Whenever the phrase "social media" comes up, the most common ones that come to mind are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and last but not least, Google+.

The first few platforms continue to be the most popular among users, as a bulk of the population depends on them for anything that interests them. Google's platform was praised for its features when it first came out, but issues with spam apparently prompted people to ignore their accounts. Now, the developers have introduced new features and improvements to Google+.

Rebuilding With Improvements

The news concerning the upcoming changes for the Google+ was posted by Leo Deegan, the social media platform's engineering manager. The upgraded platform is yet to be released so most users other than the developers had a chance to play around with the new build.

In truth, the upgrades might not matter to most people who have abandoned Google's platform. However, there are dedicated groups that will supposedly benefit from the changes, according to some other reports.

Incoming Changes Detailed By Google

Deegan confirmed that visually, Google+ will still look the same as it does now. Yet its core features will allegedly be retooled to accommodate future updates. Significant changes include scrolling improvements, stream rendering, a redesigned photo lightbox, viewable grey-spammed comments, and slide up comments.

"Though it very closely resembles the current app, this new version is the culmination of a complete rewrite of many core features using Google's latest Android app infrastructure which will allow our Android team to build new features on a modern tech stack," wrote Deegan.

Along with the new upgrades, users might encounter bugs both new and old. The development team implored users to bear with the small issues until everything settles down.

Changes will be distributed gradually, which, according to the developers, will be "over the next several days."

Here to Stay

Despite rumors that Google+ will eventually lose support due to the decline of its number of users, the upcoming update proves otherwise. Even though analysts predict that the platform does not have a chance to match numbers that Twitter and Facebook can manage to pull, its group of loyal users continues to take advantage of some of its features not available with competitors.

Hopefully, the developers can deliver their intended platform that will supposedly give its users freedom from harassment, spam, and other issues that continue to plague other applications. Yet, everything must be packaged with an attractive design and outstanding features as well.

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