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Drinking Water Additive Recalled Over Potential Contamination With Deadly Bacteria

A company is voluntarily recalling its water additive product after FDA analysis revealed that it was contaminated with a potentially deadly bacteria. The bacteria is typically contracted in hospital settings.

Public Health March 7, 2019

More Than 90 Percent Of Bottled Water Are Contaminated With Microplastic Particles

Analysis of more than 250 water bottles revealed that 93 percent of the samples are contaminated with tiny pieces of plastic particles. It is not yet clear how ingestion of microplastic can impact human health.

Public Health March 15, 2018

How Cholera And Diarrhea Pathogens Spread Northward Because Of Climate Change

Infectious disease experts are concerned about climate change. See how this crisis could increase chances of diseases, and move them to places they may have never gone before.

Public Health February 18, 2017

Washington State Sues Agrochemical Giant Monsanto Over Toxic PCB Contamination

The state of Washington is suing agricultural company Monsanto for producing and selling toxic chemicals known as PCBs. The products have been found to cause serious health issues in humans and animals.

Earth/Environment December 10, 2016

Tourist Alert: Vietnam’s Central Beaches Now Safe For Swimming After Wastewater Disaster

Tourists, rejoice! Vietnam’s central beaches have now been declared safe for swimmers after a wastewater disaster ravaged four provinces in the country in April.

Earth/Environment August 22, 2016

'Super Bacteria' Detected In Several Rio Olympics Venues

Two separate studies have detected potentially dangerous 'super bacteria' in several venues for the 2016 Rio Olympics. What likely caused the contamination?

Public Health June 11, 2016

Paper-Based Biosensor Developed To Assess Toxicity Levels In Water

Water sampling is routinely done to test water quality. With the paper-based biosensor bioassay, assessing toxicity levels in water is simplified and made more affordable.

Earth/Environment April 21, 2016

America's Most Endangered Rivers Of 2016: ACF River Basin, San Joaquin, Susquehanna Top List

Is your river in serious condition? A group has listed down the most endangered rivers in the United States for 2016.

Earth/Environment April 14, 2016

Boil Your Water Before Using: E. Coli Present In Portion Of Wellesley College Water System

E.Coli was found in the water supply of some buildings of Wellesley College. The school advised the students and faculty to boil the water before using it.

Life April 10, 2016

Nitrogen From Farm Fertilizers Can Pollute Drinking Water For Decades

Man-made nitrogen fertilizers have been used for decades. Researchers found that even if farmers stop using these fertilizers today, the levels of nitrates in water will remain high for decades.

Earth/Environment March 16, 2016

51,000 In Texas Depend On Drinking Water Systems Contaminated With Arsenic: Report

About 51,000 people in Texas have been exposed to water contaminated with a toxic substance called arsenic. The levels of arsenic are beyond the limits, yet the state still implies that the water is safe to use, an environmental group said.

Life March 15, 2016

Cactus Guts May Hold Key To Removing Toxins From Water

The inner guts or mucilage of cactus have been shown to attract arsenic, sediments and other water contaminants. Rooting from traditional practice, the technique could benefit drinking water, aquaculture, and other everyday purposes.

Earth/Environment March 14, 2016

Cheap Water Purification Technology Developed In Switzerland May Solve Flint Water Crisis

Swiss scientists debuted a new, cheap water purification process that removes up to 99 percent of impurities using a paper-like membrane. The new filtering process can help solve the Flint, Michigan water crisis where over 100,000 residents were exposed to high levels of lead.

Earth/Environment February 1, 2016

Legionnaires’ Disease Bacteria Found In Minneapolis Hospital Water Samples

Hospital officials announce that Veterans Affairs Medical Center's water supply is tainted with Legionella, the bacteria that cause Legionnaire's disease. Though no cases of illness were reported, the water supply was flushed and water filters were installed on faucets and shower heads.

Life November 30, 2015

Chemicals And Drugs Found In Minnesota Waterways, Study Says

Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and streams are in trouble as a study confirms the presence of chemicals and drugs in the state’s waterways.

Life June 5, 2015

Clinton, Utah authorities warn residents of possible E. coli contamination of water supply

Residents of Clinton, Utah have been advised against the use of tap water because of probable E. coli contamination. The city's water supply is believed to be contaminated after irrigation water supply was accidentally connected to the city water supply.

Life August 8, 2014

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