Xbox Series X restock has been the harder trend to find these days, especially as Microsoft is still experiencing a stock crisis among its shops and distribution, with the console production facing a chip crisis. However, it seems that the start of May has a treat for the customers, and is in luck, as restocks are looming towards the weekend. 

Xbox is gearing up to be a massive service provider in the world, as its CEO Phil Spencer has recently announced that the company is preparing itself to bring services to other platforms on this venture. Microsoft would do this via its leading product of cloud services, which would soon be fulfilled by Xbox as well, and would focus on gaming.

With that being said, the Xbox Series X is beginning to take its place in the world and has proven to put performance where the mouth is, giving Sony's PlayStation 5 a run for its money. While Xbox may be the younger console compared to the PlayStation, it sure does prove that it is something desirable and long-awaited by customers. 

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Xbox Series X Restock May 2021: Where to Get Console This Week?

xbox series x and series s
(Photo : (Photo by Phil Barker/Future Publishing via Getty Images))
A pair of Microsoft home video game consoles, including an Xbox Series S (L) and Xbox Series X, taken on October 27, 2020.

Walmart Status: Out of Stock; Has stocks earlier today, but has sold out due to volume despite the intermittent stock drops. Check back for updates-known for constant restocking, one of the most consistent retail stores for the restock.

Price: $499 SRP (Black or White 512 GB Variant)

Check out Xbox Series X's Listing on Walmart.


Microsoft Status: Xbox Series S and X were available earlier, but seem to be out-of-stock now. Check back tomorrow for remaining stocks or the possibility of drops. 

Price: $499 (SRP)

Microsoft Status: Out of Stock, check for updates as Microsoft updates its website often. 

Check out Microsoft's website for Xbox Series X Console and Deals.


GameStop Status: Currently out-of-stock, follow GameStop's Twitter account for restock updates and drops, known for offering bundles with games. Had Xbox Series S sold out earlier today.

Price: $499 SRP

Check out Xbox Series X's Listing on GameStop.


Amazon Status: Out of Stock; Check back for updates but is only carrying third-party resellers of the consoles from Xbox and PlayStation. 

Price: $499 SRP (Black or White 512 GB Variant)

Check out Xbox Series X's Listing on Amazon.

Best Buy

Best Buy Status: Out of Stock; Check back for updates known for constant restocking, but nothing significant and numerous as of the moment.

Price: $499 SRP (Black or White 512 GB Variant)

Check out Xbox Series X's Listing on Best Buy.


Target Status: Out of Stock; Check back for updates, known for having surprise drops for limited units, also known for restock events. 

Price: $499 SRP (Black or White 512 GB Variant)

Check out Xbox Series X's Listing on Target.

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