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Emilia Clarke Took Inspiration From Cate Blanchett As Elizabeth For Role Of Khaleesi

Ladies and gentlemen, we present your beloved queens. Emilia Clarke admits to seeking inspiration from Cate Blanchett's take on Queen Elizabeth I to help her step into the character of Khaleesi.

Movies/TV Shows October 30, 2015

Bethesda Wants To Show Off Their Personal Touch In The Art of Fallout 4 Book

Can’t get enough of ‘Fallout 4’? Check out Bethesda’s ‘The Art of Fallout 4,’ a 300+ page Limited Edition hardcover book featuring never-before-seen designs and concept art from the game's dynamic environments.

Video Games October 30, 2015

One Day Only Sale: Amazon Prime Members Can Get Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 For Just $40

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 is on sale for $40 for Amazon Prime members (discount view-able upon check-out). This $30+ price drop is up for grabs through a one-day-only sale.

Geek October 30, 2015

Behold The Joker And Enchantress On Empire Magazine's 'Suicide Squad' Covers

Empire Magazine has just release two beautifully eerie covers for 'Suicide Squad.' The next issue of the magazine features Jared Leto as Joker and Cara Delevingne as Enchantress.

Movies/TV Shows October 29, 2015

RIP Pops: Ryan Reynolds Paid Touching Tribute After Father's Death

On Oct. 28, Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to announce the death of his father, James C. Reynolds. The 39-year-old actor then honored the memory of his father, by asking people to donate to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research.

Internet Culture October 29, 2015

Phil Collins 'No Longer Retired' Begins Work On New Album

After over a decade, Phil Collins is releasing new material following his 2002 album 'Testify.' While the English singer-songwriter is on the road to recovery from his major back surgery, he shares news of his new release and future career plans.

Movies/TV Shows October 29, 2015

Keeping Up With Khloé: She's Still With James Harden But Called Off Divorce With Lamar Odom

In the news of former NBA star Lamar Odom's hospitalization, another Kardashian finds herself in the limelight. Khloé Kardashian has shown full support for her ex-husband's medical ordeal - even postponing their divorce - while maintaining her relationship with boyfriend James Harden.

Movies/TV Shows October 29, 2015

Check Out All 17 Halloween Masks To Collect In Destiny's Festival Of The Lost

The best thing about 'Destiny's' Festival of the Lost, apart form the giant party and candy, is the 17 masks that are up for grabs. Find out how you can collect and keep these masks, even after the event ends on Nov. 9.

Video Games October 29, 2015

Here's Your First Look At The Official Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Due In Stores In January 2016

Just in time for Halloween, LEGO reveals its newest set, the "Ghostbusters" Firehouse Headquarters. Modeled after the iconic Hook and Ladder 8, the Firehouse HQ features a laboratory, living quarters, containment unit and nine minifigures.

Movies/TV Shows October 28, 2015

Fill In Those Tartans – The 'Outlanders' Have Their Very Own Adult Coloring Book

It's confirmed: an actual 'Outlander' adult coloring book really does exist. Diana Gabaldon's novels turned TV series is making headlines for its coloring book adaptation that features Scottish vistas and beautiful Tartan artwork.

Movies/TV Shows October 28, 2015

'No Accident' – JJ Abrams Said Luke Skywalker Is Not Seen In Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer For a Reason

JJ Abrams has finally broken his silence on the absence of Luke Skywalker from 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' trailers and promotional materials. He said that this is 'no accident,' leaving fans to speculate on the probable causes of Luke's absence.

Movies/TV Shows October 28, 2015

Green Yarn Yoshi Amiibo Available To Pre-Order Separately at Wal-Mart While Supplies Last Only

Nintendo has just announced that the Green Yarn Yoshi can now be purchased separately from the Yoshi's Wooly World game bundle. This adorable Amiibo is available for pre-orders on Walmart.

Video Games October 28, 2015

Amazon Prime Members Get Launch Deal On 'Halo 5' – Only $50 At Checkout

Here's an exclusive deal for Amazon Prime members: 'Halo 5: Guardians' is available on Amazon Prime for $50, upon checkout. Members can save $10 upon purchasing the base game, and $30 upon purchasing the Limited Collector's Edition.

Video Games October 28, 2015

Ryan Adams Said Singing Taylor Swift 1989 Cover Helped Him Through His Divorce

Ryan Adams is the epitome of a true Swiftie. Listening and singing to Taylor Swift's '1989' album helped him get though his divorce with his wife of almost six years, singer-actress Mandy Moore.

Movies/TV Shows October 27, 2015

Parents Praise Target Ad Featuring Disabled Girl In Elsa Halloween Costume

Target's latest Halloween costume ad is making headlines everywhere. People are going on Facebook and Twitter to express their strong sentiments over the ad that appears on the children's wardrobe section.

Internet Culture October 27, 2015

MagicBand On Demand At Walt Disney World Resort Now Customizable

Walt Disney World Resort now features 'MagicBand on Demand,' a boutique that allows guests to customize their staple MagicBands. Visitors now have the option to mix-and-match their favorite designs onto the band, and even personalize it with their own name.

Movies/TV Shows October 27, 2015

Ricky Gervais Will Return To Host 2016 Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais is back. In spite of receiving backlash from his previous stints, the controversial comedian-actor is confirmed to once again host the Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 10.

Movies/TV Shows October 27, 2015

Future London Is Up In Flames In 'Halo 5' Launch Video

'Halo 5: Guardians' was off to an explosive start with this marketing stunt that had an entire area of London in flames. The fiery feat came with an even more eruptive video, all of which was part of the much-awaited U.K. launch.

Video Games October 27, 2015

Chewbacca Arrested Illegally Campaigning For Darth Vader In Ukraine

A man named Stepan Chewbacca was arrested for declining to present his passport and for displaying 'willful disobedience to a police officer.' He was also illegally campaigning for his mate, Darth Vader.

Geek October 26, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg Impresses In Beijing With 22-Minute Speech in Mandarin Chinese

Once again, the Internet turns to Mark Zuckerberg for his entrepreneurial milestones. This time, the Facebook CEO gives a 20-minute speech, delivered entirely in Mandarin.

Internet Culture October 26, 2015

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