development of the fetus. The defense mechanism used by the mother’s immune system can influence the child’s brain development in the womb.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 21, 2017

Young Female Cancer Survivors Need More Information On Fertility Preservation

New research reveals that most young female cancer survivors need more information about preserving their fertility before and after treatment. Experts urge for increased reproductive health counseling.

Public Health May 25, 2016

Experts Advise Teaching 3-Year-Olds About Sex And Fertility

Children as young as age 3 can already be given fertility and sex education, according to British experts who believe reproductive health can be taught early on through YouTube, social media and other digital platforms.

Life April 18, 2016

Contraceptive Pills Not Tied To Birth Defects: Negative Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills

A new study provides assurance for women who used to take birth control pills and want to become future moms. Experts found that the use of oral contraceptives before or during pregnancy is not linked to birth defects in babies.

Life January 8, 2016

Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit Against Texas Over Medicaid Cutting: How Budget Cuts Affect States, Women

Planned Parenthood associates in Texas along with 10 Medicaid patients sued the state of Texas for its decision to defund the healthcare provider. Planned Parenthood states that Texas' decision has nothing to do with healthcare; rather it is focused more on politicking.

Life November 30, 2015

Durex Urges Creation Of Safe Sex Emoji To Spur Condom, STI Talks

Durex recently launched a Twitter campaign with #CondomEmoji, urging people to share and use the hashtag to promote discussions about safe sex. The campaign supports the global fight against HIV and AIDS.

Life November 19, 2015

Overuse Of Contraceptive Pills May Lead To Blood Coagulation

Overuse of contraceptive pills has harmful effects to women’s health, experts say. If not taken with care, they may cause blood coagulation and other diseases.

Life October 16, 2015

OB-GYN Group Warns Toxic Chemicals Harm Human Reproduction and Health

FIGO urged reproductive health professionals to help in reducing exposure to toxic chemicals. Pesticides, solvents and similar substances are associated with stillbirths, miscarriages and congenital malformation.

Life October 1, 2015

Belgian Woman Gives Birth From Transplanted Frozen Ovarian Tissue

A Belgian woman, who was severely sick when she was a child, had her ovarian tissues frozen. Now, she has given birth through the help of technology.

Life June 10, 2015

California Mulling Over More Stringent Warnings For Products With BPA

A decision by a board of experts would have BPA-containing products such as plastic bottles and canned goods that are distributed in California bear a label that warns of the harmful effect of BPA on women's reproductive health.

Life May 10, 2015

Mothers Should Only Have C-Sections If Medically Necessary: Here's Why

Thirty-three percent of births in the U.S. are delivered through C-section, but the World Health Organization has warned against medically unnecessary Caesarean sections, citing short- and long-term health consequences.

Internet Culture April 11, 2015

Discovery of key protein that lets sperm and egg fuse could revolutionize infertility treatment

Scientists have discovered a key protein that allows a sperm and egg cell to fuse during fertilization. The discovery could lead to further applications in reproductive health.

Life April 19, 2014

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