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Teens Are Having Less Sex For The First Time In Decades, But Still At Risk For New Dangers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that teenagers are having less sex for the first time in 10 years. The data that was collected from a nationwide survey stated that teenagers are still at risk for other dangers.

Public Health June 15, 2018

Women View Men With Flashy Cars As More Promiscuous

A study found that men with flashy cars are viewed as more sexually promiscuous and likely disengaged in finding a partner for life. The finding contradicted previous assumptions that men with lavish cars are instantaneously attractive to women.

Feature | Science May 8, 2018

Men With Wide And Square Faces More Likely To Cheat: Study

People whose face is wider and shorter as well as more square have higher sex drive. What are the physical traits of men comfortable with the idea of casual sex?

Feature | Health September 23, 2017

More US Teens Are Using Contraception When They Have Sex For The First Time: CDC

A new CDC study suggests that more American teenagers are now using contraceptives during sex than in previous years. Many even choose to use some form of contraception when they have intercourse for the first time.

Public Health June 22, 2017

Are Millennials Having Less Sex? Research Says Yes

New research finds a decline in sexual frequency among American adults, with millennials having the least amount of sex compared to their grandparents in their youth.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 12, 2017

Americans Having Less Sex Than They Used To: Is This A Bad Thing?

Is it bad when adult Americans are having less sex than they used to? A study says yes. In addition to sleeping habits and marital satisfaction, the nightly sexual behavior determines how an employee performs his work the following day.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 9, 2017

3 Things Could Boost Female Orgasm Potential, According To Researchers

It's called the 'golden trio' of sexual moves. According to a new study, a combination of genital stimulation, deep kissing, and oral sex could boost the chances of female orgasm.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 24, 2017

Sexual Activity Linked To Increased Prostate Cancer Risk

Men who had more sexual partners and had their first sexual experience at an early age were found to have higher risk for prostate cancer. What are the risk factors for the most common non-skin cancer among American men?

Healthy Living/Wellness November 21, 2016

The Hotter The Girl, The Less Likely Men Will Want To Wear Condom: Study

In what may come as a surprise to someone out there, scientists have confirmed that guys are less inclined to want to wear condoms during casual sex when they're really attracted to their hook up.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 27, 2016

Researchers Identify Genes That Influence Early Sexual Activity

New research uncovered 38 gene variants linked to age when one will first engage in sex, as well as age at first birth or how many children one will end up having. The study revealed not just genes for early sex, but also other surprising genetic influences on behavior.

Life April 19, 2016

Social Environment Can Affect Sexual Orientation, Fruit Fly Study Suggests

Japanese scientists have discovered how a fruitless gene mutation can alter sexual behavior in male fruit flies raised in groups. Those with the mutated gene tend to pursue other male fruit flies without direct stimulation or sex pheromone priming.

Life February 24, 2016

Researchers Identify First Demonstration Of Sexual Selection In Dinosaurs

Shaking what their momma gave them? Researchers have found that Protoceratops have bony frills that change in shape and size as they grow older, hinting at function akin to sexual display.

Animals January 15, 2016

Teens With Weak Memory More Likely To Have Risky Sex, Says Study

Adolescents with weak working memory have more difficulty controlling their impulsive behavior. They are also likely to engage in risky sexual activities with less regard for longer consequences, such as contracting sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy.

Life June 19, 2015

Shocking: Seals Found Chasing and Raping Penguins (Caught on Camera)

Fur seals have been discovered to be sexually forcing themselves upon penguins in a sub-Antarctic island. Scientists can only speculate on what is causing the extreme sexual behavior.

Earth/Environment November 19, 2014

Infanticide: Biggest Threat to Baby Chacma Baboons? Adult Males (and here's what females do to prevent it)

South Africa's Chacma baboons and a number of other animals practice infanticide. The behavior is a sexual strategy of the adult males of these species.

Animals November 14, 2014

Who would have guessed? Sexting may be factor in sexual behavior by middle school crowd

Teens who sex text more are likely to be having sex, as are teens who just send a bucket load of no-sex texts every day, claims new research. What's under debate is whether sex text is a risk behavior or digital teen flirtation.

Life June 30, 2014

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