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US Navy Drafts New Guidelines For Reporting UFO Sightings

Reports of UFO sightings from military personnel will now be subject to strict guidelines from the U.S. Navy. This is in response to a growing number of sailors allegedly witnessing unexplained aerial phenomena in American territories.

Space April 28, 2019

NASA Is Testing Swarms Of Tiny Cicada-Like Drones

NASA tested CICADA drones that can monitor the weather and atmosphere. The tiny flyers have been developed by the U.S. Navy with the hopes of deploying the drones in hostile territories.

Robotics April 23, 2019

US Navy Using Xbox 360 Controller To Operate New Attack Submarine

In an effort to cut costs, the U.S. Navy will be using old technology to operate its new attack submarine. It will be using an Xbox 360 controller to partially operate the new vessel.

Viral March 20, 2018

Newly Released Video Reveals UFO Encounter In 2015 By US Navy Pilots

A rare video has surfaced online showing U.S. Navy pilots encountering a white object that looks like a UFO in the sky. Watch the video to see how the pilots react to their first encounter with a weird flying object.

Viral March 13, 2018

US Navy Invites Gamers To Help Humanity Survive Post-Singularity World: Nope, Not A Movie

The U.S. Navy is calling upon gamers to help prepare for the problems that a post-singularity world will bring. Participants can now sign up for the Maritime Singularity MMOWGLI, which will run from one week starting March 27.

Defense March 17, 2017

Navy Data Breach: Navy Reveals Personal Data Of 130,000 Sailors Hacked

The U.S. Navy confirmed that data of about 130,000 sailors were compromised as a result of a latest breach. The Navy has no information that suggests misuse of leaked data.

Security November 24, 2016

Navy Develops Futuristic DAVD HUD For Augmented Reality Underwater

The U.S. Navy announced its latest research program involving a Divers Augmented Vision Display that can use augmented reality on a head-up display. The Iron Man-inspired gadget will help professionals streamline their underwater activity.

Defense June 4, 2016

John Kerry On Simulated Attack Of Russian Jets: Reckless, Provocative, Dangerous

Tension arose in the Baltic Sea when two Russian jets flew past an American destroyer. Secretary John Kerry has called it reckless, provocative, and dangerous.

Society April 16, 2016

Russian Attack Jets Buzz Within Yards Of US Navy Destroyer In Baltic Sea

The U.S. Navy Destroyer, the Donald Cook, faced repeated run-ins by two Russian Su-24 striker jets in Baltic Sea for two days. The jets, accompanied by a Russian military helicopter, were said to make numerous passes in low-altitude circles despite radio warnings, severely disrupting the warship’s flight routine.

FUTURE TECH April 14, 2016

Navy Backs Autism Screening App That May Help Find Signs Of PTSD

The U.S. Navy is supporting an autism screening app that can read and detect facial expressions. Through this capability, the app could be tweaked to also detect signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Life March 21, 2016

Watch USS Hartford Surface In Arctic Circle For Submarine Readiness Exercises

The USS Hartford (SSN 768), together with the USS Hampton (SSN 767), have arrived in the Arctic Circle for the Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2016. Watch the USS Hartford's dramatic surfacing through the thick ice of the region.

FUTURE TECH March 21, 2016

Experts Propose Converting Guantanamo From Prison To Research Center: Here's The Plan

U.S. scientists proposed that Guantanamo Bay or Gitmo could be transformed into a marine research center. Pursuing what they called Green Gitmo, this could help Cuba get on an eco-friendly path.

Society March 18, 2016

US Navy Wants To Deploy Railgun Aboard Zumwalt-Class Destroyers

An admiral in the U.S. Navy has suggested that the government should forgo its plan to test a prototype electromagnetic railgun in favor of having a functional unit be placed on a Zumwalt-class destroyer. The futuristic warship features a built-in power plant with enough energy to power the high-tech gun.

FUTURE TECH February 15, 2016

Meet ACTUV, DARPA's 132-Foot Unmanned Submarine Hunter

DARPA is launching the Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel, or the ACTUV, on its maiden mission in April. The 132-foot, 140-ton drone is capable of hunting stealth submarines.

FUTURE TECH February 13, 2016

Sonic Boom, Not Earthquake, Caused The Tremors That Rocked South Jersey

The U.S. Navy confirmed that flight testing two of their military aircraft were likely the source of the nine, back-to-back sonic booms that caused the ground to shake in southern New Jersey. The U.S. Geological Services found no seismic activity, ruling out the possibility of an earthquake.

Animals January 29, 2016

Largest Container Ship In U.S. Navy History Arrives In Port Of Los Angeles

The CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin stretches 1,300 feet long and is capable of loading 18,000 containers.

December 29, 2015

Navy's New $4.3 Billion Stealth Destroyer Helps Rescue Fisherman In Maine

The new U.S. Navy stealth destroyer saved a fisherman, who was having chest pains while aboard a boat in Maine. The $4.3 billion ship called Zumwalt paved the way for the immediate medical evacuation of the man.

Society December 14, 2015

US, Japan Conduct Second Test Of Missile Interceptor Off Southern California Coast

The U.S. Navy successfully conducted a missile interceptor test off the coast of Southern California last Tuesday, Dec. 8. The tested SM-3 Block IIA missile boasts of a more able kill vehicle and bigger rocket motors for better protection against ballistic missile threats.

FUTURE TECH December 10, 2015

That's Not A Weather Balloon – UFO Sighting In Californnia Was A Secret Navy Missile Test

A U.S. Navy finally reveals that the California U.F.O. sighted on Nov. 7 was a scheduled and unannounced missile test launch. A military analyst believes the secrecy of the operation was necessary

FUTURE TECH November 9, 2015

Submarine Contractors Of Australia Express Concern Over Possible Hacking Attempts Of Chinese, Russian Spies

Hackers have attempted to steal top secret information about Australia's project on building its future submarines, dubbed Sea 1000 Future Submarine program. The bidders of the project are pointing their fingers to Chinese and Russian spies as primary suspects.

FUTURE TECH November 9, 2015

US Navy Commissions USS John Warner: What The Most Lethal Warship Is Capable Of Doing

The USS John Warner, the most powerful attack submarine in the world, has been commissioned to join the U.S. Navy’s fleet of operating warships.

FUTURE TECH August 5, 2015

$9.1 Million: Amount U.S. Navy Pays Microsoft To Keep 100,000 Computers Running Windows XP

Microsoft put its popular Windows XP to rest a while back, but many still use the old OS and the Navy is one of them.

Society June 24, 2015

Navy Secretary Aiming To Create More Opportunities For Women

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus is set to announce several new initiatives. Some are specifically geared toward supporting and improving the presence of women in the Navy, like outfitting all personnel in the same sets of uniforms.

May 14, 2015

Army Helicopter Crashes In Florida: 7 Marines, 4 Soldiers Presumed Dead

An army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter was reported to have crashed in Florida. Seven marines and four soldiers aboard the helicopter for a night training mission are presumed dead, one Pentagon official says.

Society March 11, 2015

There's Now A Robot That Fights Fires

The Navy recently unveiled a prototype for a robot that fights fires. Not only could these robots help save lives, but they also look really cool in action.

Geek February 5, 2015

Hello GhostSwimmer: U.S. Navy's New Underwater Drone Can Frighten Bejeezus Out of Swimmers and Enemies

The U.S. Navy's GhostSwimmer looks and moves like a fish and it can be used as a robotic spy to infiltrate enemy territory. It could be operational starting next year.

FUTURE TECH December 18, 2014

Lockheed F-35C completes first landing on aircraft carrier [Video]

The F-35C's successful landing is a significant milestone for the $399 billion program, which is the biggest weapons project ever undertaken by the Pentagon.

FUTURE TECH November 4, 2014

New U.S. Navy toys: Robotic boats that can easily swarm enemies, protect fleet

The U.S. Navy is developing a new offensive and defensive strategy with the use of drone boats. The technology would require little or no human interaction.

FUTURE TECH October 8, 2014

A super-secure e-reader with no Wi-Fi or ports? That's NeRD!

The U.S. Navy has issued an eReader, called NeRD, that is meant for sailors on long journeys. It comes with no ports or Wi-Fi access, but preloaded with 300 books.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 8, 2014

Navy hands out NeRD e-readers with no Wi-Fi - 99 bottles of beer on the wall

What's a Navy sailor to do marooned underwater in a submarine with no iPad, no smartphone and no books? Previously counting sheep or singing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" were the only reasonable options, but now, the U.S. Navy is handing out NeRD e-readers with hundreds of books and no Wi-Fi to sailors.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 7, 2014

U.S. Navy ready to live test laser to kill drones: Weapon is run via a video game controller

Only in the movies have we ever witnessed lasers being used in battle. However, that is about to change thanks to LaWS.

FUTURE TECH April 8, 2014

Raytheon to build advanced radar systems for US Navy in $1.6 billion deal

The US Navy has chosen Raytheon Co. over Lockheed Martin Corp and Northrop Grumman Corp to build its new defense radar for use on Arleigh Burke destroyers in a contract valued at $1.6 billion.

FUTURE TECH October 13, 2013

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