Netflix Gaming impresses Phil Spencer of Xbox, according to what he said in a recent interview.

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Netflix gaming

Spencer thinks that the media streaming giant is "smart" for using its very successful business to jump into video games, reports IGN. He made the claim in an episode of Sway, a podcast for the New York Times.

While there, the head of Xbox praised Netflix for its decision to slowly make its way into the games business. He commends the company's acquisition of studios, most notably Nightschool ("Oxenfree," "Next Stop Nowhere"), as well as their decision to start with mobile games first.

If you're unaware, Netflix has now bundled mobile games with their current subscription plans.

Spencer also went on to say that the media streaming platform already has a huge potential, mainly due to its existing cloud capabilities and community support. He compares it to what the likes of Amazon has, which he believes could be advantageous in the long run.

However, there remain key differences with the way Xbox and Netflix do things. On a streaming service like Game Pass, users can actually buy individual pieces of content. This is very unlike Netflix's movies and TV shows, which you can't buy standalone.

Still, comparing Netflix and Xbox is like comparing David to Goliath. The former's foray into gaming is still very much in its infancy, while the latter has had two decades of experience building its brand against the biggest competitors in the business.

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For now, the media streaming platform is noticeably taking it slow. The only big move they've done so far is hiring a former EA executive Mike Verdu to head their gaming business, as reported by CNBC. But whether the company plans to make even bigger moves than that soon is anyone's guess at this point.

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How Does Netflix Gaming Work?

Netflix started rolling out its games back in November last year. iOS users got the first crack at it, with Android users going in second. But how does it work, really?

As per the official Netflix website, the only prerequisite to play exclusive mobile games on the platform is a subscription. The platform promises an ad-free experience with no in-app purchases or additional fees.

Anybody who has an account can now access the games on iOS and Android all over the world. However, the titles are restricted to adult profiles, with kid profiles not getting any kind of access. Furthermore, anybody who struggles with their internet connection can actually download the games to their devices and play them offline.

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YouTuber Mr. Sujano takes a closer look at the service itself in this short video:

The games, much like streaming movies and TV shows on the platform, can also be accessed using multiple devices at one time.

No AAA Offerings Yet

This is where Netflix has its work cut out. AAA titles are still very much where the big bucks are being made in the gaming industry. Their early focus on mobile gaming is the right choice, but it will take them a while-perhaps even years-to compete with the likes of Xbox or PlayStation.

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