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Engineers Demonstrate Bubbles Of Sand That Move Like Oil Droplets In Water

In a groundbreaking study, engineers demonstrated the formation of "sand bubbles" between two different types of sand. It's the first time the behavior has been observed between two solid granular particles.

Material Science April 23, 2019

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Captures Image Of Blue Dune On Red Planet

The HiRISE camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured an image of a blue dune on Mars' Lyot Crater region. The image was enhanced to provide a better look at the surface features of the Red Planet.

Space June 23, 2018

NASA Curiosity Mars Rover Samples Active Linear Dune On Red Planet

After conducting analysis of the crescent-shaped dunes on Mars, the Curiosity rover has taken samples from a linear dune on the Red Planet. What are the differences NASA observed between the crescent and linear dunes?

Space May 7, 2017

What Are Mysterious Ripples On Sand Dunes Of Mars?

Sand dunes on Mars have three types of ripples, while those on dry land here on Earth show just two. What can this tell us about the geological past of the Red Planet?

Space July 1, 2016

NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds Petrified Sand Dunes On Mars

Scientists at NASA released a panoramic view of Mars' surface features, including a photograph of what is believed to be ridges of cemented sand dunes.

Space September 14, 2015

Mysterious holes in sand dunes of Mount Baldy baffle scientists

Mount Baldy in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore has been closed off due to a mysterious hazard. The area has been deemed dangerous after the appearance of strange "man-eating" holes in the sand.

Earth/Environment April 30, 2014

Has Star Trek Starfleet set up a base in Mars? Martian sand dunes suggest so

Strange formations on Mars look like the insignia from Star Trek. They lie like birds or fleets of aircraft on long flights. But what does any of this have to do with an interplanetary internet network?

Space February 24, 2014

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