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Barbra Streisand Cloned Her Dead Dog Samantha

Barbra Streisand revealed that she cloned her dog Samantha before her death in 2017. She has two dogs that are cloned from Samantha's cells.

Animals February 27, 2018

Scientists Successfully Cloned Macaque Monkeys: Will They Clone Humans Next?

Chinese scientists successfully cloned two macaque monkeys using SCNT, the cloning method that produced Dolly the Sheep in the 1990s. Does the team plan to also clone humans?

Feature | Science January 26, 2018

China Successfully Clones First Primates Using The Dolly The Sheep Technique

Two monkeys in China were cloned using the same technique that was used to create Dolly the sheep. It is a remarkable breakthrough but is it pushing science closer to the possibility of human cloning?

Animals January 26, 2018

Extinct Woolly Mammoth Can Be Brought Back To Life, Scientists Reveal

Using the CRISPR-Cas9 genetic engineering technology, a team from Harvard seeks to create a hybrid embryo that can potentially resurrect the woolly mammoth. The basis will be the endangered Asian elephant, the extinct creature's closest living kin.

Animals February 16, 2017

Scientists In China Clone 'Tuberculosis-Resistant' Cattle: Widespread Agricultural Use Targeted

Scientists from Northwest A&F University in Shaanxi, China report that they have successfully cloned cattle that are resistant to bovine tuberculosis, an infectious disease plaguing many countries today.

Animals February 1, 2017

Cow Gene Study Sheds Light On Why Most Clones Fail

Researchers have analyzed why cow cloning has largely failed, carrying out RNA sequencing to reveal that abnormal expression of multiple genes is root cause of higher death rate in bovine embryos.

Animals December 12, 2016

Dolly Was An Exception: Study Shows Cloned Animals Can Live Long, Healthy Lives

Several cloned animals have been born, following in the footsteps of Dolly. However, unlike the famous sheep, others have shown that cloned animals can also live long, healthy lives.

Animals July 27, 2016

Dolly The Sheep Creator Urges Cloning To Save Endangered Species From Extinction

Sir Ian Wilmut, whose team gave life to Dolly the Sheep, suggests a biobank that contains the biological material of various animals could 'revolutionize' conservation efforts. The idea is similar to a modern-day Noah's ark.

Animals July 5, 2016

China Embraces Genetic Modification And Human Cloning

With recent advancements in gene editing and human cloning among scientists in China, does this mean the country now embraces these controversial procedures? Two published studies show that the Chinese are already taking a step forward toward gene modification.

Life April 15, 2016

Scientists Want To Clone Extinct Ice Age Cave Lions Back To Life

Two frozen cave lion cubs from Ice Age - Uyan and Dina - were found in Yakutsk, Yakutia. A joint research from experts in Russia and South Korea are hoping to bring the extinct cave lion species back to life through cloning.

Animals March 7, 2016

'Three-Parent Babies' May Be Possible With Mitochondrial DNA Replacement

A U.S. government-sponsored agency says the process can be carried out safely and ethically, as long as the parents want boys.

Life February 4, 2016

Florida Cloning 2,000-Year-Old Tree To Give Lady Liberty New Life

Cloning can be the key to giving the 2,000-year-old Lady Liberty new life. The cypress tree is one of Seminole County’s oldest in the Big Tree Park.

Earth/Environment December 30, 2015

Chinese Cloning Factory Can Clone Humans But Boss Says It Won't Make Frankensteins

Boyalife Group's chief executive Dr. Xu Xiaochun said they will not use the cloning technology to replicate humans, at least not until the society is ready to embrace human cloning. The Chinese biotech firm is set to open in 2016 and will focus on the production of prime beef.

Animals December 30, 2015

South Korean Lab Clones UK Couple's Dead Boxer Dog For $100,000

South Korean company Sooam Biotech successfully cloned two puppies from a British couple's deceased pet boxer. The couple flew to South Korea to await the birth of the two puppies for the price of $100,000.

Society December 24, 2015

Chinese Scientist Behind World's Biggest Cloning Factory Ready To Replicate Humans

Cloning as a reproductive option for future parents? Boyalife Group CEO announced the opening of the world's first cloning facility seven months from now and said they are ready to clone humans.

Life December 2, 2015

World's Biggest Animal Cloning Factory To Be Built In China

Chinese company Boyalife is seeking to build the world's largest cloning factory in Tianjin, a 14,000 sq.m. facility where animals like cattle and sniffer dogs will be cloned. Its CEO dubbed cloned beef as the 'tastiest' he has ever had.

Animals November 28, 2015

Humai Wants To Download Your Consciousness And Transfer It To A New Body So You Can Live Forever

Humai is developing a technology that can make lives last forever by 2045. The Australian startup's technology will be able to download a person's 'data' and transfer it to an artificial body.

November 27, 2015

Woolly Mammoth Remains Discovered In Siberia Set To Be Cloned

Pieces of woolly mammoth skin have been discovered in the Siberian coast. Scientists are determined to make good use of this find in the hopes of reviving the extinct giant.

Animals October 12, 2015

Scientists Want To Clone Panda To Save Them From Extinction

United Kingdom's last giant pandas 'Sunshine' and 'Sweetie' will be cloned to save the species from the brink of extinction. The process will be supervised by the same team who successfully cloned Dolly the sheep.

Earth/Environment October 8, 2015

Woolly Mammoth Genome Study Brings Us A Step Closer To Cloning Ice Age Giants

Scientists did a comparative experiment to identify characteristics of the long-gone woolly mammoth and current Asian elephants to figure out how the extinct creatures have been so adaptable to cold climates in the Ice Age. The experiment branched out to another study that could possibly bring the creatures back as hybrid clones.

Earth/Environment July 7, 2015

Dinosaurs In 'Jurassic World' Are 'Scientifically More Plausible' To Create

We have the technology ... sort of.

Animals June 5, 2015

Is Cloning A Woolly Mammoth Ethical?

After a well-preserved DNA sample was recently extracted from the remains of a woolly mammoth, scientists begin the debate as to whether we should clone the great beasts or not.

Internet Culture November 18, 2014

Passenger pigeons, slaughtered to extinction 100 years ago, still inspire

Today is the hundredth anniversary of the death of the last passenger pigeon. Hunted for food and game, the species became extinct exactly 100 years ago.

Earth/Environment September 1, 2014

Embryonic stem cells cloned from woman with Type 1 diabetes may aid treatment research

Scientists have created the first disease-specific embryonic stem cell line with two sets of chromosomes. The study can be used to explore potential treatment for diabetes and other serious conditions.

Life April 30, 2014

Meet 'Mini Winnie' the first cloned dog in Britain: A £60,000 scientific break through?

After a procedure that cost an estimated £60,000, Britain’s first ever cloned dog was successfully born. The dog was cloned in a lab in South Korea after the original Winnie’s owner won a contest.

April 10, 2014

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