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Discoveries From Juno: Massive Cyclones Spotted Beneath Jupiter's Surface

NASA's Juno mission observed images of complex structures beneath Jupiter's surface. The images were identified as geometric clusters of massive cyclones with wind speeds exceeding a Category 5 hurricane strength.

Space March 8, 2018

This Photo Of Jupiter Clouds Looks Like A Vincent van Gogh Painting

A photo taken recently by NASA’s Juno spacecraft shows Jupiter’s clouds in their otherworldly beauty. It serves as one of the many reminders that the universe is a mysterious and majestic place.

Space December 2, 2017

NASA Will Forgo Shorter Orbit Around Jupiter: How Will This Affect Juno Mission?

NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter will continue on its 53-day orbital period instead of shifting to a shorter 14-day orbit. What caused the change in plans and why is NASA optimistic about it?

Space February 19, 2017

NASA's Juno Spacecraft To Enter Jupiter's Orbit On July 4

In 26 days, NASA's Juno spacecraft will arrive at its intended destination in the Jupiter system. The probe will fire up its main rockets in order to align itself with the gas giant's orbit and begin its exploration.

Space June 11, 2016

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