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Woman Sues California Hospital That Allegedly Performed C-Section On Her Without Anesthesia

What happens when a C-section is performed without anesthesia? A California mom was left screaming, pleading for help, and begging the doctors to stop cutting her.

Medicine August 4, 2018

A Woman's Bloated Stomach Turned Out To Be Surgical Sponges Left Inside Her For Several Years

A woman told doctors that she had been suffering from a bloated stomach for three years. The discomfort was discovered to be caused by surgical sponges that were left inside her body during a previous caesarian section operation.

Medicine February 22, 2018

Caesarean Section Risks Highlighted In New Study: Dangerous Pregnancies For Mothers, Health Issues For Children

New research highlighted the risks associated with caesarean section deliveries for both mothers and children. Mothers may face dangerous pregnancies in the future, while children may be exposed to a variety of health issues.

Public Health January 25, 2018

Asia's Smallest Surviving Baby Was Born Weighing Less Than A Chocolate Bar

Manushi was born weighing only 400 grams and her feet were only slightly bigger than a fingernail. On Thursday, the now 6-month old baby was finally discharged from the hospital.

Feature | Health January 13, 2018

Here's How Pregnant Women Can Avoid C-Section Birth According To Analysis Of 36 Studies

C-section birth comes with a number of unwanted consequences for the mother and child. Here's how pregnant women can avoid it and up their chances for normal delivery, according to science.

Public Health July 21, 2017

C-Section Births May Be Influencing Human Evolution

Sometimes, babies and mothers need help during delivery. C-sections do a lot to improve the well-being of babies and mothers but researchers are saying the procedure also has a hand in human evolution.

Life & Style December 7, 2016

Here Are The Most Expensive Cities To Give Birth In The US

Sacramento is the most expensive city to have a baby through routine vaginal delivery and C-section. A report finds that the cost varies greatly not just from city to city but also from one hospital to another.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 1, 2016

Effects Of Antiobiotics On Your Baby's Microbiome: How Antibiotic Treatment Changes Your Baby's Gut Microbiome

Many scientists are concerned about the effects of C-section and antibiotic treatments to the gut microbiome of newborn infants. Now, two new studies reveal how both could affect your baby.

Public Health June 16, 2016

Rare Gorilla Becomes First In UK To Be Born By Caesarean

UK's first C-section baby gorilla was born on Feb. 12 at the Bristol Zoo. The 11-year-old mother gorilla showed pre-eclampsia symptoms and scans showed the unborn baby was becoming unresponsive, so the only option to save both mother and baby was a C-section delivery.

Animals February 23, 2016

Babies Born Via C-Section May Miss Beneficial Microbiome, But Mom's Vaginal Fluid May Help

Infants born via caesarean section do not acquire beneficial microbiomes from their mothers' vaginal fluids. The small study proved that swabbing newborns with maternal vaginal fluids restores the needed bacteria.

Life February 2, 2016

Minnesota Mom Gives Birth To Conjoined Twins But One Did Not Survive

Amber McCullough decided not to give up on her girls after she found out she was having conjoined twins, delivering Olivia and Hannah via C-section at the Colorado Children’s Hospital.

Life August 29, 2015

Brain-Dead Nebraska Woman Gives Birth On Life Support

A team of 100 doctors, nurses and staff members from Nebraska's Methodist Health System maintained Karla Perez's pregnancy for 54 days in spite of her brain death. She was able to deliver a healthy, though premature, baby boy.

Internet Culture May 3, 2015

Caesarian Births Carry Risk And Should Not Be Performed Unnecessarily: WHO

The C-section is a valuable tool for preserving the lives of mother and child, but the procedure should only be used when needed, says the World Health Organization.

Internet Culture April 13, 2015

Mothers Should Only Have C-Sections If Medically Necessary: Here's Why

Thirty-three percent of births in the U.S. are delivered through C-section, but the World Health Organization has warned against medically unnecessary Caesarean sections, citing short- and long-term health consequences.

Internet Culture April 11, 2015

Obese Moms Giving Birth To Obese Babies: Is C-Section To Blame?

An expert attributes the obesity epidemic to the rising number of women who give birth to large babies via C-section. Edward Archer cited that babies who would not have survived in the past were able to thrive because of the operation.

Life March 2, 2015

Medical Miracle: Premature Baby Born Inside Amniotic Sac Delivered By C-Section

A child who was delivered prematurely at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center via cesarean section was still encased in his amniotic sac when he was born, a phenomenon doctors say is very rare.

Life February 25, 2015

Aussie Woman Pulls Twins From Own Tummy During Caesarean Section

An Aussie woman opted for maternal-assisted C-section and pulled out her twin daughters from her belly while on the operating table. To be completely sterile, the mother was not allowed to touch anything during the procedure.

Life January 23, 2015

Study links Caesarian births to higher autism risk

New study claims that Caesarian deliveries may pose risks to babies, as it may contribute to the development of autism and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. Here’s what researchers say.

Life October 28, 2014

Having a C-Section? Study suggests stitches is a better choice over staples

Most women undergoing C-section birth have their wounds closed with staples but new study finds that women whose incisions were stitched rather than stapled are less likely to have wound complications.

Life July 10, 2014

Consumer Reports says some hospitals conducting too many C-sections: What about your hospital?

Too many pregnant women are delivering via C-section, according to an investigation by Consumer Reports. Is your hospital or your doctor to be trusted?

Life May 12, 2014

C-section births linked to higher obesity risk in offspring

A new study has shown that babies born via C-section are more likely to battle obesity as adults, compared to those who were born naturally. While a cause of the link between obesity and mode of childbirth is not yet clear, the researchers said that this should make women think more deeply before deciding on C-section as their mode of delivery.

Life March 2, 2014

New Ob/Gyn guidelines discourage C-sections, encourage waiting

New guidelines released by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine say that mothers will have to labor for at least two hours before they can opt to delivery via Caesarean section, while first-time mothers need to push for at least three hours. The guidelines also detailed methods that encourage and assist vaginal birth, in light of medical professionals' fears that increased incidence of Caesarean births could mean that doctors and patients are taking the "easy" way out.

Life February 20, 2014

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