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Who Is Filthy Frank? YouTuber Seen In YouTube Kids Videos Giving Suicide Tips To Children

A pediatrician in Florida found a clip inserted into videos posted on YouTube Kids that encourage children to harm themselves. The clip shows YouTuber Filthy Frank, who has more than 6 million subscribers on his channel.

Internet February 26, 2019

Mother Finds Suicide Tips For Children In YouTube And YouTube Kids Videos

Last summer, YouTube Kids took down a video containing instructions on how to commit suicide. Months later, another video with the same harmful content resurfaces on YouTube.

Internet February 26, 2019

YouTube Is Releasing A Kids App With Better Algorithm So Your Children Can Avoid Graphic Content

YouTube is set to release a modified version of YouTube Kids that will only offer videos curated by actual humans instead of an algorithm. The move is a means to prevent children from stumbling upon inappropriate content.

Internet April 7, 2018

Original Series Are Coming To YouTube Kids This Spring

YouTube Red subscribers will be able to stream four original series that will launch on the YouTube Kids app starting this April.

Internet February 13, 2017

Kid Lands In Hospital After YouTube Stunt Imitation Goes Wrong

An 8-year-old boy from New Hampshire suffers a bad burn after imitating a YouTube sanitizer stunt, and his mother has spoken up to warn other parents.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 20, 2017

YouTube Kids Is Now Available As Ad-Free Option As Part Of A YouTube Red Subscription

YouTube announced the integration of its Kids app with its subscription service YouTube Red to provide parents with an ad-free option for their children.

Internet August 3, 2016

YouTube Kids Under Fire Once More For Junk Food Ads

Two child adovacy groups have filed complaints against Google-owned YouTube Kids over junk food ads. The groups called on the Federal Trade Commission to put a stop on what they called 'Google's deceptive and unfair practices' on the mobile app.

Legal November 25, 2015

YouTube Kids Will Give Parents More Control But 'No System Is Perfect'

YouTube gives parents more control over its portal for kids. Still, YouTube Kids has more growing up to do.

Apps/Software October 5, 2015

Consumer Watchdog Groups Express Grievance Claiming Updated YouTube Still Exposes Kids To Misleading Ads

YouTube Kids app continue to draw criticism from consumer watchdog groups. Apart from including actual TV commercials, the app is also seen as excessive and deceptive in nature.

Apps/Software October 5, 2015

YouTube Kids Update Adds More Parental Control To Child-Focused Video Service

YouTube released updates that will give parents more control over what their children watch on YouTube Kids. YouTube, however, admits that 'no system is perfect,' asking parents to participate in improving the service.

Apps/Software October 2, 2015

YouTube Kids Gets Updated, Receives Chromecast Support And Better Parental Controls

A new update to YouTube Kids allows children to stream their favorite YouTube videos on a bigger screen, while providing parents with more control over what their children can do on the app.

Apps/Software September 10, 2015

Google's YouTube Kids Isn't Too Safe For Kids? Watchdogs Spot Sex And Violence

When Google launched its YouTube Kids app in February, they said that the available videos in the app had content which had been narrowed down to make them appropriate for kids. However, some consumer groups disagree and asked for an investigation of the app.

Internet May 19, 2015

Consumer Group Accuses YouTube Kids Of Exposing Children To Unwanted Ads

A coalition of advocacy groups claim that YouTube Kids should be investigated by the Federal Trade Commission for possibly violating regulations on advertisements targeted at children.

Business April 7, 2015

YouTube Kids: 5 Channels Worth Checking Out

Here are five channels worth checking out on the new YouTube Kids app released on Monday.

Internet Culture February 23, 2015

Kid-Friendly YouTube App For Android Launching Monday: Here's What It Means

A kid-friendly version of YouTube is set to be released on Monday, offering child-appropriate content to YouTube's youngest users. The service features larger buttons and parental controls.

Apps/Software February 21, 2015

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