Microsoft is set to hold a world press conference on Oct. 2 in New York, where the company is expected to reveal its upgraded Surface line.

According to multiple media reports, Microsoft is scheduled to unveil the latest updates to its Surface Pro convertible tablet and the Surface Laptops. It is anticipated that Microsoft will equip them with the latest processors from Intel.

It was also reported that Microsoft is set to update the Surface Pro's chip with the latest chipsets that has a faster memory and an improved wireless and 4G technology. Also, the Surface Pro is expected to get few updates that could help spice up its launching.

However, those anticipating a big redesign from Microsoft for the Surface Pro must wait since its launching is expected to be held next year. Microsoft's Surface line is due for an overhaul, as it was launched two years ago.

The timing could not be any better, as Intel recently launched its eighth-generation mobile processors at the IFA. It is predicted that the latest Microsoft Surface Laptops will carry the Whiskey Lake U-series processor and energy efficient Amber Lake Y-series processors.

Surface Book 2 To Get Small Update

Microsoft could also use the event to reveal a small update to its Surface Book 2, which was launched last year. The update could be performance-related to give users more flexibility and higher specs. In addition, Microsoft could boost the specifications of its Surface Studio and the Surface Laptops in time for Christmas and through 2019.

World Press Event To Also Focus On Microsoft Services

The event could also be used by Microsoft as springboard for its services and hardware for both home and work, including some portions of the next Windows 10 update features. Microsoft could use the event to provide users a sneak-peek into some of the latest inclusions in the Windows 10 update, which carries a codename 19H1.

The event could also serve as preview for the Surface Hub 2, which will be available next year. The original Surface Hub, which was launched back in 2016, is available in two options: 1080p 55-inch and 4K 84-inch. The Surface Hub 2 will be equipped with a 50.5-inch display, a 4K resolution, and 3:2 aspect ratio with extremely thin bezels.

Microsoft's press event will be sandwiched between the Apple and Google's own announcements in connection with their new line of smartphones. Next week, Apple will launch its iPhone XS, while Google has set the press conference for its Pixel 3 line on Oct. 9.

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