Android P Reportedly Launching Aug. 20, But Here’s How To Install It Now


Android P may have just gotten an official release date. According to trusted smartphone insider Evan Blass, the latest version of Android is rolling out on Aug. 20.

Of course, developers have been toying around with the operating system for quite some time now thanks to a bunch of developer previews and beta versions Google has released as part of its beta program, but the general public can finally expect it soon.

While Blass didn't state outright that Android P is launching on Aug. 20, he did tweet a photo of a calendar with the letter "P" stamped on Aug. 20, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out what that means. Just note, however, that this might indicate other things too. Maybe Google is going to reveal the official nickname of Android P on that date. Who knows?

Android P

Android P isn't exactly a radical Android release, but it does bring over a bunch of much-needed changes that significantly improve the overall experience of using an Android phone.

For starters, the OS now takes into account notches because a lot of manufacturers are increasingly copying Apple's design for the iPhone X. Android P's status bar avoids the middle part as much as possible if the phone sports a notch, so nothing gets blocked from view. Google also recently revealed guidelines on notches, telling developers and manufacturers they're only allowed to put two notches per phone.

Android P also eschews the traditional navigation tray in place of a much more intuitive gesture bar, which is similar to the iPhone X's gesture controls. Instead of displaying Back, Home, and Menu keys all the time, Android P now shows a tiny navigation bar. Users swipe up to go home, swipe and hold to open the multitasking tray, or swipe left and right to switch between apps. The gestures will, of course, vary depending on the manufacturer, but Google makes it possible right off the bat.

How To Install Android P Right Now

Whether or not Android P finally rolls out on Aug. 20, impatient users can now technically have it installed on their mobile devices. Those who have Pixel phones are in luck because the process is as easy as heading over to the Android Beta Program website and signing up to receive beta software.

For those who have other phones, the process is going to be a bit more difficult. It's not impossible, though, but it will take some, time, patience, and through reading. Below is a list of phones that can run beta versions of Android P. Click on them to view their respective installation processes.

Essential Phone

OnePlus 6

Sony Xperia XZ2

Nokia 7

Oppo R15 Pro

Vivo X21UD

Vivo X21

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

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