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Happily Married Couple Considering Divorce To Afford Health Care For Their 6-Year-Old Disabled Daughter

An army vet and his wife are considering to get a divorce to pay for their daughter's health expenses. The couple's 6-year-old daughter is suffering from Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, which requires the child to need 24-hour care.

Public Health July 11, 2018

Gerber Chooses Toddler With Down Syndrome To Be Its 2018 Spokesbaby

Lucas Warren, the new face of baby food company Gerber, is about to change how the world views disabilities. All he needs to do is flash his charming smile.

Public Health February 10, 2018

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's Smart Steering Is The Best Feature For This Little Girl Who Had A Stroke

'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe' is a solid game for everyone, and by everyone, that means people with disabilities, too. A little girl who suffered a stroke was even able to play it thanks to Smart Steering and Auto-Accelerate features.

Video Games May 1, 2017

Exercise Can Help Seniors Recover Quickly From Disability

Older adults who regularly engage in physical exercise, especially walking, are most likely to recover quickly from a disability, a new study suggests. Researchers say it is not too late for seniors to begin exercising.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 27, 2016

Wear Earplugs During Loud Concerts: Not Cool, But It Will Save You From Temporary Hearing Loss

Wearing earplugs to loud concerts or night clubs, albeit not so cool, can considerably prevent temporary noise-induced hearing loss which is rising prevalently in young adults.

Life April 13, 2016

Women Live Longer But Suffer From More Disabilities Than Men

A new study found that women are outliving men, but these extra years are spent with disabilities.

Life March 18, 2016

Double Amputee Who Lost Legs To Flesh-Eating Bug Starts Modeling Career

A multi-talented student who lost both her legs to a rare disease has begun forging her own modeling career. She is campaigning for the representation of people with disabilities in the modeling industry as part of Models of Diversity.

Society February 29, 2016

New System Could Give 16 Million People With Special Needs Internet Access

The project, undertaken by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and funded by the federal government, would automatically format any device to the user's needs and preferences.

Internet October 27, 2015

This Smart Wheelchair Connects To The Internet And Keeps You Safe

Swedish Mobility products company Permobil is developing a smart wheelchair that works with the Internet of Things.

FUTURE TECH September 16, 2015

CDC Report Says 1 In Every 5 Americans Living With Some Form Of Disability

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed data from a national survey to determine the prevalence of individuals with disabilities and any form of disability. The researchers found that one in five Americans have some form of disability.

Life July 31, 2015

Girl Born With Bone Disease Raises More Than $15,000 (And Counting) For Hospital That Treated Her

On her 8th birthday on Aug. 16, Addie Bryan is planning to give a check to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital as her way of giving back to those who cared for her when she was diagnosed with Larsen syndrome. She has raised more than $15,000 so far.

Life July 31, 2015

Disability Access Handicaps Uber And Lyft In Masschusetts

Massachusetts' Attorney General is questioning Uber and Lyft's ability to extend services to people with disabilities. No formal actions have been started but concerns are continuously rising.

Business July 21, 2015

PlayStation 4 Firmware Update To Add Improved Accessibility For Disabled Gamers

Sony has an upcoming firmware update in the works for the PlayStation 4 that could make gaming more accessible for players with disabilities.

Video Games March 12, 2015

Golden Retriever Born Without Eyes Inspires People With Disability

Smiley, a golden retriever who was born without eyes, is not hindered by its disability to cheer people up in nursing homes and hospitals.

Life March 12, 2015

A Whole Town Learned Sign Language To Surprise A Deaf Resident And The Video Is Incredibly Touching

It's not easy living among people that don't communicate the same way you do. That's why this heartwarming video is sure to bring you to tears.

Internet Culture March 11, 2015

Obesity May Be Workplace Disability, EU Court Rules: Here's the Implication

Europe's top court ruled that obesity can be considered a disability when this hinders a person from performing tasks at work, a decision tied with a number of workplace implications.

Life December 19, 2014

Samsung Develops Eyecan+: Eye-Tracking Mouse Will Help Disabled People Navigate Computer Interface Easily

Samsung's Eyecan+ technology allows people with disability to navigate computer screens using only their eyes. The company also said that it will be making the technology open source.

Computers November 27, 2014

MIT researchers lend a hand...or at least 2 more fingers

Researchers at MIT have developed a device that, when worn, gives the user two extra fingers to increase efficiency and easiness of routine tasks that involving basic objects. Study aims to create device for disabled and elderly people.

July 20, 2014

Using an Android tablet, kids with disabilities teach robots to play 'Angry Birds'

Researchers from Georgia Tech used a robot and Angry Birds on an Android tablet for the rehabilitation of developmentally challenged children.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 11, 2014

Seniors who exercise regularly will have lower risks of disability

Seniors who do not want to easily lose their ability to walk should engage in regular exercise. Researchers found that older adults who are physically active are less likely to have mobility problems than their peers with a more sedentary lifestyle.

Life May 29, 2014

FDA designates Novartis' Bexsero vaccine for Meningitis B as breakthrough therapy

A vaccine to help protect people from the deadly meningitis B has been tagged by the FDA as a breakthrough therapy. See what's next for the meningitis vaccine.

Life April 8, 2014

Get up, stand up: Study shows that sitting is linked to disability

For adults over 60, sitting down may not be the innocent rest one might think. Sitting down frequently and for extended periods of time, sometimes called sitting disease, may cause disability as a direct result of sedentary habits.

Life February 19, 2014

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