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Plague-Infected Cat In Wyoming Is The Third In Past Six Months

Health authorities announced that a cat in Wyoming is confirmed to have the plague. The cat is the third case of the illness in Wyoming in the past six months.

Public Health January 14, 2019

Earth Is In Volcano Season: Supervolcano Eruption Could Occur Within 80 Years, European Scientists Warn

A report found that a supervolcano eruption in Yellowstone may claim the lives of millions within 80 years. Since the government is not prepared for such rare volcanic eruptions, it may cause more damage than asteroids, tsunamis and drought.

Animals January 8, 2016

Massive Crack Forms In Wyoming Mountain: What Caused This Geologic Phenomenon?

Geologists have suggested that the massive crack that formed in Wyoming may have been caused by a slow-moving landslide. Nicknamed "The Gash", the formation is a spectacular reminder of nature's mysterious capacity, onlookers said.

Animals November 1, 2015

Massive Crack On The Ground Mysteriously Appears In Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains

A huge crack that appeared on the foothills of Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming caused massive curiosity. Experts speculated the gash is a result of a slow-moving landslide.

Animals October 31, 2015

Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption Could Cause Up To 90,000 Immediate Fatalities

Scientists warned that if the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts, it could wipe out majority of the United States. 90,000 could be killed and rescue operations would be impossible to deploy as the affected area would be in a state of volcanic winter. Chances of a volcanic eruption are, however, very slim.

Earth/Environment August 12, 2015

Discovery Of Fossil Of 'Jesus Lizard' Ancestor Intrigues Scientists

A 'Jesus lizard' that lived 48 million years ago was discovered in Wyoming. What was a tropical creature doing in this environment?

July 2, 2015

Jesus Lizard' May Have Walked On Water In Wyoming 48 Million-Year-Old Ago

The fossilized remains of the Babibasiliscus alxi, a Jesus lizard that lived around 48 million years ago, could provide the answer to understanding the environmental conditions that existed in southwestern Wyoming back when it was still around 10 degrees warmer.

Earth/Environment July 2, 2015

Natural Trap Cave in Wyoming is treasure trove of Ice Age mammal fossils

Natural Trap Cave in Wyoming is examined by a team of researchers for the first time in four decades. This is what they found.

Animals August 10, 2014

Ancient fossil haul from Wyoming cave is a paleontologist’s dream

Cave opened to science for the first time in 30 years yields treasure trove of animal bones. Remains of extinct North American lions, cheetahs, wolves and bears hauled from bottom of deep cavern.

Animals August 8, 2014

Trap Cave in Wyoming - a treasure trove of fossils - to be re-opened to scientists

Paleontologists will be allowed to conduct research in a fossil treasure trove, not explored in four decades.

July 26, 2014

Mule deer complete marathon 150-mile migration [VIDEO]

Mule deer make the longest migrations of any land mammals in the continental United States. Why didn't we know about this before now?

Animals April 24, 2014

Yellowstone Park Volcano Dying?

The Yellowstone Caldera is the largest volcano in the world. Is it dying out, or is a catastrophe brewing?

Animals March 24, 2014

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